Young and Restless Spoilers August 1-5: Billy Comforts Victoria as Devon and Nate Clear the Air, and Chance Suspects Nick and Victoria

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, August 1 to Friday, August 5.

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Victor continues to cover his tracks, Nick turns on the charm, and Victoria opens up to Billy.

Monday, August 1

Monday’s Y&R recap: Phyllis and Jack have a bitter fight

Mariah supports Tessa while she recuperates.

Family has a little party for Tessa to welcome her home.

Phyllis and Summer are interrupted in the park by Diane, and fighting ensues.

Jack intervenes and he and Phyllis start up.

Jack admits he loves Phyllis so much but he can’t do this, when it hurts others.

Devon and Nate get into it about work.

Nate and Elena have sex after she returns from Hawaii.

nate argues with devon work young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

Tuesday, August 2

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Adam eavesdrops and his father gives him a warning as Chance digs into Locke’s death.

Kevin’s brought in by Chance to help figure out what happened to Locke.

Kevin thinks they need a mechanic to figure out what happened with Ashland’s car.

Sally goes to Nick to tell him she’s going to remain at Newman.

Sally learns Victoria left town.

Sally also hears Locke’s dead.

sally tells nick staying town yr

Noah goes to Victor when summoned, and Adam eavesdrops.

Chance and Kevin uncover disturbing evidence in Ashland’s death.

Noah’s career is in jeopardy.

chance evidence young restless

Wednesday, August 3

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Nate and Devon bicker

Sally gives Nick the 3rd degree.

Amanda keeps the peace when Nate loses patience with Devon.

Nick worries to Sharon about what his dad is up to.

Phyllis tells Summer she might sell her hotel.

saally talks locke story nick young and restless spoilers

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Thursday, August 4

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Victor admits to Nick he staged Ashland’s death

Victor gives Nick an ultimatum.

Ashley’s pissed that Diane showed up on  their doorstop again.

Diane brings Harrison some books on grief.

Diane opens up to Jack about faking her own death and earning a right to be there for their grandson.

Sally tells Nick it’s important to her that she has the full story about Locke before posting.

ashley tabs on jack yr

Sally runs into Adam and tells him no man is worth a job, that she kept her CEO position.

Adam and Kevin discuss the car crash that “killed” Ashland.

Ashley goes to Phyllis and Nikki to discuss their plan to oust Diane from GC.

kevin vs adam locke investigation Y&R

Friday, August 5

Friday’s Y&R recap: Nick confesses, Chance believes Locke’s body was moved

Nick shares a secret.

Nick tells Sharon all about Locke’s death being a cover up at his father’s hands.

Amanda learns Naya’s in a coma. She’s devastated.

Devon offers his jet to his girlfriend.

kevin has video news young restless

Amanda makes a promise.

Abby catches Chance in a compromising position.

Chance tries to get Kevin to keep quiet about his police work in front of the wife.

Billy comes home from his trip early to be there for the kids since he learned Ashland died.

Billy goes to Victoria to see how she is.

billy trashes locke after dead young restless

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