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Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Young and Restless spoilers for the week of April 26-30. Plus, get your May Sweeps here!

First up, last week’s refresher!

Ashland pit Victoria against Victor and Adam in a scheme to get more money from Victor for the purchase of Cyaxares. When Ashland and Victor met, Victor told the man to sign the contract but Ashland was overwrought with his thoughts about what his wife had done with Kyle. Ashland had a heart attack and Victor stood by and watched, telling the man he’d call paramedics if Locke signed the deal. Meanwhile, Rey had enough with Sharon and told her he was leaving when Adam called Sharon for help again. And while Abby put on a happy face, inside she was missing Chance.

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Coming up on Y&R from Monday, April 26 to Friday, April 30.

Y&R rants and raves. Opinion on this week’s episodes!

The spoilers are a day behind.

Monday, April 26

Rey sets a trap for Chelsea.
Billy gets the upper hand.
Nikki opens up to Faith about her road to recovery.
Faith embarks on the road to recovery.

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Billy and Lily have sex.

lily billy sex young restless

Tuesday, April 27

Y&R Day ahead recap – Victoria has dinner with Nick

Nikki covers for Victor.
Faith passes out.
Nick asks Elena to help him.
Phyllis plays sexy roleplaying games with Nick.
Amanda learns disturbing news about her family.
Lola and Nate flirt.

lola chats up rey young restless

Wednesday, April 28

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Faith passes out

Sharon keeps another secret for Adam.
Rey interrogates Chloe.

faith is ill young restless

Thursday, April 29

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Faith needs a kidney

Nick and Sharon receive shocking news about Faith. She needs a kidney.
Kyle connects the dots.
Jack accepts an invitation from Sally to meet and talk.
Jabot warehouses are being reopened when Ashland once again has an offer for Jack.

jack summer meet crimson lights young restless

Friday, April 30

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Summer and Kyle have sex

Y&R column – Old-fashioned dialogue, after school specials, Y&R is missing messy

Victor discovers a clue as to where Adam’s hiding.
Devon makes a promise to Amanda.
Adam has Faith’s blood type.
Nick makes a bold move to help Faith. He goes to Kansas to find him.
Devon strategizes with Jack. (This didn’t happen, it’s for Monday.)
Nina comforts Abby. (Again, this is for Monday.)

May 3-7 spoilers and May Sweeps!

nikki sharon go cry young restless

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