Sally’s Surprised at Nick’s Reaction to Her Confession, Mariah Tears Up as Tessa Announces Adoption News & Adam Makes a Request of Victor

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chloe and Chelsea eat and make amends, Nick and Sally agree to take things slow, and Victor wonders if Adam is coming back to the family fold. In the previous episode, Daniel offered Phyllis a job, Jack and Kyle’s attempt to back-off Stark could backfire, and the Abbotts trimmed their tree.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 16, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 19. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chloe surprises Chelsea at her apartment with some carbs to cheer her up.

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She admits that she needed a moment away from her children because they are driving her crazy.

Chelsea is taking a holiday from the holiday music too.

They eat, drink tea, and chat.

Chelsea is happy they aren’t talking about her mental health issues. Then she starts talking about he mental health issues.

Chloe thinks she’s very brave to be making amends.

Her friend says it hasn’t been easy or fun but it has been cathartic. She wants them to do some of that together.

Insisting that they are good, Chloe says that if anyone needs to make amends it’s her, what with nearly blowing up Adam and running away with Connor.

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Chelsea insists this is about her and she beats her up for being a bad friend to her when she was only worried about her spinning out of control.

She’s so grateful that Chloe still cares about her. Her friend accepts her apology and wants to support her with whatever she needs so she can reach her full potential.

They hug.

Chloe can see she’s doing a lot better. Chelsea is feeling stronger and is determined to have a makeover so she can get things right.

At Glam Club, Noah gives some orders and then his dad shows up. He warns Nick that they have a no-slang policy for people in his age group.

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He’s surprised to notice he’s brought Sally with him.

After Noah seats them and escapes, Nick congratulates Sally on getting a smile out of his son.

She knows it will take more than jokes at his expense to win Noah’s approval, but it’s a start.

They discuss her professional and personal paths. She likes the whole going slow thing.

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He does too.

Nick asks about her holiday plans and would really like to include he in his own.

She has some complicated feelings about that but suggests they have a nightcap and discuss it in her suite.

Sally and Nick head to their suite and admit that bringing her to the ranch wouldn’t be wise.

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He explains that his family has serious issues with her. His dad even had a dossier on her made to try and scare him off.

This doesn’t surprise her. Nick didn’t read it.

Sally wishes he had. He deserves to know what she’s capable of.

He thinks he knows who she is.

She’s not proud of a lot of what she did and tells him about faking an illness.

Nick doesn’t want to hear about it.

He knows some of her past was extreme, but he doesn’t want to hear about her misdeed. He’d rather hear about her celebrity crushes and if she’s a dog person.

There are a lot of morally ambiguous people in Genoa City. He doesn’t need to read a dossier about her.

nicholas with sally red hair Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sitting down, she tells him about her love of Prince and acrobatics.

She thanks him for caring about who she is. She’s excited to see where this is going.

They have sex and then she tells him she doesn’t want to interfere with his family plans for the holidays.

nick and sally sex kissing Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’d be happy to change his plans for and offers to do something special with her after he’s made sure his son is okay.

sally talks christmas in bed with nick Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

Victor is surprised when Adam shows up at the ranch. He’s there to pick up Connor.

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The Mustache explains that he’s doing something in the kitchen with Nikki.

He thought he wanted nothing to do with his family, so what changed?

Adam explains he would like to bring his son to the ranch for the family festivities.
His father loves the idea of them both coming.

Adam wonders if he feels the same about inviting Chelsea.

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Once they sit down, Victor tells him he feels for Connor wanting to be with his mother during the holidays but he can’t forget what she did to Victoria.

How does he know she wouldn’t use the chance to get closer to Johnny? He doesn’t want her there.

Adam reminds him he forced her to fake a mental breakdown.

Victor points out that kept her out of jail.

His son thinks it would be good for Johnny and Connor to spend some time together on Christmas.

After warning him to watch his tone, his father tells him that Chelsea can tag along.

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Y&R comings and goings


At Crimson Lights, Mariah brings in a box of Sharon’s favorite decorations.

Sharon is thrilled to see her glowing holiday TV.

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As Mariah puts on the tree topper, Tessa starts criticizing her artistic eye. They realize this is their first fight as a married couple.

Mariah threatens to call Faith and get her opinion about the tree but the others point out she’s in Switzerland.

Sharon couldn’t deny her a European vacation at Christmas, no matter how hard it was.

Mariah gets them some treats.

Noah strolls in and they ask for his seal of approval on the decorating.

Tessa breaks the news that they are meeting with a pregnant woman to discuss a potential adoption in the new year.

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Mariah walks across the room and Tessa guesses maybe she overstepped announcing this.

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She’s not mad. She just doesn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up. Her maternal instincts keep kicking in and she’s fantasizing about what could be.

Tessa feels the same. It’s joyful and that’s why she wanted to share it.

tessa in purple Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sharon says there will be twists and turns but they need to be hopeful. This is just another step in them reaching their goal.

The idea of another baby coming into the family just makes the holiday that much brighter.

Noah spots Sharon’s musical TV and moves it somewhere it won’t be seen.

Chelsea and Chloe stroll in. She’s surprised to see that Chelsea and Sharon have become so friendly.

chelsea and chloe at crimson lights Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

Adam calls his ex and tells her that Connor wants to stay at the ranch tonight and hang out with the horses.

She claims she’s alright with that and will be okay alone.

When she returns to the others, Sharon gets her to try a drink. Chelsea tells everyone she needs to get some air alone and takes off.

Chelsea goes to the park and listens to carolers.

Adam approaches and asks if he can join her.

They sit on a bench and chat about how tricky the holidays can be.

adam and chelsea at the park Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

He explains they are all set for her visit to the ranch. She wants to go for their son’s sake.

Adam hasn’t told his family about her hospitalization. He thought he’d leave that to her discretion.

If, at any time, she needs to escape from the ranch, she just has to let him know.

She brings up Billy.

He has no problem with Billy if he’s helping her.

Adam goes on about how inspiring she is and how much integrity she has.

She asks how he feels about his breakup with Sally.

He admits he has moments of self-pity but is trying to concentrate on his family.

They hold hands.

Back at the ranch, Nikki tells Victor about all the decorating Connor has been doing in the barn.

nikki and victor at home with the tree Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

He thinks that’s cute but she senses Adam’s visit has troubled him.

Victor explains that his son seems to want to reconnect with the family but doesn’t know how.

When he mentions that Adam wants to bring Chelsea to Christmas, she thinks she knows what that’s about.

victor and nikki talk about adam Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nikki knows that Chelsea has been in a bad place lately. They talk about the kids getting closer.

She’s sure he would be happy to bring his son back into the family fold.

Victor says that will be up to Adam; he will have to make the move.

His wife suggests Christmas could be a first step.

They dance and kiss.

victor and nikki christmas 2022 Y&R spoiler recaps SoapsSpoilers

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