Young and Restless Spoilers September 19-23: Victor Agrees to Victoria’s Plans, While Diane Gets Another Mysterious Text

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Y&R spoilers!

Y&R spoilers two weeks ahead! Read the Y&R spoilers from September 12-16 where Nick and Sally have sex, twice, and Nikki talks about going to L.A., while Nate has plans to take over at Chancellor-Winters.

Then take a peek at the Y&R September 19-23 spoilers below and be sure to check out Y&R spoilers September 26-30.

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According to Deadline, The Young and the Restless is “debuting a new logo in honor of the milestone.”

They’re celebrating five decades and the show will be bringing in guest star appearances and a special crossover episode that’s been planned with Bold and Beautiful that airs September 26, which incidentally marks the 36th season of the CBS soap. B&B’s 9000th episode is coming up on April 14, 2023.

Take a look at the new logo.


2022 Y&R logo CBS




Y&R comings and goings have Nikki crossing over to Bold and Beautiful to see Deacon Sharpe.

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Adam asks Sally point blank, “Are you sleeping with my brother?”

sally put on spot Y&R

Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) receives a mysterious text message asking him to meet someone at a hotel in Beverly Hills. 

Deacon tells Nikki he’s thought a lot about her over the years.

She purses her lips and says, “Really.”

Deacon tells her, “One more thing. Nick? You look good.”

deacon likes nikki looks Y&R

Monday, September 19

Monday’s Y&R recap: Adam confronts Nick about sleeping with Sally

After Sally and Nick hook up, Adam’s outside her door. She thinks it’s room service and opens the door. Adam takes a look at his brother and ex-girlfriend.

Sally and Nick lie to Adam that they were having a business meeting but he doesn’t buy it.

Once Nick is out of the way, Adam asks point blank if she slept with his brother. 

Sally tells Adam that they’re over and he’s out of line to question her. 

Adam tries to tell Sally he wants to be with her but she’s done with him.

Jack taunts Phyllis unintentionally about Diane.

Jack tells Kyle to fire both mothers if one gets out of line.

Diane and Phyllis realize they must be on their best behavior.

Phyllis falls into a trap.

Kyle gets down on one knee and asks Summer to remarry him, much to her delight.

Chloe doesn’t seem to like hearing how much Nick thinks she’s great.

chloe learns nick thinks highly sally Y&R

Tuesday, September 20

Tuesday’s  Y&R recap: Victoria Tells an Appalled Nick Nate’s Plans

Nate learns that Imani’s father needs medical intervention.

Victoria reveals her game plan to Nick.

Nate and Imani get closer.

Diane and Phyllis are upset that they’ll both be fired if there are any shenanigans going on.

Jack gives Diane an ultimatum.

Nikki texts Deacon to meet.

Deacon turns up.

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summer wants talk moms Y&R

Wednesday, September 21

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Nikki learns something interesting from Deacon

Victor pushes Diane’s buttons.

Phyllis pushes Diane’s buttons and causes the woman to crack.

Diane makes threats.

Nikki meets Deacon and gets some interesting information.

Nate takes a big risk.

Nate gets his job back.

vicky meet nate park Y&R

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Thursday, September 22

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Diane and Phyllis are fired

Phyllis and Diane are forced to play nice.

Diane blows up and Jack catches her and a big meeting is had.

Kyle and Summer make a shocking discovery – their moms can’t get along.

jack last change Y&R

Both women are fired.

Phyllis tries to come up with ways to get to Diane.

Noah reveals a new venture.

Traci gives Allie advice.

Noah shows off his new club to Kyle and Summer as he has a party in their honor.

phyllis thinks of a way to discredit Diane Y&R

Friday, September 23

Friday’s Y&R recap: Nate leaves Elena when she refuses to get on board with espionage

Victoria fills her father in on Nate’s espionage. Victor’s concerned about it but she convinces him to go for it.

Victor considers expanding his empire.

Nate and Elena argue over insider trading.

Nate meets a mysterious stranger. Audra Charles (played by Zuleyka Silver).

Chelsea forces Victoria’s hand.

Victoria agrees to tell Johnny who his bio mom is.

Diane and Phyllis get their jobs back.

More: Y&R spoilers September 26-30.

diane grateful job back Y&R

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