After a Fight with Ashley, Tucker Sells His Company to Victor, Nate Tells Victoria They’re Done, and Audra Hires a PI to Find JT

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Audra gloats to Tucker, Nate tries to reassure skeptical Elena, and Abby’s parents ask about her new living arrangements.

In the previous episode, Michael finally agreed to be Diane’s lawyer,
and Summer lashed out at Diane after she was denied bail.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 17, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 18. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Ashley is surprised to see champagne waiting when she arrives at Tucker’s suite at the GCAC.

He hands her a rose and she expects good news about Devon and McCall Unlimited.

tucker wants to celebrate with ashley

After he hands her a glass, he tells her that his son has decided to go back to Chancellor-Winters.

He’s sorry for failing her, but he’s not giving up on becoming the man she wants and deserves.

He admits he was hurt by his son’s rejection, but he’s happy for Devon and Lily.

She’s impressed he’s so magnanimous.

He’s giving himself some credit for his son’s happiness since he gave him an alternative.

Ashley isn’t thrilled he hasn’t kept up his side of the bargain.

She’s sure he tried but his take on his son’s rejection is a little too shiny.

tucker gives ashley champagne

He has to respect his son’s position. He’s frustrated when she admits she’s not sure she can trust him either.

Tucker insists that there is nothing fake to him about their fake engagement.

He can see she wants it too but she keeps pulling away.

Tearing up, she explains she can’t just let go of the past.

Besides, she was the one who suffered. He will always have a roving eye and she doesn’t believe he’s changed.

She’s sure there is something going on with Audra too.

McCall repeats that his love for her is real. “But that’s not good enough, is it?” he asks.

tucker admits failure

Ashley reminds him she never made any promises.

He feels like he’s been an absolute fool in failing with her.

But he accuses her of playing games and enjoying watching him tie himself in knots.

ashley fed up with tucker

He declares he’s done. He’s beat so he’s going to sell his company and leave town.

“You know what you are? A sadist!” he bellows.

tucke furious with ashley

She thanks him for the drink and walks out, tossing the rose at him.

Nate joins Elena at Society. She thought he was working and is perplexed when he announces he’s taking a day off.

elena asks nate why he's there

She asks why Nick was confronting him last night. Is he finally going to tell her what’s actually going on?

He says Nick just isn’t crazy about having him there given how he exited Chancellor-Winters.

He thought Nick might give him a second chance but now it doesn’t look like it.

nate tells elena about problems with nick

Nick’s emotions are running hot and Victoria keeping him in the loop is causing friction.

He has to take his cues from his boss.

She changes the topic to Victoria and their “dynamic.” He claims he just wants to prove he’s good at his job.

She’s not thrilled about whatever is going on at the office. Nate assures her he’s not obsessed with power but concedes he’s been a bit of a workaholic.

nate promises elena to do better

He can’t clock off but should set some limits. Nate wants her to know she’s his top priority, even if he’s been slacking in proving that.
She deserves better.

In her office at Newman, Victoria flashes back to making out with Nate on the desk. Audra interrupts.

victoria talks deal with audra

Victoria informs her they are green-lighting the deal she brought to them.

Audra is surprised this happened so quickly. She always likes to stay on top of things as she assumes Victoria does.

audra surprised how fast she moves

She assures her boss that she is a team player. She plans to emulate Nate’s loyalty. He seems to be working day and night to satisfy her.

Nate shows up. They talk about the latest deal and she adds she was looking for him last night.

nate drops by office

He admits he was “tackling” something. After she putters off to her office, Victoria asks what brings him in.

After shutting the door, she asks if he took the day off because of what happened last night.

He says they made a mistake. She insists she didn’t.

victoria tells nate she has no regrets

He doesn’t want to be the guy who ruins things. He won’t deny the connection between them but this is about right and wrong.

Nate says her brother tracked him down after catching them last night.

He doesn’t think it will be the last they hear from him.

nate has regrets

Nate explains that Elena showed up. Victoria promises her brother won’t talk to him about this again.

He thinks they should close the door and forget what’s happened. She’s not sure that’s possible.

Touching his hand, she says their feelings won’t just go away. He repeats it has to end here and pulls away.

She’s sure he will change his mind eventually. “I won’t,” he insists.

They agree to keep this about business.

Audra stops by Tucker’s suite and spots the crushed rose on the floor.

audra gloats to tucker

She tells him she won’t need his help tracking down JT and gloats about how useful information keeps falling into her lap.

She doesn’t want to be indebted to him. Picking up a champagne glass, she guesses things went south with Ashley.

Waving her off, he says she was right and he was wrong.

tucker in a slump

She sashays out.


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Y&R Opinions

Y&R comings and goings

Sharon is surprised when Mariah pops up at Crimson Lights.

Although she’s on parental leave, Mariah was putting in a few hours at work since Diane was arrested.

sharon surprised to bump into mariah

Sharon is sure Jack will appreciate her stepping up.

Abby shows up and they start gabbing about the new baby until Mariah asks her about her divorce.

Abby says it’s not all bad.

Mariah is sure she will move on. “About that…” Abby starts, explaining that she and Dom have moved in with Devon.

abby has news for mariah

Mariah has to wrap her head around it. Abby notices Sharon isn’t surprised.

Sharon explains Chance told her. Assuring her she loves her, Mariah says it does seem fast.

Abby says everyone has been very mature and Dom comes first.

mariah and abby smile at sharon

The three of them fawn over some baby photos on the phone. Mariah realizes she’s now one of those people who can’t stop gushing about their kid.

abby sharon mariah look at photos

After she walks off to take a call, Sharon asks for a moment with Abby. She asks her to help with a baby shower.

Abby says they can totally do it at Society.

When Mariah returns, she gets her pastries as Elena arrives. Sharon invites her to the shower and tells her how happy Mariah and Tessa are.

She notices Elena doesn’t seem great but she claims she’s fine.

Audra wanders into the patio and sees Elena staring into space.

elena asks audra about nick and nate

She sits down and Elena asks her about the “intense conversation” between Nick and Nate.

Audra wonders which part of Nate’s story she’s doubting.

audra runs into elena

It’s not that Elena doesn’t trust him, but… Audra says things are still intense between them and Victoria needs something to distract her.
She offers to dig up JT for her podcast.

As soon as Elena leaves, Audra calls her PI friend and asks them to track down JT.

audra calls pi

Ashley bumps into Abby outside Society and they go in together, spotting Victor. He asks them to sit so they can have a family discussion.

abby and ashley bump into victor

The parents ask about her new living arrangements but hope it all works out.

He gets a call and runs off. Moving to the bar, Ashley and Abby recap the latest with Tucker and Devon.

abby ashley update

Abby leaves to check on the kitchen.

Victor lumbers over to Tucker’s suite. McCall announces he wants to sell his company fast.

He doesn’t care what he does with it because he just wants to get out of town fast.

That sounds good to Victor. Tucker tells him to just have the paper drawn up and he’ll sign them immediately.

They shake on it.

tucker offers victor company

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