Young and Restless Spoilers June 13-17: Traci and Ashley Look Back on 40 Years With a Nostalgic Walk Down Memory Lane

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for The Young and the Restless from Monday, June 13 to Friday, June 17.

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Victor makes a shocking announcement,  Meanwhile, Amanda receives unexpected news, Kyle makes a tough decision, and Tessa faces an unexpected crisis. Ashland and Victoria enjoy a change of scenery,  Victor offers Lily and Devon words of wisdom.

Monday, June 13

Today’s Y&R episode was preempted and in place of it was a repeat of Nikki’s standalone in prison. We were able to view and recap the episode that should have aired everywhere and we’ve moved it underneath Tuesday June 14th. 


Tuesday, June 14

Monday’s Y&R recap (CDN Day Ahead): Diane crashes the launch party.

It’s the day of the launch party.
Imani’s date is late.
Jill shows up for the party, and makes a speech.

Nate has doubts as to what they should reveal at the party.
Chance gets a break in a case with a new cop’s help.

cop with chance crimson lights launch party young and restless

Nate talks to press and flashes back to Devon hitting him.
Victor impatiently waits for Adam.
Imani has advice for Nate.

Nikki tries to get Diane to leave the party when she sees her crash it.
Jack gets between Diane and Nikki.

Jack keeps the peace.
Diane has words with Victor.

champagne drinking launch party young and restless



Wednesday, June 15

Wednesday’s recap: Nate makes a risky move at the party

Victor has unexpected news to share with Adam. He’s the new CEO of Newman.
Adam is thrilled with his news and gloats to Billy and tells the news to Sally.

Nate makes a bold move at the party.
Nate’s risk pays off.

Abby kicks Diane out of the hotel again.
Diane asks Jack for insight into their son’s mind.

Jack and Diane share dinner and he tells her what Kyle is thinking.
Diane presses Nikki’s buttons. 

Jack takes Diane away before Nikki can start a fight.
Amanda asks Imani to stay away from Nate but it only angers her sister.

nate distracted by imani young restless

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Thursday, June 16

Thursday’s recap: Jill makes an accusation of Diane

Victor takes his plans to the next level for Victoria and strikes back.
Victoria and Ashland enjoy a change of scenery.
Kyle and Summer feel their future will be bright.

Victor works to undermine Victoria’s relationship with Ashland.
Adam and Sally seize an opportunity.

Ashland finds his way around the new town after Victor kicks him out.
Adam continues with his revenge plan and shares it with the others thinking they will help him.

summer kyle smooch yr

Friday, June 17

Y&R celebrates Beth Maitland and Eileen Davidson being on the show for 40 years! The show celebrates today by having Ashley and Traci walk down memory lane.

brad flashback YR

Monday June 20

Nikki recruits Michael for a new project.
Billy gives Jill a progress report and worries about his future.
Nate finds Imani a distraction.

billy talks forgiveness young restless


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