Stark Pressures Phyllis To Help Him Take Down Diane, Daniel’s Happy To See Lucy, and Tucker Tells Victoria He Wants To Sell His Company

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Stark and Phyllis discuss taking Diane down, Elena wants to go away with Nate but he puts her off, and Lucy sees her dad. In the previous episode, Kyle learns Diane moved in and isn’t happy about it, Summer has an argument with Phyllis and Tucker unloaded on Ashley while Phyllis saw Stark.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 15, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 16. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nate joins Victoria at Society while she waits for food. They drink a few old fashions.

She asks after his relationship with Elena, knowing they were close to breaking up at one point. He says they’re working on things.

She thinks it’s smart not to talk to their significant others about every detail that happens at work.

victoria and nate drink Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

They may not understand.

He nods and says that he and Elena are communicating more effectively though she had reservations about him coming to work for Victoria at first since she thought he was being rewarded for his misdeeds.

Vicky says he’s being rewarded for being talented and driven.

nate at society Y&R recaps


At Tucker’s suite at Grand Phoenix, Ashley thinks the only thing he cares about is his business and he’s hoping to manipulate her in looking for an angle.

He asks her not to return to Paris, to give him a chance. She again says he’s working an angle trying to get what he wants.

He promises he’s not and thinks she’s looking for the hope he’s sincere.

She tells him there’s no us. He calls this a turning point. She drinks wine.

He knows he’s been unable to make a genuine commitment to her. He’s been a failure in putting her in the center of his world.

He asks to show her he means what he says. She tears up. She can’t make any promises and takes off.

He drinks and flashes back to dining with Ashley and talking business with her and calling her wild and firey and then having sex with her.

ashley gives tucker chance Y&R recaps

In Daniel’s suite, he’s shocked Heather’s seeing someone else.

Heather cries that she hurt Daniel. She didn’t see a way back to him no matter what.

The wounds were too deep. Even if she can forgive him, she can’t forget.

She thinks it’s best if he moves on.

daniel shocked Y&R early recaps

She says she met this guy at work and Phyllis assured her he was in a good place.

She thinks his mom helped her come to a decision that’s right for them. Now is the right time to make their separation permanent.

She is relieved he’s starting to turn his life around. He confesses he only got here was the hope it’d bring her and Lucy back.

No way she’s in love with this new guy. She says she is, and love knows no timeline.

She tries to get him to let go and tells him Lucy’s down the hall if he wants to say hi.

heather sad Y&R recaps

Later, Heather brings Lucy to Daniel. She seems afraid of him.

He apologizes for the pain he caused her. He doesn’t blame her if she’s having a hard time with this.

She couldn’t understand what was up with him in Savannah. He became a different person. He knows.

lucy with daniel Y&R recaps

She says she hardly saw him, and he was mad at the world. He went from being an amazing dad to someone she didn’t recognize.

He says she’s right and he hates that person he turned into.

It’s no excuse but tries to explain that things weren’t going well in his career and he let his pain take over.

He’s not that person now. He talks about his platform and shows her some sketches.

She’s touched at the name and that Louisa looks like her. “She is you. You’re my princess,” he says.

The women are ready for bed and they agree to get breakfast.

Heather says she’ll b e here only a while. She wants to see her dad and Christine and then she has litigation coming. 

heather and lucy Y&R recaps

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Downstairs in the lobby, Phyllis asks how Jeremy got out of jail.

He says it was all circumstantial evidence.

He asks why she’s not afraid of him anymore. She calls him all bark and no bite.

He says he sees a woman who has reached her breaking point.

Tucker interrupts, shakes hands with Stark and notices he’s out of jail.

stark back Y&R recaps

Stark’s glad to see him. He finds it makes cosmic sense that they’re commiserating.

Phyllis says she didn’t invite him there but Tucker knows her.

tucker and stark and phyllis Y&R early recaps Soaps Spoilers

What he said made an impression. He goes and Phyllis admits the last person she wants to be seen with is someone like her.

Stark thinks they have a lot to talk about.

He wants to take her somewhere private. She refuses. He pushes.

Diane’s going down and that’s their mutual interest.

Phyllis looks worried. He guarantees they’ll get rid of Diane.

She can share in the satisfaction of watching her go down. He says to call if she wants this. 

stark wants phyllis Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Ashley finds Allie in the living room at the Abbott house.

She asks how long she’s in from Paris and Ashley’s not sure anymore.

Ashley says she’s had a weird night and asks about Allie who gushes about her job and how she loves it.

Ashley says her work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

allie talks shop Y&R recaps

Allie prods for information on what’s going on with her and Ashley turns the talk to the lab again.

Allie gloats that things are amazing. “As the saying goes, if your life’s not perfect,” Ashley finishes, “Your makeup could be.”

They talk about their lipstick revolutionizing things. She’s experimenting with essential oils and has a thought.

They joke about things blowing up literally in the lab. They talk at length about their job and chemistry and Ashley starts to think about personal relationships.

In a perfect world, Ashley says there’s no room for dominance. She says Allie gave her an idea. 

allie talks to ashley Y&R recaps comings and goings


Back at Society, Tucker turns up just as Nate’s beginning to talk to Victoria about deploying Audra again.

They stop talking and Nate’s food arrives so he goes. Tucker needs to talk to Victoria. Now. He wants to sell his company. She’s stunned.

nate tucker and vicky Y&R recaps

At home, Nate tells Elena he was excited about being pulled into a meeting with Victoria and Victor. Elena is not impressed.

He goes on about liking being valued for his contributions. Victoria made it known she wanted to hear his thoughts.

She asks what it was about and he lies and beats around the bush but doesn’t tell her it was using Audra.

He asks how her day was and she calls it exhausting. She needs a break. A few weeks off. She asks him to go but he’s not ready.

She reminds him he’s the one who wanted it. He tells her there’s a lot going on.

She asks for a timeline but he doesn’t have one so she stomps off to shower and go to bed.

nate and elena dinner Y&R recaps


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