As Furious Stark Searches for Her, Disguised Phyllis Attends Her Own Memorial and Chance Gets Confirmation That Diane Bought the Poison

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Daniel insists on continuing to work, Stark is annoyed that Phyllis is not gone, and Sally asks Adam to a doctor’s appointment. In the previous episode, Chance revealed to Summer that Phyllis was poisoned , discovered the poison at GCAC, and Christine confessed that she and Paul are over.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 11, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 12. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Diane and Jack wonder why Summer chose the place where Phyllis collapsed for the memorial. Kyle chimes in that it was a terrible mistake.

diane and jack ready for phyllis' memorial

Diane has a dilemma. She’s a reminder of what happened and maybe she should stay home?

Kyle says his wife wants all three of them there, so they need to go.


At the jazz lounge, Summer tells the portrait of her mom that she will make this right.


Lily joins Daniel in his suite. He says he needs to fake his way through today and hold it together. His sister pulled the whole thing together.

lily in blue for the memorial

She tells him she knows he’s overwhelmed so they are going to suspend work on Omegasphere. He’s perplexed. He needs something positive to focus on.

Lily relents and tells him it’s fine for him to keep working.

Sally stops by Nick’s suite to see him. They talk about Summer and how exhausted she must be. She insisted on being in charge of everything.


He’s worried that this celebration of life won’t go well since it is happening in the same room where Phyllis collapsed.

Drinking coffee at Crimson Lights, Stark gets a call. He’s furious to learn that Phyllis never got a flight out.


Sally bumps into Summer and offers to be useful at the memorial. It didn’t even occur to Summer that she would come. She doesn’t belong, especially now that she’s glommed onto Nick.


“Stay far, far away!” Summer snaps.

Nick tells Sally the barista has a question, so she steps away. He tells his daughter she can vent to him and he’ll do anything she needs.
She storms off. Nick apologizes to Sally.

She gets that Summer loves her mom. Besides, Phyllis wouldn’t want her there so Nick should go on his own. He does.

She gets a table and Adam wanders in, surprised to see her there. She explains Summer didn’t want her at the memorial.


He’s sure that Summer will come around to her having a child with Nick. She could use some more positive assurance and asks him to join her.

She doesn’t want to discuss anything stressful so they talk about parenting. He says you just learn on the job.

All your conversations will become boring but you will still think you are fascinating.

sally asks adam see baby ultrasound

They discuss the advice she gave him about dealing with his family. He doesn’t think that’s a good topic if they want to keep it light.

She invites him to her doctor’s appointment to find out the baby’s gender. Sally adds Nick will be there too.


Adam looks forward to it. Grabbing his hand, she gets him to feel the baby moving. He says they have quite a kick.

adam sally feel baby kicking

In her velour tracksuit, Phyllis returns to her motel room with a disguise.


Later, Stark shows up and searches, but she’s gone.


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Back at the lounge, Kyle is surprised to see Chance is there. Summer explains she invited him and immediately crosses over to the cop.

He assumes she’s going for maximum impact by choosing the location. She’s sure that Diane won’t be able to hide her guilty once she sees what the loss of Phyllis means.

Victor and Nikki arrive and give Nick a hug. They discuss Summer arranging everything.


Michael drinks and Lauren tells Daniel that the portrait of Phyllis he did is lovely.


Danny arrives with Lucy. Daniel is overwhelmed and embraces his daughter.


Stark wanders in, peering around for Phyllis. No one is happy to see him there. Summer asks Chance to prevent things from blowing up.

Jack gets in Stark’s face. Stark says that Diane is guilty. The cop gets between them and tells Jeremy this is a private affair and he’s not welcome.


Stark tells him to stop bullying him and concentrate on Diane. The cop threatens to take him in on a parole violation so Stark drifts out.

Jack sees Diane is white as a sheet. Kyle wants Stark out of the city.

Danny corners Lily by the dessserts and asks her to keep an eye on Daniel for Lucy’s sake.

Summer calls eevryone to sit down so they can begin. Phyllis arrives in a bob wig and glasses and stands by the back as part of the wait staff.

phyllis with the other phyllises

Summer is sure the choice of venue was a surprised, but she wanted to restore a sense of peace to it. She wanted the place to be remembered for where they honored her mother.

Summer thanks them for letting her plan things on her own. She needed to make amends to her. Unfortunately, she and her brother were having a rough time with their mom when she died.

Tearing up, Summer wishes she could have her mom back to tell her how much she loves her and believes in her.

summer breaks down memorial

They all raise their glasses and toast to her mom. She hopes anyone moved to speak will get up and say something about Phyllis.

She calls Daniel up. He didn’t prepare anything and can’t speak.

lucy with daniel memorial

Nick stands up and talks about how competitive he and Phyllis were. It developed into love and that lasted a long time. After you lose someone, you keep the best parts of them and the affect they had on your life. She was a unique, complex and brilliant woman.

nick speech about phyllis

Phyllis was fearless, adventurous and funny. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for someone she cherished.

He chokes up and Summer hugs him.

Jack goes up. His history with Phyllis was a long story of extremes. They tried to make it work but seemed destined to hurt each other.

She was a force of nature and always certain she was right. One memory in particular stands out. They were trapped in an elevator when her water broke. Tearing up, Jack takes Summer’s hand and tells her how much her mother loved her and her brother.

“Here’s looking at you, Red!” he toasts her portrait.

jack loving speech

Lauren and Michael go up next. She says that Phyllis was the kind of friend who would show up at 3 AM with bail money.

She explains that she and Phyllis were both victims of Sheila Carter. Michael says that she wa a rollercoaster and it’s too bad she was taken from them on the downswing.

lauren and michael speech

When Nikki goes up, she says that she and Phyllis had their differences but they had Summer in common. She came to appreciate how her mind worked and how she could come up with creative solutions to prickly problems. Nikki eyes up Diane.

nikki sings phyllis praises

Lucy stands up and explains that Phyllis was fun and always told her to fight for what she believes in. Phyllis taught her to never be too proud to say you’re sorry.

who bought strychnine

Love is more important than that.

Chance gets a text from work saying they know who bought the strychnine. It was Diane.

Stark returns to the motel room. “You are not going to screw this up for me,” he grumbles.

diane bought the poison

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