Young and Restless Spoilers October 3-7: Nikki Learns Audra Worked For Tucker, While Chelsea Becomes Paranoid

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Y&R spoilers!

Y&R spoilers two weeks ahead! Read the Y&R spoilers from September 26-30 where Kyle and Summer prepare for their wedding vow renewal and Victor makes a power move.

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Victor confronts a former rival, while Diane is backed right into a corner.

Tensions rise between Chance and Abby, while Devon brings a familiar face into the fold.

Friday’s Y&R recap: The vow renewal begins

Then take a peek at the Y&R October 3-7 spoilers below.

Monday, October 3

Monday’s Y&R recap: Tucker shows himself at the wedding

Diane feigns being shocked to see Tucker.

The wedding goes off almost without a hitch.

Diane makes her speech about her, not the happy couple.

Jack says a touching speech.

Tucker gets ready and heads to the wedding via helicopter.

Jack defends his family against unexpected danger.

Chelsea tells Connor he has a brother in Johnny and Connor doesn’t react well.

Billy comforts Chelsea.

Nikki is caught scheming with Phyllis.

connor hurt by mom Y&R

Tuesday, October 4

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Nikki digs up more dirt on Diane

Victor outsmarts an opponent.

Victoria thinks Tucker’s back to buy up shares in Chancellor-Winters.

Victoria strategizes with Nate.

Devon announces a surprising new hire at Chancellor-Winters. Esther.

Esther’s thrilled for her new job.

Tucker is amused by how he crashed the wedding.

Noah tells Summer and Kyle to come with him and Allie to his nightclub opening after the wedding.

esther thrilled new job Y&R

Wednesday, October 5

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Adam blasts Chelsea for telling Connor without him

Victor faces off with a former rival, Tucker.

Tucker tells Vic he wants to apologize to Ashley.

Adam and Chelsea clash over their parenting styles.

Nick takes Adam’s side.

Adam asks Nick to step aside with Sally.

Nick invites Sally to Noah’s club, which worries Noah since Summer’s coming.

Noah’s past catches up with him. He sees his ex-girlfriend.

audra noah ex Y&R

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Thursday, October 6

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Chelsea goes off the rails

Nick romances Sally.

Sharon’s skills are put to the test.

Sharon suggests therapy for Chelsea who blows up in her face.

Lily thinks Billy and Chelsea are similar creatures.

Abby has a shocking encounter.

Devon shows his father photos of Dominic.

Audra stares at Noah and Allie.

audra watches noah kiss allie Y&R

Friday, October 7

Friday’s Y&R recap: Chelsea stalks Connor and becomes paranoid

Victoria fills her mother in on thoughts about Tucker’s return.

Nikki uncovers dirt on Diane from an expected source.

Noah reveals that Audra used to work for Tucker’s company.

Billy makes a promise.

Johnny becomes angry with Chelsea when she stalks him.

Chelsea’s plan backfires.

Chelsea thinks Adam and Chance are ambushing her.

alllie noah smooch Y&R

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