Nate and the Newmans Ask Audra to Pump Tucker for Information, and Nick Helps Sally Get Her Pitch to Jill

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick stands up for Sally to Jill, Nate tells Victor he thinks Audra could be their secret weapon, and Audra tries to get information out of Tucker. In the previous episode, Victoria brought Nate into the plot against Tucker, Adam warned Jack about Victor and Kyle’s plot, and Sally decided to keep the paternity testing from Adam.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 7, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 8. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In the Newman office, Victoria insists that her father and Michael allow Nate to stay for their plotting against Tucker.

nate victoria meeting Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

They tell the lawyer that Nate brought Audra on as his secret weapon. He explains that she was Tucker’s mole and knows how to play him.

Victor agrees that she can be useful if she’s loyal. Nate explains she’s been frustrated by Tucker and can use that to their advantage.

Michael remains skeptical and wonders if she is working with Tucker to play them.

michael skeptical Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Nate says she’s proven her loyalty and is helping him with a new project. Michael points out he worked with her for months and was clueless she was betraying him.

Michael remains unconvinced. He explains that buying McCall’s debt will only give them leverage, not control. They will stay have to convince him to sale.

Nate wonders if this is all a game he’s playing with them. It’s something Victor would do.

Victor agrees. The only person who can figure this out is Audra.

victor ponders Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Nate has to leave for a meeting but thanks them for letting him sit in. Victoria walks him out and thanks him for sharing his thoughts.

It’s been refreshing for him. He offers to lay down the groundwork with Audra and get back to her.

They share a little moment and he takes off.

When she returns to the others, Michael repeats he has reservations about Audra’s involvement. They decide to go ahead anyway.

Victoria can’t wait to see how Tucker reacts when he learns what’s happening and they take away his company.

victoria looking forward Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Victor says this is a fitting slap in the face to a man who has done damage to the people he cares about.

In the Phoenix lobby, Tucker sneaks up on Audra and asks her how the new gig is going. When he quizzes her about Omegaspehere, she reminds him they aren’t in cahoots any more.

tucker corners audra Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Why would she feed him information he could use against Newman Media?

He says he would never sabotage her. He’d just like to know Newman’s intentions in case he needs to get more aggressive in his pitches to Daniel.

She might agree to share information if he shares some with her first. Audra asks him how much debt he is really in.

He says that was just a rumor someone started to undermine him. They list everyone who could have been behind it.

She finds it remarkable how many enemies he has. “Worthy adversaries,” he says.

Audra thinks his company could really be floundering. He starts playing with her pen until she gets annoyed.

mcall taunts audra Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She accuses him of not being straight and refuses to share. He gets a text from Ashley telling him not to come to Paris.

When Audra asks him what’s wrong, he asks why that’s any of her business.

She flounces off.

When Audra gets to her office, Nate asks her what her loyalty to Tucker is.

nate needs audra Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She declares it’s non-existent. She tried to trick him into telling her about his debt but he avoided it.

She’s sure he’s not a man on top of the world and she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him.

audra talks tucker Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Nate needs her to rethink that. Their connection might be exactly what Newman needs.

Certain moves are about to be made. Newman intends to acquire his debt and there’s interest in how much she can read from him.

Audra says that sounds fun. Tucker never stays mad at her for long.

nate asks favor Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Chance runs into Daniel at Crimson Lights. They discuss their relationship woes.

chance bumps into Daniel Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

The cop sits down and they catch up. Daniel tells him about his game project. He hopes that it will help him regain the trust of Lucy and Heather.

daniel explains video gaming Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Chance says it must feel amazing to work on something like that. He admits he’s lost his passion for work. He feels like he hasn’t been punishing the guilty lately.

They talk about the coding Chance used to do in the military. He didn’t care for that kind of desk work with no moral ambiguity, but now it sounds refreshing.

chance talks coding Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

When Daniel mentions he’s working with Phyllis, Chance’s tone changes. Daniel admits he’s already frustrated with his mom.

He tells Chance he’s lucky he doesn’t work with his family. If things don’t work out with Chancellor-Winters, there are other options. However, he feels like he can’t trust them like he does Lily.

Chance has to get back to the station. They wish each other well and Daniel says they should do this again.


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Sally and Nick return to her suite with a bag of lunch. She’s too wound up to eat.

nick advice Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

That paternity test was quicker than she expected and she doesn’t know how to focus on anything until they get the results.

He reminds her that will take a few days and she needs to relax. She wonders how he can be so calm.

Not knowing is hard for her. He has faith in her. She starts stressing about possible siblings for the child.

Sitting, she thinks about what will happen if Adam is the father. They both hope he never has to know and she wonders if keeping this from him is the right thing.

Should she bite the bullet and tell him?

Nick suggests she not rush to tell Adam anything right now.

nick urges sally calm Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Maybe it’s her hormones, but Sally says she keeps second guessing herself.

He suggests she focus on work and offers to speak to Jill about her pitch. She says it’s not his responsibility to get him a job.

Nick admits it was his father who threw a wrench into her pitch plan. She’s miffed.
“What a jackass!” she complains.

He repeats his offer to speak to Jill. She guess Victor thinks she’s no good and is trying to get her to slink out of town away from his sons.

She’s starting to feel better about having absentee parents and wonders how Nick copes with him. Nick says his father loves him in his own misguided way.

sally miffed Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Sally is taking this very personally. She’ll be the mother of Victor’s next grandchild. He’s not going to rob her of her dream.

She asks Nick to go ahead and speak to Jill.

Whipping out the laptop, he video calls Jill and tells her that his father was wrong about Sally.

nick talks jill Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Jill explains Victor sent her a three inch thick dossier on Sally and all the chaos she’s caused. She’s surprised he’s supporting he given what she did to Summer.

Nick explains that he and Sally are in a relationship and she’s changed.

Jill hates that Victor has played her. She asks Nick if he’s just supporting a girlfriend or if he really has faith in her abilities.

jill video Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Nick gives his pitch on how great she is and asks her just to hear Sally and Chloe out.

Moments later, Chloe soon shows up, wondering how Jill was talked into giving them a second chance.

They get Jill back on the video and give Jill their pitch. Jill’s impressed and promises to give their proposal serious consideration.

sally chloe pitch Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

The company is in flux but she likes what she heard. She applauds Sally for turning around her train wreck of a life.

Once the meeting ends, they slap hands and Nick tells them they knocked it out of the park.

jill listening Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Chloe is excited to tell Kevin they might be a two-income family again.

Once she’s gone, Sally thanks Nick again. Touching her pants, he tells her how dazzling she is.

sally thanks nick Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

What she accomplished today was no small feat and awesome to watch. She’s amazing and he’s seriously proud of her.

They make out.

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