Diane Fantasizes About Her Wedding Day While Phyllis Tracks Her Down and Tips Off Stark & Tucker and Devon Discuss Devon Purchasing McCall

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Summer and Phyllis have a fight, Billy tells Ashley his plans to return to Jabot, and Chelsea gets inspired. In the previous episode, Victor gave Victoria an ultimatum, Devon considered buying McCall Unlimited as an insurance policy, and Lily wasn’t happy Nate was spying .

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 8, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 9. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chelsea bumps into Summer at Crimson Lights. They haven’t seen each other in ages. Summer reminds her the last time, she turned down a job offer. Chelsea explains she went through a rough patch but is stronger than ever now.

summer and chelsea talk chelseas new job Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

She still doesn’t want to work at Marchetti but is working on something new. It has nothing to do with fashion and she can’t talk about it now.

They complain about personal life getting in the way of work. Summer explains that she had to fire her own mom. She’s had to learn to compartmentalize.

summer and chelsea talk about work Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

When Chelsea takes off, Summer gets a call from the office. She needs to take care of something because Diane is away.

Phyllis eavesdrops and then pretends to be on the phone as she walks in.

They start talking and Phyllis says she must have a hard time finding time for her family.

“Not really. They’re the most important part of my life,” Summer says.

Her mom says she has a gift for Harrison and asks about Diane and Jack’s trip. Summer shuts down her fishing for information.

Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

Phyllis claims she couldn’t care less where they are. Her daughter tells her to stop using Harrison in her plots. She doesn’t want any part in her schemes and storms off.

Chelsea was been watching all of this from the dummy booth and starts taking notes.

Billy finds Ashley eating alone at Society. He decides it’s time for them to catch up.

ashley and billy discuss tucker Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

Soon, he starts asking her if she is “Playing an angle” with Tucker. He can’t see any other reason to interact with him.

His sister says she’s capable of protecting herself. Billy worries that matters of the heart make people stupid.

She agrees given Jack and Diane. They bicker about people changing.

Billy insists that when he tries to change he’s sincere, it’s not a scam. He doesn’t believe that Tucker can change.

Ashley doesn’t think he’s in any position to judge and accuses him of being cynical.

Her brother thinks she hasn’t learned anything and has feelings for her ex. He’s sure Jack isn’t thrilled about it.

She says Jack has no credibility. Diane is already crowding her life. Ashley is miffed that he’s giving their brother a pass but not her.

She accuses him of being a chauvinist and disgusting. Billy concedes she may have a point.

He admits he shouldn’t be judging anyone’s messy affairs. His sister can’t wait for him to go public about them so she can judge the hell out of him.

Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

Billy apologizes and says that whatever is going on between her and the “megalomaniac” is none of his business.

She asks if he has a job. He admits he’s considering going back to Jabot. His sister reminds him that’s always been a disaster.

If he thinks he can change, why can’t Tucker? Billy explains he wants to work with his family.

Pulling out his phone, he calls Jack and tells him he wants to discuss his proposal.

Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

Billy goes to see Chelsea at her place. She’s in a groove and doesn’t want to stop working. He’s glad to see her flowing.

billy drops by chelsea's place Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

They talk about feelings. She explains that she saw something that triggered ideas.

There’s a lot of pain in families and people don’t know how to navigate it. She thinks her game will be a way for people to dissect all sorts of human relationships.

He loves all this. She owes it all to Daniel and is really excited to change people’s lives.

Bill really thinks she’s onto something. He’s inspired and excited about his next endeavor.

Going back to Jabot feels like the right place at the right time. It feels like he can really make a difference at his family’s company.

It’s fun for her to see him so enthusiastic. She’s glad they are creating a life with meaning and purpose.


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Phyllis corners Kyle at the Phoenix.

She asks if her daughter sent him a text to complain about what a monster she is.

Kyle on his phone Y&R recaps

He says she might think it but wouldn’t say it.

He’s confident they can work out their differences. Phyllis is hopeless.

phyllis and kyle talk summer Y&R recaps

He leaves for the office. She notices he left his phone so she picks it up and sees there was a flower delivery to the cabin.

At the Abbott cabin, Diane strolls around in her robe and looks out the door to call for Jack.

Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

She finds a note from him saying he’s off to find her dinner. Diane relaxes on the couch and sighs.

She daydreams about her wedding day. Kyle shows up with a gift and tells her how glowing she is as she goes on about her love of Jack.

Her son tells her that his parents reuniting is the perfect ending to a fairy tale. He reveals the necklace Jack sent and helps her put it on.

They hug and he says she’s perfect. Summer shows up and asks for a word with the bride, telling her how beautiful she is.

Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

Once Kyle leaves the ladies alone, Summer tells her she’s like a mother to her, the mother Phyllis could never be. It hurts to know her own mother can’t even come close to that.

“Call me mom!” Diane squeals as they hug. Traci jogs in with champagne. When Summer exits, Traci hands Diane a glass and declares nothing will spoil this day.

summer hugs diane in her fantasy Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

She is planning to write a novel about Jack and Diane’s inspirational romance. It’s already been optioned for a Hollywood movie and will be called, “The Return of the Perfect Woman.”

“Not so fast,” Ashley says as she bursts in. She declares that she has nothing but love in her heart and apologizes for making her life so hard.

Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

They have a group hug and Ashley tells her how much she has taught them about changing to be a better person. She loves her.

Diane asks her to be maid of honor. They hug more. The sisters toast to Diane and the most beautiful wedding ever.

Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

The horse-drawn carriage is on the way. Suddenly, the sister vanish and Diane is alone. She looks in the mirror and realizes the necklace is Nikki’s.

There’s knocking at the door. She assumes it’s Jack. She opens the door but no one is there. Turning around, she shudders as she sees Stark.

Diane wakes up, startled.

diane has a good dream that turns into a nightmare Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

After she pours a drink, Phyllis calls the cabin phone but doesn’t say anything.

After hearing Diane’s voice, she immediately sends Stark a text to say she’s found her.

phyllis tells stark she found jack and diane Y&R recaps

Tucker arrives at the penthouse and Devon makes it clear this is strictly a business discussion.

His son explains that he discovered that he took the company to Newman first. He interprets this as meaning that the offer to sell to him to keep up the family legacy was a lie.

Tucker explains that was when the company had a lot of debt. He wouldn’t ask Devon to take it under those conditions. Then someone bought his debt so now it’s a good deal.

Devon worries he’s trying to dump a losing company. His father admits it’s faltering, but he’s sunk his life into it.

Devon admits the idea of taking over his company is enticing. They discuss what a mess it is.

tucker sorry devon sees him poorly Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

“I’m a collector,” Tucker admits. That’s one of his weaknesses. Devon thinks focusing on music and entertainment would be best.

The distribution forms need to be updated and the different divisions should be organized in a way that makes sense.

Devon can see how this would work. “We’re working well together already,” Tucker says, raising a glass. He has faith they can find some common ground.

Devon isn’t going to hire him as an advisor at the company if he buys it. His father thinks his knowledge of it could be a great asset.

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