Young and Restless Spoilers August 15-19: Chance Surprises The Newmans as he Finds Justice, While Billy and Chelsea Get Closer

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, August 15 to Friday, August 19.

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Kevin has something to show Chance and tells him, “It’s a game changer.” Devon yells at Nate in Crimson Lights. “Yes, my rules, Nate. Who do you work for? You’re my COO. I do not understand that.”

Nate in turn says, “You’re getting all worked up. What are you going to do? Punch me again?” 

Victor challenges Chance, Chelsea goes to Victoria to ask if she will allow her to tell Johnny that she’s his biological mother so that Connor and Johnny will know they’re half-siblings.

Victoria’s resistant. Lily tries to keep the peace and Nikki keeps digging for dirt on Diane.  

We have a few new faces coming to Y&R.

Take a look at the Y&R summer comings and goings to read more about one investigative reporter and a familiar soap vet who has joined the CBS soap.

Monday, August 15

Monday’s Y&R recap: Chance & Kevin find damning evidence

Victor tests Chance’s loyalty to the family.

Victor gives a scenario to Chance that has him reeling.

Vicky wants her sister to stop Chance from investigating Locke’s death.

Kevin uncovers damning evidence. 

Tessa can talk!

Sharon talks with Tessa about the job offer at Marchetti.

Phyllis and Diane start working ‘together’.

Summer and Phyllis have their first expense-paid dinner.

Faith buys a lot of stuff for her move to the dorms at school.

Sharon admits it’ll be quiet at home by herself.

summer expenses food Y&R

Tuesday, August 16

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Sally’s done with Adam’s games

Sally tries to get information out of Chance to no avail.

Sally has it out with Adam.

Adam gets flak from Chance.

Chelsea teases Billy about being old.

Nick worries he’s off to prison and asks Nikki to get Michael Baldwin on the case.

Victor gives the Newman’s an ultimatum.

Lily worries about the friction between Devon and Nate.

Noah learns that his grandpa just wants to protect him.

Sally impresses Nick.

noah talks nightclub Y&R

Wednesday, August 17

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Devon confronts Nate

Kyle leads Summer to a romantic evening.

Kyle’s romantic evening with Summer takes an unexpected turn.

Summer sees her mama and Nikki sitting together and wonders what’s up.

Phyllis and Nikki meet with Talia Morgan, the L.A.-based investigative reporter (played by Natalie Morales) who is intrigued by Diane’s return from the dead.

The women are encouraged since Talia wants to do an expose on Diane. They’ll soon find themselves in the middle of a shocking scandal.

Someone learns Talia’s investigating and interferes, previews Josh Griffith, in an interview with Soap Opera Digest.

Nikki tells Phyllis, “I told her about Diane’s resurrection.” Talia says, “I became very interested. I sensed that would be a fabulous story for my magazine.”

Diane asks Jack out to dinner to talk about her job performance.

Elena and Devon have a chat.

Elena and Nate meet to discuss Devon.

Diane makes a promise to Jack.

Lily tells Devon about Nate’s new idea that she likes.

phyllis wants focus on diane in GC Y&R

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Thursday, August 18

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Kevin and Chance have new evidence in Locke’s case

Lily challenges Billy.

Lily questions Billy’s commitment.

Lily goes off the handle when Billy talks about the podcast being more creative. She thinks he wants to do that fulltime.

Billy and Victoria commiserate with a drink at Dive Bar.

Abby finds Chance in a compromising position.

Chelsea and Victoria revisit their past about Johnny.

Vicky reacts to Chelsea’s request about telling Johnny the truth.

Kevin finds new evidence on Ashland’s car.

Abby is upset with Chance over his work.

Victoria subtly warns Chance.

Chelsea snoops on billy vicky YR

Friday, August 19

Friday’s Y&R recap: Diane and Jack get close and she thinks of kissing him

Chance goes to the ranch to question the family once more. 

Chance drops the Locke case. He sees no reason for anyone to stand trial for the death of a man who wasn’t murdered.

Victor stands his ground.

Billy surprises Chelsea.

Billy tells Chelsea that his issues with Victoria were all him.

Chelsea encourages the podcast over Billy’s CEO job.

Chelsea and Billy talk about telling Johnny she’s his birth mother.

Diane talks to Jack about her feelings.

Diane fantasizes she’s kissing Jack.

Nick struggles with his actions.

diane talks holding grudges Y&R

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