Young and Restless Spoilers August 8 -12: Nate and Elena Argue over Imani, as Tessa is Pampered and Chelsea Taunts Sally

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, August 8 to Friday, August 12.

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Jack thinks Adam has so many opportunities to prove himself to the world. He says, “Come work with me at Jabot!”

We have a few new faces coming to Y&R. Take a look at the Y&R summer comings and goings to read more about one investigative reporter and a familiar soap vet who has joined the CBS soap.

Monday, August 8

Monday’s Y&R recap: Diane blows up at Kyle

Phyllis makes a bold move.

Phyllis taunts Diane.

Kyle and Summer discuss pros and cons of hiring Phyllis.

Phyllis gets the job at Marchetti.

Diane blows a gasket hearing that she has to work with Phyllis.

Victor lies to Nikki.

Chance confronts half the family about Locke’s body being moved.

Traci questions Jack’s feelings for Diane.

vicky nick hide secret Y&R

Tuesday, August 9

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Nikki confronts Victor about moving Locke’s body

Sharon and Nick commiserate over their past.

Jack Offers Adam a Job at Jabot.

Billy doesn’t like Jack asking Adam to work at Jabot and tells him so.

Chance Grills an Unimpressed Victor.

Nikki Reacts to Learning About Victor’s Cover Up.

Nikki learns that Chance is suspicious.

Nikki confronts Victor.

Wednesday, August 10

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Billy warns Phyllis about Adam possibly working at Jabot

Nikki tests Abby.

Nikki tells Abby that she thinks Chance should back off Ashland’s case, which shocks Abby.

Elena turns to Devon.

Jack thanks Diane for the thoughtful gift.

Devon tells Elena he thinks he made a mistake in hiring Nate.

Imani has encouraging words for Nate when he dives into his work issues with Devon.

Phyllis plays her cards close to the vest.

Phyllis goes to Nikki about their plan.

imani encourages bold nate Y&R

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Thursday, August 11

Y&R’s Thursday recap: Sally plays hardball with Adam

Victor’s pleased with how Sally has chosen not to post anything about the Locke story.

Adam talks to Abby about Locke.

Victoria talks with Chance about Locke’s case. She hope he isn’t going to arrest Nick.

Sally plays hardball with Adam.

Nick worries about what Chance will do.

Nick suggests he and Victoria tell their father about their talk with Chance.

Victor orders his family to keep a united front.

Abby talks shop to Chance.

Adam goes to Sally on a fact finding mission.

Sally wants something from Adam that he’s not willing to give.

Chloe interrupts a moment between Adam and Sally.

abby prety blue white dress young restless

Friday, August 12

Friday’s Y&R recap: Elena goes off on Nate for letting Imani stroke his ego

Chelsea puts Billy in an uncomfortable position.

Chelsea wants to see Johnny and Connor get to know each other as brothers.

Tessa’s career takes an unexpected turn.

Kyle and Summer ask Tessa to be the face of their company.

Tessa’s not sure she wants this job.

Elena confronts Nate about Imani.

Nate doesn’t see what Elena sees in Imani so Elena tells him that she’s stroking his ego.

Sally texts Adam about their break up again.

sally texts adam about their end Y&R

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