Summer and Daniel Are Determined Get to the Truth About Stark’s Involvement in Phyllis’ Death, and Tucker Tempts Ashley with Marriage Plans

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Daniel and Summer discuss their suspicions, Billy tells Jack what people have been saying, and Sharon gives out some grieving advice. In the previous episode, Victor discovered Victoria went behind his back, Chance asked Sharon on a date, and Abby decided to move in with Devon.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 7, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 10. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Tucker bumps into Diane at the Athletic Club.

He points out that most people have conflicted feelings about Phyllis’ death but not her.

tucker taunts diane

She’s not happy someone is dead.

Shooting back at him, she digs into him about getting cozy with Ashley.

Not as cozy as he would like, but Tucker says they’re getting closer.

diane thinks he's cozy with ashley

When he asks again if there is a tinge of regret in her, she snaps again.

diane tells tucker take a hike

He wishes her a good day and exits.

Billy runs into Sharon at Crimson Lights.

He asks if she has any therapeutic advice.

It’s weird for her to think of a world without Phyllis in it.

They talk about how larger than life she was.

She says this has only made it clear how important it is to spend all the time you can with the people you love.

This month is the one-year anniversary of Rey’s passing.

sharon video chats teriah

She still listens to the last message he left her. He was a great man with a beautiful soul.

She’s sure he would want her to be happy so she tries to be. Right now that is Mariah and Tessa’s new baby.

Billy says babies are a dopamine hit. It’s definitely giving her something to hold onto.

Patting her on the shoulder, Billy takes off.

On the patio, Kyle asks his wife if he can help with the memorial plans.

She snaps that this is something she needs to do herself.

summer thinks kyle is blind to diane

Summer hasn’t even talked to Daniel about the arrangements.

This service is her apology to her mom for the pain she caused in their final days.

Kyle says a lifetime of love is not undone by a rocky few last months.

He worries that she’s doing too much. She refuses.

Her husband keeps telling her not to burden herself.

They rehash Phyllis and Diane’s final fights.

summer yells at kyle that she is doing the memorial herself

When she admits that she thinks that the circumstances around her mother’s death are suspicious, he thinks she needs to talk to a professional.

When he suggests Sharon, that doesn’t go over well.

She thinks he wants Sharon to brainwash her into thinking this is all a coincidence.

He suggests they discuss other options, but she insists on leaving alone and storms out, straight past Sharon.

Sharon joins Kyle and asks how his wife is dealing with everything.

He doesn’t know what to do. He suggested she see a professional but that went badly.

kyle gets yelled at by summer

Sharon tells him that grief is hard on people. There isn’t a right thing to do, but he shouldn’t be so hard on himself.

Kyle doesn’t know how to deal with his wife’s attacks on his mother. She assures him the pain will become bearable.

She’s sure that he will give her the best support possible, even if Summer isn’t ready to accept it. He’s her family and he can help her through this.

Diane finds her son staring, alone. He hugs her.

diane hugs kyle

She’s sure Phyllis’ death has brought up a lot of painful memories.

He worries about his wife and alienating her. It probably hurts Summer to see how close he is to his mother.

Shutting him out isn’t helping anyone. They should be working through the difficulty.

His mom suggests that Summer is shutting him out because of her.

diane finds kyle alone

She can understand why his wife would target her, but she doesn’t want to come between them.

He assures her that he and Jack have faith in her.

Summer finds Daniel sitting at the bar in the club. He tells her everything hurts.

daniel couldn't sleep last night

Sitting down, she agrees. He saw the announcement for the memorial service and asks why she didn’t talk to him first.

daniel and summer mourn their mother

She couldn’t talk to anyone about it. He thinks he deserves to be involved in these decisions.

Summer explains how ashamed she is of how she treated their mom before she died. This memorial is her way of making amends.

They both would have tried harder to make up with her if they knew this was going to happen.

Daniel gets why she handled this herself and admits he wouldn’t have been much help. He’s been trying to focus on work without any help.

Since he couldn’t sleep last night, he made a drawing.

When he shows it to her, she says it’s perfect and should be part of the service.

He says he can make it even better. She thinks it is better than a photo of her.

Daniel agrees to trust her to take care of the rest.

He says that their mom deserves a glorious send-off and Stark needs to be taken down. They discuss how her death was clearly off. There are too many questions.

He’s determined to find out what Stark had to do with her death.

They sit in a corner and go over their suspicions. She’s sure that Diane was involved.

daniel and summer think that stark murdered phyllis

She tells him about Diane and Phyllis attacking and threatening each other. Their mom even told her that she was afraid of Diane.

She wonders if their mom married Stark for protection and then things went wrong. She’s sure that Stark and Diane are somehow in cahoots.

Summer thinks there were a bunch of double-crosses and Diane was out to take over their mother’s life.

Daniel says there are still plenty of questions they need answered.

His sister says she will make sure the truth comes out.


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Y&R Opinions

Y&R comings and goings

At the Abbott estate, Ashley is sarcastic at Jack after he gets off the phone from making a condolence call to Nick.

ashley castigates jack

He’s appalled that his sister can’t drop her vitriol against Diane at this time.

She brings up the suspicious nature of Phyllis’ demise.

ashley yells at jack

He says that Phyllis’ death is a terrible loss. If stress had anything to do with it, it was the stress she brought on herself.

If anyone needs to learn a lesson from her death, it’s Ashley. Instead, she’s doubling down and wasting her days in spite.

jack rages on ashley

His sister insists that he needs her protection. He asks if her life and heart are that empty.

She vows to keep fighting for him since he’s too blind to fight for himself.

Billy arrives and guesses what his siblings were fighting about. Jack says the tragedy is tearing them further apart.

billy thinks jack is having issues with phyllis' death more than he knows

Billy will miss how chaotic and electric Phyllis was. Now she’s gone and people are looking for someone to blame.

He tells Jack that people have been suggesting that Diane was involved in her death.

This puts Jack on the defensive. He rants about Jeremy blaming Diane. This is insanity.

Jack dismisses the gossip. His brother asks how he is.

Jack talks to ashley about mourning phyllis

Wiping away a tear, Jack says that this has strengthened his resolve to marry Diane. He’s determined to protect her from Stark.

Ashley drops by Tucker’s room at the Club. He wonders why she’s there and how he can help.

ashley and tucker discuss their fake engagement

She asks if he’s always glib and not affected by anything. He offers to be as affected as her.

Pacing, Ashley vents about Jack’s strengthening devotion to Diane. He chuckles.

She points out this makes their plans to announcing their engagement a non-starter.

He had high hopes for their fake engagement. She was warning up to it too.

They banter about Tucker trying to be a human being. He’s certain their fake engagement could end up being a union of love.

That makes her chuckle. She needs an explanation for how that could happen.

ashley talks to tucker about his 'union of love'

McCall claims he would dazzle her with an engagement party. He has all sorts of ideas for how to wow her.

When he says the rock he’d put on her finger could be seen from space, she says she makes her own money and it can’t buy you love.

He says that one of them is in love and they’d have to make their act believable. He’s sure she’d like to move in with him and get out of the Abbott prison.

Tucker offers to build her a dream home and give her a wedding to turn the bicentennial to shame.

If they spent time together, she would see how he has grown as a man and he could give her a happier life than she thought possible.

“We’re meant to be,” he says. There fake marriage would become real and be for keeps.

She tells him to continue. Fondling her fingers, he says that eventually she may let her guard down, stop keeping her distance and realize that this is not some game she’s playing with him, but one she’s been playing with herself.

ashley and tucker get amorous

Finally, she can give herself what she actually wants: them.

Taking her hand a way, she says it’s a nice story but he still needs to work to prove himself.

ashley drinks wine with tucker

He holds a pillow over his face.

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