Young and Restless Spoilers June 7 – 11; Kyle Senses Trouble With Tara

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Young and Restless spoilers for the week of June  7 – June 11.

First up, last week’s refresher!

Last week we learned Kyle is Harrison’s father, and that Ashland was preparing to fight for custody. Nick and Phyllis worried about their daughter’s future with Kyle, and Summer worried that she and Kyle may not weather the changes. Meanwhile, Kyle was excited to get to know Harrison and they quickly bonded, while he and Tara shared a few nice moments. Michael was suspicious of Victor and Chelsea, and Sally began her plan to get rid of Summer. Billy and Lily moved in together, and Victoria wasn’t happy about how she found out, while Adam and Victor were happy that New Hope was partnering with them. By the end of the week, Victor was celebrating Nikki’s birthday with her. If you missed out, check out the Y&R Day Ahead recaps.

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Monday, June 7

Y&R Day Ahead recap – Ashland and Jack make confessions

Lily keeps the peace between Jack and Billy.
Kyle senses trouble with Tara.
Victoria commiserates with Ashland.
Summer decides the wedding is back on, much to Kyle’s content.
Abby makes a sweet video for Chance.
Ashland tells Victoria that Tara is no saint.
Tara reveals herself as being wanting Ashland’s money.
Tara has a brother who is estranged.

abby on call young restless

Tuesday, June 8

Y&R Day Ahead recap – Mariah meddles

Victor and Adam share a difference of opinion in their battle with Billy.
Summer tries to connect with Harrison.
Amanda learns of a missed opportunity.
Mariah told Tara she doesn’t trust her.
Imani and Amanda argue over Sutton’s case again.
Billy’s shocked to see Victoria swoon over a date with Ashland.
Tara seems not to be as happy that Summer and Kyle are marrying as she lets on.

devon crimson lights young and restless

Wednesday, June 9

Y&R Day ahead recap – Tara is propositioned

Nick and Phyllis debate over a business venture.
Sharon and Rey make plans for their future.
Nikki gives Adam a warning shot.
Adam argues with Rey.
Summer plays with Harrison.
Sally accuses Tara of wanting Kyle for herself.

tara summer talk harrison young and restless

Thursday, June 10

Y&R Day ahead recap – Chloe accepts Adam’s proposal

Rey and Michael strategize about Chelsea.
Sally makes a dangerous alliance
Ashland helps Sally by giving her Eric’s name so she can try to get Summer a job outside of Genoa City.
Chelsea loses it and almost reveals herself.
Nikki pressures Victoria to tell her what’s going on with Ashland.
Victoria calls her mother out on having a codependent relationship with Victor.

sally eric forrester number young restless

Friday, June 11

Y&R Day Ahead recap – Jack gives Tara advice

Victor questions Amanda’s connection to Sutton.
Amanda tells Sutton to fire her if he isn’t going to let her do her job.
Jack counsels Tara.
Lily turns to Devon for help.
Tara turns down a job offer from Lauren.
Jack tells Tara that Ash and Victoria were going to New York together.

lauren job offer young restless

No dates:

Summer makes a surprising announcement.
Chloe is in the hot seat!
Victor becomes curious about Amanda’s past.

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John McCook (Eric Forrester) will do a crossover storyline with Y&R. He’ll be seen June 14, 16 and 17 according to Soap Opera Digest.

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