Young and Restless Spoilers July 11-15: Locke’s Caught Red-Handed, Nate Comforts Imani, and Billy Starts His New Podcast

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, July 11 to Friday, July 15

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This week has Victor backing Ashland right into a corner, Nikki giving Summer a warning, Adam visiting his dark side, and Nikki retaliating against Diane.

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Monday, July 11

Y&R recap: Billy trashes Locke in his podcast

Victor gives a challenging assignment to Michael.

Victoria makes a power move by telling Billy to do a podcast on Ashland’s lies.

Ashland receives a link to Billy’s podcast from Stannis.

Adam quits Newman and tells Sally to stay.

Sally’s disquieted by Adam’s need for revenge.

Diane is offended by Locke’s request that she turn her head while he visits with his son against the restraining order.

Diane’s again offended when Michael asks her to do what Ashland wanted, only to ensure Locke is caught and put in jail.

locke sees kid young restless

Tuesday, July 12

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Phyllis has a warning for Kyle

Nikki gives Summer a warning not to trust Diane.

Kyle and Phyllis bicker over Diane being a snake or not.

Nikki asks to join forces with Phyllis against Diane.

Phyllis develops a strategy against Diane.

Noah’s sad because he wants to quit New Hope and he isn’t sure he can.

Allie talks Noah into following his bliss.

Noah charms Allie.

Allie is upset that both Diane and Phyllis want intel on Jack — from her. She tells Traci, who is the voice of reason.

phyllis threatens kyle young and restless

Wednesday, July 13

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Ashland and Adam plot revenge

Victor considers a reboot at Newman.

Nick and Victoria discuss Faith eventually coming to work for Newman.

Nick warns Victoria that Ashland could return and suggests she get security on it.

sally texts

Adam visits Ashland in his suite and agrees to work with Locke against his family.

Victoria wants Sally out at Newman but Victor wants to use her to lure Adam back.

Nick tells Adam that Vic wants Sally out and Adam asks him to wait. He wants her there.

Nick tells Adam that if he returns as CEO, Sally can stay on as COO.

Victor and Victoria have a difference of opinion about Sally.

Ashland shocks Victoria and Victor by showing up at Newman.

adam visit ash suite young restless

Victor goes to Sally for a chat.

Imani gets grief from Amanda for setting up a meeting between Nate and her to discuss Elena’s contract.

Amanda thinks her sister is crossing a line with Nate.

victor clear air young restless

In a meeting, Billy suggests that Chelsea and him do a podcast together since they’ve good chemistry, causing Lily to be skeptical.

Nate falls into a trap.

Chelsea takes on a new venture.

chelsea podcast discussed young restless

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Thursday, July 14

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Ashland goes off the rails

Victor celebrates the defeat of Ashland.

Nick tells Vic about Noah taking up slack at New Hope.

Noah can’t decide on what to do about work.

adam talks chloe end rope young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

Allie and Noah have their first date.

Adam and Sally have sex and then he leaves her in bed alone.

Adam makes a sacrifice in order to help Sally.

Sharon helps Noah with a tough decision.

Sharon worries to Traci about her son.

Locke sobs over Victoria and remembers getting that ring from her before he tosses his hotel suite in anger.

locke's ring young restless

Friday, July 15

Friday’s Y&R recap: Ashland is caught violating his restraining order

Michael and Nikki share a difference of opinion about Diane.

Nikki refuses to forgive Diane.

Lily watches an exchange between Nate and Imani about her mother and Nate comforting her.

phyllis yells ash young restless

Lily is suspicious of Imani.

Nate hugs Imani as she makes a decision about what to do about her mama Naya.

Chelsea and Billy start their first podcast about their pasts.

Diane proves herself to Kyle.

Diane lets Ashland defy his restraining order.

Summer and Kyle learn Chelsea isn’t going to be working for them.

Everyone watches as Ashland is caught red handed.

ashland hugs harrison restraining order young restless

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