Stark Tells Phyllis The Next Phase is the Hardest Before she Crashes Jack & Diane’s Engagement Announcement — & Chelsea and Billy Kiss

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis tells Summer to stay away from her, Danny tries giving Daniel advice about Lily, and Amanda confronts Abby and Devon. In the previous episode, Jack, Kyle, and Summer caught Diane choking Phyllis, and Nina lashed out at Abby over breaking Chance’s heart.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 28, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 29. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Kyle, Summer, and Jack are shocked when they walk in on Diane choking Phyllis in a suite at the athletic club.

They pulls her off. Phyllis declares this is unbelievable and exits the room coughing.

diane strangling phyllis

Summer trails after her mom and asks what was going on. Phyllis says Diane was obviously trying to kill her.

Summer asks what lead to that. She’s been acting weird all night.

Exasperated, Phyllis says she’s lost everything trying to convince everyone of who Diane is.

She claims she was trying to work things out with Jenkins.

phyllis claims diane to blame

Summer looks skeptical and that breaks her mother’s heart. She blames Diane for everything. As she rants, Summer orders her to stop.

She wishes she could believe her. “You never will,” Phyllis says, ordering her to stay away and walking off.

Back in the room, Jack asks what they walked in. She explains that Phyllis tricked her into coming up there and attacked her in a fit of rage.

Jack doesn’t think they should announce their engagement tonight but Diane doesn’t want the other woman to take that from her.

She just needs a few minutes to fix herself up.

When Jack and Kyle get downstairs, he tells his son he’s worried that the stress has been too much for Diane.

He’s seen a side of her he thought was gone and doesn’t know what to think.

jack and kyle are confused about diane

Kyle says that Phyllis using him to get Diane alone must have driven her over the edge.

Diane comes down and apologizes but she’s ready to move forward.

They ask how the fight came about. She reminds him she sent a text. He notices he lost his phone again.

Audra walks around the bar trying to get a drink without luck. A phone starts buzzing so she picks it up.

audra fins kyle's phone

She wanders over to Ashley and Tucker and asks if they know who the phone belongs to. Ashley is happy to finally meet her and notes it’s Kyle’s phone.

Audra stalks off to find him. She hands Kyle his phone and they lay on the introductions. Kyle seems to find her attractive and they smile at one another.

Summer comes over and immediately points out that Audra is the woman who emotionally destroyed Noah before sending her away.

After watching Audra walk off, Kyle checks his phone and sees he got the text. Jack and his son apologize for doubting her. Clearly, Phyllis was tricking her.

She doesn’t need to forgive him and is still eager to announce their engagement.


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Daniel and Lily dance.

He’s glad things have gotten better for her and Devon.

She promises to share all the details later.

It finally feels like everything isn’t falling apart.

lily daniel dance

He tells her she’s one of the strongest and most vibrant people he’s ever known.

He wouldn’t want to live a life where she wasn’t part of it.

Gina and Danny arrive, welcomed by Lauren, Michael and Traci.

Lauren gushes about Gina’s restaurant out west.

lauren welcomes gina

Leanna crashes in and starts asking Danny about his plans.

Gina asks someone to tell her about what’s going on between her grandson and Lily.

Danny crosses over to speak to his son.

Lily steps away and Danny tells his son that finding comfort in a reliable place is easy but the fallout isn’t worth it.

daniel and lily and danny at the gala on Y&R

Before he tries to build anything with Lily, he needs to work on his own foundation.

Daniel appreciates the advice but he needs to make his own decisions. Danny agrees to butt out. His son is relieved. That means he can at least talk to one parent.

Gina joins them and commends him for realizing that avoiding Phyllis is the best policy.

Danny stands up for her and hopes that his son can find a way to accept her for the way she is.

Abby asks Devon if he’s having second thoughts about dropping the lawsuit. He’s not.

He’s just feeling overwhelmed and thinking of heading home. She offers to go with him and he tells her how much she means to him.

abby devon kiss

Amanda glares over at them.

Nick notices Sally has been clutching her mask.

She claims everything is great but everyone is staring at her and she’s staving.

sally nick cheeseburger

He suggests they leave for a cheeseburger.

She thinks that’s hot but offers to stick it out a little longer.

Sharon hands Adam another glass and he keeps staring and Nick and Sally.

She tells him he’ll have to get used to seeing them and he should just enjoy being out with her.

adam sharon stare

Adam tells her how grateful he is to have a friend like her. He’s filled with regret for being a jackass for most of his life.

Why does she put up with him?

She rambles through an explanation and reminds him of his relationship with Chelsea thanks to their child.

She’s sure he can have a similar relationship with Sally.

He hopes she’s right but doubts it.

Jack calls everyone into the lounge to share his news. As the guests file off, he notices his ring is gone.

Traci and Gina come over and Jack hugs them. Diane announces he’s about to go off the market.

Gina says they can finally finish what they started at her place.

jack and diane tell gina jack's off the market

Traci is proud of her brother for finding love again and admires them for letting love win.

gina traci congratulate jack

After they wander off, Jack tells Diane the ring is just a symbol, what they share is more than that.

They go into the club. Victor wonders what this is all about.

Jack makes a speech about Genoa City and how thrilled he is that his grandson will be raised there.


He knows that things have not always been easy.

They’ve all had ups and downs as friends and foes but the people of Genoa City share humanity, heartache, and hope.

He’s grateful that they all choose to live there. People in town know you can grow and change.

There is the opportunity to live your best life. He knows that not all of them can see the good in Diane, but he does.

They’ve chosen happiness and love and announced they are engaged.

diane and jack announce engagement

Ashley and Nikki are not impressed. Everyone else claps.

Sally tells Nick that seeing someone so certain shows what real love is. She and Adam look at each other.

Victor tells Nikki it’s amazing to watch Jack make a mistake like this.

Nikki is appalled that she spent months organizing this event for it to end like this.

He thinks it’s funny.

Ashley is nauseated.


Phyllis joins Stark in a suite.

He commends her on her little scuffle and pulls out the ring he swiped from Jack.

stark happy that phyllis did a good job

After checking that she’s fine, Stark tells her the next part is the hardest one.

phyllis and stark with diane's engagement ring

“There’s no turning back now,” she says.

Phyllis heads downstairs and claps, yelling, “Let’s hear it for the future M. and Mrs. Jack Abbott!” Everyone stares.

phyllis claps hearing diane is engaged

As Abby and Devon exit, Amanda corners them on the red carpet.


Billy and Chelsea sit on the patio in Crimson Lights.

She jokes that she wasn’t much of a date. He’s happy to be there. She tells him he can still go back to the gala but this is where he wants to be.

Chelsea is still trying to figure out her impulses. It takes her a while to even know what she’s feeling. It’s more than mental. She can feel it.

He reminds her she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. If she has fear and anxiety, they can figure it out together.

Neither of them are the people they used to know. That’s good. He’s glad they are getting to know each other again now.

She decides it’s time to go home. Before she can, he tells her she looks beautiful. They kiss.

Chelsea and billy make out

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