Following a Threat from Victor, Michael Finally Agrees to be Diane’s Lawyer, and Summer Lashes Out at Diane After She’s Denied Bail

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Noah and Allie return to support their family, Victor warns Michael what he has to lose, and Nikki bumps into Milton. In the previous episode, Phyllis killed Jeremy Stark, Kyle threatened Chance, and Victor blew up at Adam for getting Sally pregnant.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 17, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 18. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Jack visits Diane at the prison. She hasn’t slept. She spent all night thinking about what this has been doing to him.

diane worries to jack in prison

She keeps telling herself that this isn’t happening, that it’s just a mistake.

Jack would like to believe that but thinks they need to face some difficult truths.

Bail doesn’t seem likely. That means she might be stuck there until the trial.

diane and jack talk bail

They need a heavy-hitting lawyer. Jack assures her he can convince Michael to take the case.

Diane is sure that Lauren would never forgive him if he did. She needs someone who is only in it for the money. Everyone else wants her dead.

Jack insists they will get through this together.

She’s distraught and thinks her luck might be over. She’s fought her way back and thought they could have a future but…

Jeremy did this to them and now he’s got the last laugh.

Jack tells her there is nothing in the world he won’t do for her and he won’t let her pay for a crime she didn’t commit.

jack tries to reassure diane

The alarm buzzes and she’s taken away. Frustrated Jack runs his hand through his hair.

jack frustrated hair

At the Abbott estate, Kyle and Summer discuss their sleepless night. He didn’t know if he should give her space or check on her.

kyle and summer on opposite sides

Summer isn’t okay. She wonders if her mother was in pain or thinking of her when she died.

When he admits he was up all night researching defense lawyers, she tells him it would be perverse to ask Michael to do it.

summer pouts about mom

Noah and Allie arrive and Summer runs into his arms. They flew back from London as soon as they heard.

summer hugs noah

Summer explains it wasn’t an accident. It was murder.

She insists all the evidence points at Diane. Allie wonders if there could be another option. Kyle agrees.

His wife insists that anyone is capable of murder under the right circumstances.

The couple argue over Diane’s guilt. Allie tries to pay her condolences and Noah suggests his sister come outside with him.

noah allie watch summer argue

She’s eager to get away from Kyle. The siblings exit.

Allie tells Kyle how sorry she is. He doesn’t know what to do. The two women he loves the most can’t co-exist.

allie listens to kyle speculating

They speculate about how Stark could have been behind all of this. He rehashes everything they know and why it’s likely Jeremy framed Diane for fun.

This all sounds pretty dark to her. She guesses Summer is not buying it.

He says there isn’t much communicating between them.

kyle is sure that stark is behind it

In a booth at Crimson Lights, Chance and Christine go over the evidence against Diane. She doesn’t want any surprises at the arraignment. He can’t promise that. They are dealing with people who have no respect for the law.

chance and christine in dummy booth

They still don’t know who will defend Diane but she’s certainly a flight risk.

They mull over Stark and Phyllis’ baffling marriage and how little sense it made for her to claim she was afraid of Diane.

christine and chance talk case

The cop thinks this may have been all about Stark getting revenge. He could kill Phyllis for her money and then frame Diane.

They continue to speculate. The detective has been checking Stark’s finances and wonders if he should talk to him again.

He gets a call and soon orders more boots on the ground. The cop tells Christine that Stark has already disappeared with Phyllis’ assets.

chance gets call about stark

Michael bumps into Nikki at Society. She says his refusal to rush to Diane’s rescue restored her faith in attorneys.

michael smiles at nikki's lawyer jokes

If he won’t go near her with a ten foot poll, well…

She sits down and goes on about how dangerous Diane is. She starts to get worried as he explains that jack called and asked him to defend Diane.

nikkis miffed with michael

Nikki thinks that’s outrageous. She is sure Jenkins is a killer.

He accuses her of cherry-picking facts to suit her narrative. “That’s because mine is the right one!” she blurts.

Victor shows up. His wife tells him that his attorney is considering defending the indefensible.

victor interrupts nikki michael

Victor thought he kept him busy enough.

Michael spots Jack and tells them he has a meeting. They step away as the Abbott enters.

Jack knows that Michael doesn’t want to hear it, but Diane’s life is in his hands.

michael tells jack he's sure it's a frame

He’s happy when they lawyer tells him he’s sure that Diane is being framed.

But he can’t help because Lauren and Phyllis would haunt him or worse.

When he claims he needs time to think, Jack tells him the arraignment is in one hour.

Victor glares over at him. Nikki asks if he thinks Michael will take the case.

He’s sure his lawyer will do the right thing.

Jack continues telling Michael how little sense all of this makes. He’s sure that Diane is being framed and the real killer in on the streets.

jack begs michael for help

He begs, sure that Michael is the right attorney. Without him, they will be lost.

Michael joins Victor and Nikki. Victor is sure he’s been listening to all kinds of nonsense and reminds him that he may have to fire him if he takes a leave of absence to defend Diane.

Michael chews that over.

Jack steps outside and calls home to check on Kyle. Michael comes out, looking furious.

michael meets with jack

Back inside, after Victor takes off, Milton from accounting pops up. After making an accounting joke, he tells her that his wife has left him. That means there is a chance for them again.

milton asks nikki away with him

She tells him he can’t speak like that.

He suggests they buy matching motorcycles and drive around the country, playing guitars under the open sky.

Nikki tells him she doesn’t play guitar.

nikki and milton

After she walks away, eh says she’s a golden goddess.


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Y&R comings and goings

Noah and Summer arrive at Crimson Lights. Sharon welcomes them and they look for a quiet table.

sharon greets summer and noah

When he wanders over to her, Sharon tells Chance how hard all of this will be on the kids, especially Summer.

He’s eager to hear from Christine and tells her about Stark disappearing and violating parole.

He’s sure this is boring her. She says Rey never talked about work. Chance rarely talks about it either. He trusts her.

He thinks she’s a good, objective listener.

Sharon says there was a time when no one thought there was anything decent about her but now she’s a brownie baker.

sharon tells chance she used to be trouble

He says she’s a lot more than that.

On the patio, Summer tells Noah how important it is to appreciate the people in your life.

summer tells noah about regrets

She wishes she could get her mother’s forgiveness but will just have to miss her for the rest of her life.

He takes her hand.

noah holds summer's hands

He wonders why she rushed the memorial. She says they can do something together to remember her.

When she starts venting about Kyle, he tells her how worried he is about her.

summer rushed memorial

She needs to go to the arraignment but tells him how glad she is that he’s home.

After she takes off, Kyle shows up. Noah tells him how hard this is on Summer.

kyle and noah talk summer

Even if he finds evidence to clear Diane, it won’t fix things. Diane will still be a trigger.

Michael goes to the prison to see Diane. That’s a great relief to her.

michael visits diane in prison

He suggests she not celebrate yet. He just lost his best friend.

But he thinks she deserves a vigorous defense and demand she tell him the truth at all times.

She thanks him for taking her case. Now she feels like she has a fighting chance.

diane thrilled to see michael

At the Abbott estate, fresh from the arraignment, Jack isn’t happy that Diane didn’t get bail. Michael thinks this was inevitable.

jack remains defiant

Jack is determined to do everything possible to get her out.

Summer goes to prison to see Diane. She tells her she is stuck there and will have to spend the rest of her life thinking about a family she never sees again.

summer confronts diane in prison

They’ll all be fine while she’s tortured by thoughts of a world that doesn’t want her.

Then she will get what she deserves for ripping Phyllis out of their lives.

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