Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Nick and Rey Learn Adam’s the Good Samaritan Who Saved Faith’s Life

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Thursday, April 1, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, April 2. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Faith is feeling better, Victor refuses to visit his granddaughter, and Moses and Devon bond.

At the hospital, Sharon and Nick are glad that Faith hasn’t suffered head trauma. She may be able to come home sooner than they expected. Faith asks who rescued her and Sharon keeps quiet. Nick says they don’t know who the person was. He tells a joke, “What did the duck say when he bought the lipstick? Put it on my bill.” Faith’s stomach hurts as she laughs and Sharon finds his dad jokes groaners.

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At Society, Lola’s shocked that Adam poisoned Rey. She suggests he get someone else to take the case by Rey insists he doesn’t let his emotions get in the way of his job. He goes as Elena arrives to discuss Girls’ Night. Lola wonders if they should cancel considering Devon’s involvement. They talk about kids. Elena pictured kids with Devon but never discussed it. Elena talks about being dumped by two men and Lola thinks she should focus on getting to know herself again.

lola girls night out young restless

At the club, Nikki asks Victor to accompany her to the hospital but Victor says Locke’s returning to Genoa City, which means before his arrival, The Moustache needs to go over his contract. Nikki purses her lips. Victor says she knows he worries about Faith. Nikki asks if he wants to see her. “Of course,” he says. Green Dress walks behind Nikki, as she and Victor argue about whether he should visit.

Moses gets settled at Devon’s place. He loves the condo. Devon learns that Moses couldn’t wait to visit the hospital, which is why they’re later than expected. They discuss the clinic and how Neil is both their inspiration. Moses has always been interested in medicine. He’s done all he could to get what he wants. After losing his dad he realized more and more that he wanted to practice medicine. Nate says it’s not an easy career. Moses knows. He’s grateful to Nate for teaching him. “Yeah so am I, man,” Devon agrees. Nate takes off and Devon can see Moses knows what it takes to become a doctor. Moses asks what Devon’s career is like. He’s sure it’s going well. Devon says it’s not glamorous at all. Though it’s not boring. It’s a lot of late nights at the studio or scouting fresh faces. Devon loves that. It’s something he shared with Neil. “I’ll always carry that with me.”

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moses doctor young and restless

Nikki visits Faith in the hospital and Faith asks if Grandpa hates her since she stole his booze and wrecked his truck. Nikki insists he adores her. He came to see her before she woke up and he’s worried about her. Nikki apologizes for leaving her grandchild alone and not talking to her more about the bullies. Faith doesn’t blame her.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon buses tables and Nick asks what’s going on with her. “Is it Adam?” She admits it is. She’s been wondering if he’s capable of poisoning Rey. What happens when Rey finds him? Nick is sure he’ll be the pro he always is. He says they’ll look at the hospital cameras to find the Good Samaritan who brought Faith in. Sharon doesn’t say anything, which makes Nick curious. She goes off to work and Rey arrives. He sends Nick the footage from the hospital and they sit at a table and go through it. Literally, two seconds later, they see a  man in a hoodie carrying Faith. They look at each other as both realize it’s Adam. They’re surprised that he was on the run and stopped to save Faith’s life.

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Moses runs into Victor at the club. Devon tells him that Moses is going to be pre-med. Victor thought highly of Neil and says his father would be proud. Moses says he thought highly of Victor. He goes off to text and Devon tells The Black Knight that Moses is still dealing with his father’s death. Victor goes and Moses asks if he’s dating Abby. Devon explains she’s married and they’re friends. He has a hard time responding when Moses asks if he’s seeing someone else.

Nate walks into Society as Elena is telling Lola that she’s done with men right now. They lock eyes and Nate smiles. He goes to them and they pat each other on the back for saving Rey’s life. Lola reads the room and leaves them alone, claiming she has something super complicated to do. Nate tells Elena they worked well together. She asks, “But there’s no going back for us, is there?” Nate says there’s too much going on. She has feelings for Devon to sort out and he wouldn’t be able to trust her again. He wishes it wasn’t true. He goes and Lola returns. Elena’s brooding. She’s not sure what she expected. “I am a mess when it comes to men,” she says. She’s taking a break from romance.

Sharon appears at the hospital and assures Nikki that this is not her fault. Nikki appreciates her support but still feels guilty. Sharon does too but both women agree they need to move forward. The women leave and Victor visits Faith. She’s glad he’s there. She cries and apologizes.

At home, Sharon reads another text from Adam, begging her to meet. She asks where he is. “Lake,” he says. She nods to herself.

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Sharon meets with Adam. “You want me to set a trap for someone who may be recovered?”
Adam says, “You’re the only person I can trust!”

Sutton says, “I’m Sutton Ames.”
Amanda says, “You’re my grandfather.”

Kyle says to Ashland, “What did you just ask me?”
Ashland says, “Did you sleep with my wife?”

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