Young & Restless Spoilers February 14-18: Phyllis Makes a Decision About Jack & Victoria Questions Ashland’s Motives

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for Young and the Restless from Monday, February 14 to Friday, February 18.

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Coming up this week! Adam wants to be with Sally but she doesn’t want to continue things if it means sneaking around. Adam can’t think of a reason to keep her a secret but Victor can! Check out the spoiler promo!

Monday, February 14

Adam and Sally mix business with pleasure. 
Sharon and Rey play cupid.
Faith has a conundrum about what to get Moses for Valentine’s Day.
Moses goes to Nick for help in buying his daughter a gift.
Chelsea and Chloe prepare for their meeting with Lauren.
Adam and Sally have an awkward run in with Chelsea and Chloe at Society.
Mariah and Tessa find time for romance.

Today’s Y&R day ahead recap: Monday’s episode has Adam & Sally making love, Noah interrupting Mariah and Tessa’s romance with something special for the newly engaged couple.

faith valentines help young and restless spoilers recap

Tuesday, February 15

Amanda receives an intriguing invitation.
Billy struggles with his new role.
Dominic needs a bone marrow transplant.
Lily and Billy want Amanda and Imani to work for them.
Abby’s not a match for the bone marrow transplant.

Y&R day ahead recap: Dominic finds a match for bone marrow donation.

Wednesday, February 16

Victor recruits Adam to gather intel about Ashland.
Sally and Adam talk about their night of passion.
Nick worries about Nikki since Victoria and Adam will be working together. He worries she’ll get caught between the two.
Victoria plays hardball. She plans on making sure Adam screws up.
Nick thinks about Cassie.
Sally defends herself to Victor.

Y&R day ahead recap: Victoria’s not happy with Ashland calling the company his, while Sally and Adam define their relationship, and Sally stands up for herself with Victor.

vic knows ashland game young and restless Y&R spoilers

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Thursday, February 17

Jack receives a puzzling message.
Lauren makes a risky decision.
Phyllis arrives home to a mystery.
Lauren and Jack look at vacation photos.
Chelsea is nervous about the big meeting.
Chance goes back to the alley where the stakeout happened.
Jack hears Phyllis’ big news.
Jack gets a mysterious text!

Thursday, February 17 day ahead recap: Rey calls Chance a shell of his former self, while Lauren hires Chelsea and Chloe.

jack mystery text CBS Y&R

Friday, February 18

Michael shares damaging information with Victor.
Ashland pushes Nate to take the job with him.
Nate’s not sure he wants to make a change.
Adam and Sally have breakfast and then make love.
Victor tells Victoria he is fine with Sally as COO.
Nate and Elena discuss their future.
Adam and Sally define their relationship.
Phyllis admits what she wants to do about Jack.
Imani and Amanda decide on whether to take the job.

Y&R day ahead recap for Friday, February 18! Victoria questions why Ashland wants to hire Nate, and Michael has inside information on Ashland’s condition.

imani grateful Y&R recap

Teaser into next week!

They’re mentioning Keemo! Keemo’s name comes up in a conversation between Phyllis and Jack. And, it turns out we were right all along. Ashland is faking his illness and paid off the Peruvian clinic to falsify records.

Victor finds out and instead of  embarrassing Victoria, he gets Ashland to own up to his mistakes. That doesn’t mean Ashland will go quietly. He’ll take another shot at getting his wife’s trust back while Victor and his daughter’s relationship could be changed for good.

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