Young & Restless 2022 Previews: Devon Wants Shared Custody, Ashland Reveals More Secrets & Chelsea and Adam Plays Referee

Spoilers for what’s to come in 2022 for The Young and The Restless

According to Josh Griffith, Producer/Head Writer of Y&R, the show will be filled with drama in 2022. Here’s a low-down of what’s to come in the new year.

Victor tries his best to protect his legacy as alliances shift that could change the landscape of Newman Enterprises and Newman Media. Victor will reach out to someone from his past to gather information about his adversaries, while Nikki will share concerns when she notices a change in Nick and Victoria because of the shift.

Sharon and Rey do their best to help Noah try to move on from his past.

sharon white outfit young restless

Nate and Elena do soul-searching when their relationship is challenged at work.

Ashland in 2022 means more secrets. It’s revealed that Ashland may not have been entirely honest with Victoria when he had a chance before their wedding.

ashland bygones young restless

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Nick and Phyllis are at a crossroads as they go into 2022 without each other. Nick distracts himself with work and Phyllis continues to wonder how Jack fits into her future.

Abby helps Chance adjust to civilian life while Devon’s bond grows. He tells them he wants shared custody of Dominic. Meanwhile, Mariah will question where she stands in Dominic’s life while she and Tessa plan their future. Amanda and Devon’s relationship is stronger than ever.

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Lauren and Michael’s family and friends help him with a professional crisis, and Lauren points him in the right direction.

Adam does his best to set boundaries with Chelsea and Sally. The women’s rivalry cross into the boardroom as Chloe referees.

Billy’s revenge plans take a turn and could potentially backfire while Lily balances her new role at Chancellor as CEO and Billy’s “partner-in-crime.”

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