Young and Restless Spoilers July 4-8: Ashland Wants Adam’s Help With Revenge, and Victoria’s Not Worried Adam Will Retaliate

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, July 4 to Friday, July 8

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This week has  Victor making a power move, Ashland’s plan backfiring, as Chelsea considers a new role and Phyllis loses her cool. Check out the Y&R spoilers from the week of June 27-July 1

Monday, July 4

Monday’s Y&R recap: Diane eavesdrops on Summer

Elena comes to see Tessa and gives her a second opinion.
Tessa’s worried she won’t be able to sing after surgery.

Kyle learns of Tessa’s surgery and provides comfort.

Jack helps Allie with an important decision.

tessa beauty worries young restless

Allie agrees to work for Jabot, when she had second thoughts.

Allie and Noah listen to some armchair detective mystery story.
Allie and Noah almost kiss.

Summer’s plan to help Phyllis backfires.
Diane and Phyllis go at it.

noah allie boring story young restless

Tuesday, July 5

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Victoria returns home with an announcement

Billy calls Victoria about some secret her family is keeping.
Ashland replays his conversation with Victoria when she dumped him.

Victoria returns home but stays at Grand Phoenix.
Nick meets Victoria and share a loving reunion.

Nick and Billy question Victoria’s secrecy.
Lily considers expanding her portfolio.

ashland targets victoria young restless

Ashland plots revenge.
Adam learns that his sister’s returning to Genoa City.

Adam asks why Victoria is returning and Nikki lets him know she’s not sure. He may be there to ream out her father for his interference, for all she knows.

Imani and Amanda have a meeting with Lily.
Elena and Nate have sex in their bed before she leaves.

nate elena sex bed young restless

Wednesday, July 6

Y&R recap: Adam seethes as family double-crosses him

Allie and Jack talk about her interest in Noah.

Victor connects the dots about Ashland.

Victoria details what she did to Ashland to her family.

Adam is disgusted with Victoria and the whole family.

Phyllis lets Diane’s machinations get to her and they squabble.

Jack overhears Phyllis and Diane get into it and seems to side with Diane.

Phyllis regrets her decisions.

Phyllis pulls Allie aside and digs for information.

Sally asks Chloe to come work for her at Newman Media.

phyllis seess diane jack drinking young and restless

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Thursday, July 7

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Billy takes a few swipes at a down-and-out Adam

Victor keeps Adam in line.

Nikki counsels Nick.

Chelsea makes a confession. She wants out of the partnership.

Chloe and Chelsea agree to part ways as business partners.

Chloe calls Sally to discuss the job more.

Victor finds Billy in Victoria’s office and they have words.

Billy talks about the kids summer holiday.

Nick and Nikki discuss him going back to Newman Media.

Ashland sends Stannis out to follow Victoria and dig into what Adam and Victor are up to.

nikki talks up job young restless

Friday, July 8

Friday’s Y&R recap: Adam wants his family to crash and burn

Nikki demands answers from Jack about Diane.

Nikki unloads her problems on Jack.

Jack talks to Sally about how Adam can get when he wants revenge.

Sally questions her future with Adam.

Sharon points Nick in the right direction.

Nick decides he wants to go back to Newman.

Ashland has a meltdown after meeting with Adam.

Chelsea asks Billy for a job.

chelesa billy discuss adam young restless

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