Tucker Tells Ashley About Diane & Jeremy, Revealing He’s Being Released From Prison, and Devon and Abby Don’t Regret Having Sex

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Amanda tells Phyllis she plans to leave town, Diane asks Jack if they can put what she did behind them, and Tucker fills Ashley in on Diane. In the previous episode, Amanda exploded over Devon cheating, Chance admitted he saw it coming, and Nate and Elena reunited.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for November 9, 2022 episode airs in the USA November 10. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Phyllis stops by Amanda’s hotel suite. She got there as fast as she could.

Amanda tells her about catching Devon naked on the couch with Abby.

amanda tells her friend about devon cheating Y&R

Phyllis is shocked and baffled. Amanda explains all the gory details.

Red thought Devon was one of the only men in town with integrity.

Amanda feels like she should have seen this coming.

This is all impossible for Phyllis to wrap her head around.

She insists this is all Devon’s fault and wonders if it was just a colossal mistake they could all move past.

phyllis shocked why did devon have sex abby Y&R

Amanda is not the kind of person who can’t get bent out of shape about this.

Forgiveness will not be coming from her.

Phyllis supports that but doesn’t support her friend’s desire to leave permanently.

She reminds her that she’s built a life there and she shouldn’t throw it away because of Devon.

She drinks down the minibar and laughs when Phyllis asks about her job at Chancellor-Winters.

phyllis wants amanda to stay Y&R

Amanda isn’t sticking around. She needs to get back to her mom. Looking after her has changed her life. Now it has the added advantage of putting her a few hundred miles from Devon.

For her own well-being, Amanda needs to leave. She will work remotely until they find a replacement.

Her friend will miss her.

Amanda assures her they can still share memes.

Phyllis needs more than memes.

She’s going through a hard time and has no other friends. Her “friends” at the moment are all her enemies.

She loves her, but she knows she deserves better than what she has there. They hug.

amanda hugs phyllis bye Y&R

When they step into the bathroom, Amanda tells her how she thought that she and Devon were kindred souls.

They helped each other through hard times.

She thought he was the one person who could give her solace but he blew it all up.

“How could he do that to me?” she asks.

Abby shows up at Devon’s to pick up her son. He tells her the kid isn’t ready and asks her in to talk. She can hardly look at him.

abby feels weird with devon at his house Y&R

He gets her coffee. She’s not okay. He’s not sure how he feels.

She explains that she and Chance talked and he’s questioning their relationship.

She made it clear this was the first time she cheated but he took it as a larger problem in their marriage.

Chance doesn’t think he can give her what she needs.

Devon doesn’t buy that and wonders if he’s really willing to give up on them.

She asks how things went with Amanda.

abby talks about chance thinking she's not for him Y&R

He admits they didn’t go well, and she will never forgive him.

Abby wonders if Amanda and Chance just need some space.

He adds Amanda may head back to Virginia permanently.

Abby asks if there is any way for them to salvage this.

He wouldn’t know where to begin to make things right. He asks why she thinks they lost control.

This wasn’t something he ever expected.

She explains that Chance claimed he could see this coming since he got back.

Abby thinks they just acted out of impulse and may have ruined both of their lives.

Devon says all they can do is the best they can to make things right. She says that will take a miracle.

Abby adds they also need to think about what this means for their friendship. Are things going to be weird forever?

devon calls abby his bff still Y&R

They admit that neither of them feels weird. Something unexpected just happened.

“Do things ever really just happen?” she asks. She doesn’t really buy his line of thought.

He asks if she thinks that deep down they wanted this to happen.

She doesn’t know. They aren’t kids and they knew what they were doing.

As they ponder why they did it, he insists they aren’t malicious people and asks if she regrets any part of what happened.

She nods. He admits part of him doesn’t regret it.

“We have to regret what happened,” she claims because they hurt people.

He knows all that and is sorry.

Abby admits she’s no saint and has feelings. What they did felt right in the moment.

Would they feel guilty if they weren’t caught?

They can’t do it again so they need to find a way to undo the pain they caused.

abby justifies sex with devon Y&R

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At the Abbott estate, Diane mopes and thinks back to her conversations with Jack, and the kiss they shared.

diane saddened Y&R

He interrupts and asks what’s wrong. She fills him in on Harrison.

He’s been checked out by a doctor and will be okay.

Jack is going to say a quick hello and then needs to get back to work.

After he offers her a lift, she asks for a minute.

Diane knows things have been strained since she filled him in about Jeremy and she was wondering if there was a way for them to start fresh.

jack and diane talk about a fresh start Y&R

He insists his main concern is Kyle, so she tells him that their son understands what she did and why. She asks Jack what he thinks.

Although he’d like to put this behind them, he can’t help worrying she has another secret that could cause heartbreak to Kyle and Harrison.

Diane insists that they are the most important people to her too and she doesn’t want any more heartbreak in their lives.

Tucker saunters into Jabot and startles Ashley.

He reminds her he’s accepted her challenge to prove his intentions are pure. He hands her an envelope, claiming it will help prove he’s on her side.

tucker and ashley talk about jeremy stark Y&R

When she opens it, she finds an article about Jeremy Stark.

McCall explains that’s the key to what happened with Diane in LA.

Jeremy stark was released prison Y&R

They step on the elevator and stop it. He fills her in about Jeremy and Diane being her money mule.

Ashley is amazed he knows all this. He tells her if he wants to put the fear of god into Diane, this is what she needs to use.

Tucker explains how she was blackmailed. After Stark went to jail, Tucker blackmailed Diane to get him information about her.

Ashley wonders why he’s trying to get Jeremy out of jail now.

He’s sorry she’s questioning his motives but recognizes he’s been an opportunist in the past.

Her opinion is the only one that matters to him.

tucker calls himself an opportunist. Y&R

Whatever alliance he had with Diane is over. Right now, he only wants Ashley’s forgiveness. Whatever goal she has, is his goal.

“I would move heaven and earth to give it to you,” he says.

Once they get off the elevator, they bump into Jack and Diane.


Tucker asks Ashley to dinner so they can talk more about LA. Diane stare and Ashley agrees to dinner.

Once McCall is gone, Diane asks if she’s planning to move. Ashley says she just wants to know about the major players.

Jack takes his sister to his office for a word.

ashley yells at jack that diane probably has more secrets Y&R soapsspoilers

He demands to know what is going on between his sister and Tucker. He has the impression it has something to do with Diane.

She accuses him of protecting Diane and claims they don’t know the whole story yet. He admits there may be more.

She explains that Tucker told her about the dangerous people Diane was associating with.

Jack is only concerned about his son and asks her to “leave the poor woman alone.”

jack upset ashley hates diane so much Y&R soapsspoilers

Ashley storms out.

Diane follows Tucker to Society and demands to know what he is up to with Ashley.

She points out that she hasn’t told Jack everything. He reminds her that she will be smart to keep her mouth shut about everything else they were involved in.

“You stay the hell out of my way,” he tells.

tucker laughs at diane for following him Y&R soapsspoilers


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