Sally Has Curious Abdominal Pain, Victoria Worries About Johnny Spending Time with Chelsea, and Danny Returns to Genoa City

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Daniel avoids questions about Heather and Lucy, Sally tells Nick about her carny past, and Jack doubles his offer to Stark. In the previous episode, Jack offered Stark money but he demanded something more, and Sharon watched Audra flirt with Chance.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 21, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 22. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Sally and Nick sit on the park bench. After discussing his eggnog recipe, he tells her about all Christian’s doubts about Santa.

sally the carny Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He had to tell his son it was magic. Sometimes you just have to believe in the magic in life.

They talk about Faith spending her first holiday away. The success of parenting is not having them around, he adds.

If you’re lucky, they come back for a little while.

She notes the vast age range between his children and says that makes him versatile.

He thinks all his kids are an incredible gift.

She’s never seen a parent who loves being a parent up close before.

Nick needs her to explain that so she tells him about her childhood.

She explains she is the child of carnies who traveled from one town to the next. She didn’t attend school or have friends.

She and her sister would watch the other kids and wonder what their lives were like.

They shoveled up after elephants and slept in a tent instead of dreaming of sugarplums. A Christmas miracle would be not having a clown passed out in their bunk.

Their parents were always getting into trouble. One day they just took off.

It was a long time ago and she made peace with it. That’s where her perspective on parenthood comes from.

He’s sorry she went through all that.

She assures him she grew up with love and went to live with her Grams, who was generous but rough around the edges. Plus, she had her great aunt Sally.

nick and sally in the snow at chancellor park Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

It was kind of a blessing to not have money because it made her a scrapper. Growing up in a household that was all female made her never think there was anything a woman couldn’t do.

She changes the topic to Christmas presents and what’s appropriate. There should be severe limitations.

They both feel good about their gift choices.

It snows. Nick is amazed.

He tells her he’s choosing to believe in the magical and they kiss.

Moments later, she has stomach trouble and blames the coffee.

sally probably pregnant young and restless recap soapsspoilers

Billy and Johnny show up at Chelsea’s.

They hand off their gifts and she place the one she got Johnny in his hands.

johnny happy to give chelsea a gift Christmas Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Billy beams.

Connor comes out and the two kids run off to play video games.

Adam shows up and says they look like “the very picture of the Christmas spirit.”

adam and chelsea talk about dinner Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chelsea explains to Billy that they planned to have dinner. Adam doesn’t want to interrupt anything, but Billy claims it’s all good.

When the kids return, Connor asks if Johnny can come.

Chelsea suggests Billy come too but he passes on that. His son still wants to go so they can talk games.

Billy allows it and Chelsea thanks the men for agreeing.

When Billy goes down to Crimson Lights, Victoria is annoyed when he tells her that their son is still with Chelsea.

billy with victoria crimson lights Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She furrows his brow when he admits that he left their son with Johnny, Chelsea, and Adam.

She thinks this is a lot. He reminds her they are going out to a public restaurant and they need to accept that Adam and Chelsea are part of Johnny’s family.

Victoria reminds him he’s their son’s biological father and this is something for her to adjust to. Her son has another mom and she’s worried the lines will get blurred.

victoria upset at billy about johnny Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He hopes their son just thinks of Chelsea as part of the extended family. Billy’s not a fan of Adam but he’s still cordial to him.

He goes on about all the amazing strides that Chelsea has made and he’s sure this will be good for her and their son.

She needs to see this for herself.

Chelsea and Adam take the boys to Society. They get a table and talk about how cilantro tastes like soap.

adam connor johnny and chelsea laughing Y&R recap

As they sit and eat, Victoria and Billy arrive. She stares and he tells her it’s all good.

victoria and billy at society christmas Y&R recaps

Chelsea motions them over and invites them to sit.

Billy says it’s starting to feel like Christmas. He and Chelsea smile.


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Y&R comings and goings


Summer welcomes Daniel as he arrives at the Abbott estate with gifts. Kyle apologizes for not seeing him since he got back to town.

daniel at christmas at abbott's house Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

They talk about how well Daniel is settling in and his big project for Chancellor-Winters.

They’re amazed he’s heading up the new gaming division.

After they tell him they are going on a surprise trip with Harrison, Kyle leaves to check on his son.

Summer asks Daniel if he wants to tell her about the tension with Lucy and Heather.

He says now is not the time for this conversation. He’s confident things will work out and his new project will change his whole life.

She’s thrilled he’s found a new outlet.

Kyle returns to say they can leave once Harrison finishes his cartoon.

kyle in blue at christmas Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Daniel gives his sister a hug and wishes them happy holidays before taking off.

Kyle and Summer drive Harrison out to the cabin. When they enter it, Didi is nowhere to be found.

summer kyle and harrison at the abbott cabin at Christmas Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Before they can call Jack, Diane returns and tells them she was out looking at the snow.

Didi tells them this is the best surprise. There are lots of hugs.


They put lights on the tree and Diane declares this the most special Christmas ever.

christmas tree decorating with harrison, diane and kyle at the abbott cabin Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She hugs her son as he talks about how Jack always brings everyone together for the holidays.

Summer agrees they are lucky to have such great families.

Diane knows she has a complicated relationship with both of their families. She is so grateful to be doing this with them.

Kyle helps Harrison put the star on the tree.

Diane says this is everything she’s dreamed about for so long.

Jack and Stark return to his suite. The Abbott says that Diane has clearly developed some disappearing skills.

stark with jackie boy at grand phoenix Y&R

Jeremy would hate to think that Jack has been leading him on a wild goose chase.

Jack says it’s not his fault she’s gone. He just wants his life back and is sick of dealing with her lies.

He repeats his offer to cover her debts and even offers to double it if he will drop this and stop wasting his time on Diane.

Opening Jack’s briefcase and looking at the money, he agrees to take his offer.

Jack promises the rest of the cash the day after Christmas.

stark takes jack's cash Y&R recap

Telling Stark he’s sure he wouldn’t want to risk going back to prison, he exits.

Stark smirks to himself.

Daniel goes to Crimson Lights and thinks about his conversation with his sister.

daniel thinks while on his laptop at crimson lights Y&R recap

Daniel heads back to his suite and gets a drink from the minibar.

His dad suddenly shows up.

danny comes home for christmas Y&R recap

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