Sally Gets a Positive Pregnancy Test Result, and Jack and Diane Have a Public Fight to Convince Stark She Wants Him Back

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis is still furious about Diane, Victor checks in on his sons, and Mariah and Tessa hear back from the prospective mother of their child. In the previous episode, Sally confided in Chloe and asked for a pregnancy test, Lily asked Billy for time apart, Jack kisses Diane, and Traci, Lauren and Danny reunited.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 30, 2022 episode airs in the USA January 2. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Adam and Jack discuss business at Crimson Lights.

The Newman looks forward to sharing his plans with him for 2023.

He thanks him for having faith in him and giving him a job.

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Jack says it was a very easy decision to make. As they talk about the McTavish deal, Stark strolls in.

Adam notices that makes Jack uncomfortable. The Abbott explains he was someone Diane knew and wants to forget.

Jack tells him Diane has built a new life for herself and that’s to be protected.

Adam wonders what she did to earn so much forgiveness.

His friend explains that she did her penance and Adam admires his capacity to forgive.

He’s grateful for how forgiving he is but worries that it could hurt him.

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He notes that he was less forgiving with Phyllis and Sally.

Jack insists those were different situations and vents about how exhausting Phyllis is.

He’s seen Diane change and he’s the one to back her up.

At the Abbott estate, Kyle still isn’t thrilled by Diane’s plan. She insists that she is calling the shots.

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He asks if got any sleep last night. She claims she got enough.

Right now, she needs to focus on making Jeremy think she wants to get back with him. He sends her a text. She agrees to meet and sends a text to Jack.

Diane repeats to Summer and her son that she can handle herself and takes off.

On the way out, she bumps into Phyllis, who is appalled to see she is still there.

Phyllis shocked to see diane young and restless recap spoiler

Phyllis shuts the door and demands to know what’s going on.

“Have you guys been hiding her?” she asks. Kyle says it’s not of her business.

Summer asks her mom why she’s there.

Phyllis doesn’t like how she and her daughter left things and, choking up, says she understands why they fired her.

Summer is sure she will be happier working with Daniel and a little space will be good for them.

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Phyllis insists that Diane was with her on the animosity all the way and she was right about her hiding things. The only thing she cared about was her daughter’s safety and well-being.

She’s tired of being the lone voice against Diane so it’s for the best she’s not at Marchetti. She felt good about that until she walked into this room.

Seeing Diane there has been a punch to the gut.

Kyle urges everyone to stay on the path of good intentions.

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Phyllis insists that Stark would have come looking for Diane without her. Her sticking around and playing the victim is putting everyone in danger.

She’s sure this is killing her daughter. She didn’t even hear from her at Christmas and guesses she was with Diane.

She accuses them of letting Diane call all the shots.

phyllis can't believe diane is with jack Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Back at Crimson Lights, Adam heads off after finishing his meeting with Jack.

Taking a deep breath, Jack goes out to the patio to see Stark.

young and restless recap spoiler

They talk about their deal and Jeremy tells him not to put himself out. Jack didn’t know he was such a patient man.

Stark isn’t interested in his offer anymore and says things have changed.

“I changed, Jack. I came back for him,” Diane announces as she steps in.

Leaping up, Jack asks appalled. She tells him he shouldn’t have to pay for her behavior.

The family needs to move on without her and she has to resolve some things with her ex.

Jeremy announces they are reconnecting. Diane tells disgusted Jack to stay out of this.

diane with jack young and restless recap spoiler SoapsSpoilers

She can barely suppress a smile.

Jack asks if she’s being threatened and tells her she’s a fool if she’s taking up with Stark again.

Jeremy stands up for her. Jack warns there will be hell to pay if they mess with his family.

He orders her to stay away from his son and grandson and storms out.

phyllis fails at playing stark young and restless recap spoiler SoapsSpoilers

Diane gets some coffee and claims she wasn’t prepared for such an emotional scene.

Stark tells her she gave one hell of a performance. He needs more solid proof she’s on his side.

Stroking her face, he says he’s going to out her to the test.

Back at the Abbot estate, fed up Phyllis decides to walk out. She tells them they will regret this and storms out as Diane and Jack arrives.

Kyle asks for news and his mom explains that Stark is setting her some sort of loyalty test.


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Chloe meets with Sally in her suite and hands her a pregnancy test.

Sally hopes this puts an end to her anxiety.

young and restless recap spoiler

Chloe agrees to wait for the results.

After Sally slips into the bathroom, Nick arrives.

“She’ll be out in a minute, Nick!” Chloe bellows.

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Sally rushes out and declares she feels like she can run a marathon.

He asks her out for a bite, but she needs to catch up on work. Chloe chases him out.

The ladies head into the bathroom and sigh as they wait on the test results.

Chloe flips through magazines while Sally tells herself that the test will be negative.

The anxiety is too much for Spectra.

Her friend announces time is up.

Sally checks the test and goes pale.

young and restless recap spoiler SoapsSpoilers

Sitting down, she explains she’s pregnant.

Chloe offers to listen, but Sally doesn’t think there is anything to deal with.

It could be a false positive.

sally learns she's pregnant Y&R recaps spoilers

Chloe thinks she’s in denial.

Spectra wants to focus and get her head together.

Once Chloe leaves, Sally dumps the test in the trash.

Nick strolls into the Newman offices and asks his dad where Victoria and Nikki are.

They’re in a meeting.

young and restless recap spoiler SoapsSpoilers

Victor brings up Adam and Sally. Nick isn’t proud he lost his temper about that last time he brought it up and he’s sorry.

His father is sorry too.

He just wants his son to be happy and successful and sometimes he’s not sure about how to insure that.

Nick suggests he let him figure it out on his own.

Crossing his arms, Victor says that being a father isn’t easy.

He already has a conflict with Adam and now he has one with him.

Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nick hates fighting and tells his father just to let him lead his life.

There will be things they just don’t agree on.

Victor can’t stop caring about him.

Sharon joins Tessa and Mariah at Society for breakfast.

Sharon’s thrilled to get out of the coffee house for once.

young and restless recap spoiler

They are surprised she wanted to come to the place she had her wedding with Rey.

Sharon doesn’t have any bad memories and recalls how everything happened. She wants to embrace the memories and is glad they are there to do that with her.

They sit down and Sharon tells them about her disastrous attempt to make tamales.

Tessa says Rey was the best and they toast to him.

Mariah tells her mom about Delphine, the woman is considering them as parents.

They haven’t heard anything from her since Christmas. They aren’t sure what that means.

young and restless recap spoiler SoapsSpoilers

Holding hands, they say they are still hopeful.

The sonogram made a huge impact and they are taking it as a good sign.

Nick strolls in and Sharon asks him to join them.

He tells them he just had a non-combative conversation with his dad, so they seem to be off to a great start.

They chat about what great moms they will be.

young and restless recap spoiler

Delphine sends a text and asks to meet tomorrow.

Tessa says they will book the plane tickets now.

Mariah says this could be their baby and hugs her wife.

Nick and Sharon beam.

sharon and nick happy for Teriah baby Y&R recaps

Victor shows up at Jabot to see Adam.

He wants to talk about Connor. He’s hoping for a lot of visits from the boy.

Adam offers to work out a schedule with Chelsea.

His father worries he may be trying to rekindle his relationship with her.

Adam assumes he’s worried about the golden boy being with Sally now and he likely would have supported his own relationship with Spectra if he knew this was coming.

After a little chuckle, Victor admits he wishes both of his sons were involved with someone other than Sally.

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