Young and Restless Spoilers May 23-27: Kyle Wants his Mom to Stay in Genoa City, and Phyllis’ Insecurities Get the Better of Her

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for The Young and the Restless from Monday, May 23 to Friday, May 27.

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Victor strikes back.
Lily sets some ground rules with Billy.
Nikki is pushed to her limits.

nikki is not sure about offer YR

Monday, May 23

Monday’s Y&R: Harrison meets Diane, who also meets Ashland.

Victor discovers Ashland’s Achilles heel.
Summer and Chelsea talk shop.
Kyle wonders what Summer is up to.

Nikki and Victoria plan to go to Switzerland.
Michael and Lauren confront Ashland.

Diane gets to meet Harrison.
Nikki’s credibility is questioned.

Esther has a date with Dwight.
Chloe crashes Esther’s date.

esther meets dwight Y&R

Tuesday, May 24

Y&R day ahead recap: Elena’s jealous of Imani.

Billy makes a bold move.
Billy does a podcast on insecurity.

Amanda learns disturbing news about her mama.
Nate and Elena try to comfort Amanda and Imani.

sally kisses adam neck young restless

Elena’s jealous of Imani and Nate in a close moment.
Adam and Sally size up the competition.
Adam and Sally have sex.
Elena and Nate get romantic.
amanda talks meeting with lily young and restless

Wednesday, May 25

Wednesday’s Y&R: Nikki and Diane get into a slap fight.

Jack and Phyllis dissect their relationship, separately with their kids.
Phyllis hears that Ashland lied about having cancer.
vic angry with lock yelling young restless

Diane pushes Nikki too far.
Nikki slaps Diane and Diane slaps Nikki.

Victor shuts down Ashland’s apology tour.
Traci and Diane discuss Kyle and Harrison and what comes next.
phyllis rejects thought diane young restless

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Thursday, May 26

Y&R recap: Phyllis has a meltdown.

Victor threatens Diane.
Chance struggles with Devon and Abby’s bond.

Devon and Abby walk in the park with Dom.
Chance loves Billy’s podcast.

Imani and Nate bond.
Billy lands in hot water with Lily.

imani pretty with nate yr

Friday, May 27

Y&R recap: Jack threatens Diane.

Kyle wants his mom in his son’s life.
Phyllis struggles with her insecurities.

Phyllis asks Summer to get Kyle to boot Diane out of her life.
Phyllis recruits Summer to take on Diane.

Jack and Phyllis have sex.
Chelsea suffers a setback.
Jack protects Kyle’s best interests.
diane's suite young restless

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