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Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for Y&R from Monday, October 18 to Friday, October 22.

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From Friday’s Y&R spoiler video:

Billy says, “Either way, the world is about to learn all about Ashland’s crimes.”
Lily asks, “What about Victoria?”
Jack walks up and asks, “What about Victoria?”

Victoria says, “That man was hell-bent on getting revenge on my husband so I need to know exactly how he was handled.  And if he’ll need to be handled again.”

Adam tells Sally, “Maybe people are warming to your charms.”
“The only person I am interested in winning over right now is you,” Sally says, kissing Adam.

Lauren demands an explanation from Chloe. “Now.”

Phyllis talks about the tension between her and Nick. Either they’ll go forward or everything is going to fall apart.

Monday, October 18

Victor gives Victoria and Ashland a unique wedding gift.
Billy and Lily face an ethical dilemma.
Nick rebounds from a heated confrontation.

Tuesday, October 19

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Jack confides in Phyllis.
Sally presses her luck with Adam.
Victor and Nick settle some unfinished business.

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Wednesday, October 20

Nikki tries to repair the rift between Victor and Nick.
Lily and Billy leave enemy territory.
Lauren backs Chloe into a corner.

Thursday, October 21

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Devon points Adam in the right direction.
Mariah welcomes Tessa home.
Abby keeps up appearances.

Friday, October 22

Victoria and Ashland make plans for the future.
Noah surprises Sharon.
Christine delivers shocking news.

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