Diane Nearly Explodes When Kyle Tells Her That Phyllis is Alive and Framed Her, and Christine is Skeptical When Jack Brings the Story to Her

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Billy talks to Summer about grief, Chelsea tells Billy about her feelings, and Kyle tells Summer her mother is alive. In the previous episode, Sally wanted Adam to move on, Nick professed his love, Daniel told Diane she’s not going to prison, and Kyle prepared to tell Summer everything.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 15, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 16. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Victor senses something is wrong with Jack and asks what it is.

Jack says he wouldn’t believe it if he told him. “Try me,” Victor urges.

The Abbott isn’t opening up so Victor makes some digs about Diane.

Jack almost lets something slip but Christine shows up. Victor leaves them alone to talk.

The lawyer sits down and reminds Jack that this meeting is not exactly appropriate. He tells her that Phyllis is alive. She’s in disbelief.

christine learns phyllis alive

Jack tells her all he knows and how Phyllis reached out to Daniel. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true.

She thinks this must be fiction and can’t just take the word of a grieving son. Jack adds that Phyllis killed Stark and is afraid of a murder charge.

Is this enough to get the GCPD involved? He knows that Phyllis killed Stark with scissors.

jack says phyllis killed stark

She refuses to be goaded into action over a woman who is legally dead. He tells her if she has any sense of justice, she will get the police involved.

Given what she knows about Phyllis, is any of this unlikely? She refuses to accept this is possible. If he wants action, he needs to bring her concrete proof. The DA storms out.

jack tells christine that phyllis is alive

At the Abbot estate, Kyle reluctantly tells Diane that there’s something potentially good about her case.

diane shocked about phyllis

She’s not sure about that from the look on his face. He explains that there’s a chance the murder charges could go away.

She worries he’s planning to do something illegal. Her son says the only person who has done something illegal is Phyllis.

He bluntly tells her that the murder was staged to frame her. Diane gasps.

diane freaks out over phyllis alive

Kyle explains the details.

Irate, Diane says she always knew Phyllis was psychotic and vindictive, but not pure evil. She wants to hunt her down and drag her back by her hair.

diane angry with phyllis for lying

He son reminds her she’s under house arrest and needs to calm down. She’s furious and wonders where the police are in all this.

kyle tries to calm his mom

“What’s the plan?” she demands. He says it’s a process. They need to get evidence. Jack has already gone to Christine to talk about it.

She can’t believe Jack tried to keep this from her. She’s overjoyed that she will be free again and hugs him, saying she will able to go to the park with Harrison again.

Kyle says Daniel convinced him not to tell Summer about this.

His mother rants about how heartless Phyllis has been before stopping herself, recalling what she did. She encourages him to tell Summer the truth.

diane can't believe what phyllis did to her

She’s not sure a marriage can survive keeping a secret like this.

kyle and mother embrace

Billy sits with Summer in the jazz lounge. He thinks they need to set aside their issues and tells her that no matter how ugly his break-up with Phyllis was, he still cared.

summer with billy

He reminds her of how much her mother loved her. Summer knows that. And she demanded a lot in return for that love.

Billy reminds her she had a lot of ups and downs with her mom. She knows how reckless she was and how she hurt people. It never had to be like that.

He’s no expert on grief but he knows that asking “why” questions aren’t helpful. He says her mom lived for her and would have died for her so it’s important to ask what she would have wanted.

He can see the good aspects of her mother in her and the people who she loves are lucky to have her protect them. The good part of her mother will stay alive for her.

summer with billy looking miserable

As he gets up to go, she apologizes if she was rude earlier. He reminds her that she has a house full of people who love her and want to help her.

She shouldn’t push those people away, especially Kyle.

summer pouts

Summer doesn’t think that Kyle or anyone else knows what’s going through her head right now.

Once he’s gone, she calls her brother and leaves a message rambling about how they have to find their mom. She has some ideas and needs him to call her.


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Summer goes to the Abbott estate. After she pours some water, her husband tells her he has good news…about her mom.
“She’s alive,” he says.

summer guzzles water

He fills her in on what her brother said and explains why he wanted to delay telling her about Phyllis reaching out. With any luck, she’ll be able to see her mom soon.

She’s shocked when she hears that Jack and Michael know about this. Her husband adds that Jack took the information to Christine and he told his mother about it.

kyle tells summer phyllis alive

She pouts and stares. He asks how she’s feeling.

Summer deer in the headlights look when kyle says her mome is alive

Summer claims she’s afraid to hope her mother is out there.

Jack finds Diane sitting in the garden. She says that Kyle has told her about Phyllis, but it should have been him.

diane says jack should have told her phyllis alive

She can’t be angry at a man she loves so much. They hug and he promises this nightmare is almost over.

jack protecting diane

Phyllis put her in this mess and will get her out of it.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel and Chelsea talk about how hard it can be to help someone. They talk about her issues with Connor. Daniel can’t give any advice.

daniel thinks about chelsea's proposal

She shows him an Omegasphere world for kids that she’s been working on. He thinks he could have used something like that when he was a kid.

Daniel suggests they jump back into work. He needs the distraction.

They talk about the project and milestones. She just wants it to be a great resource and has been meeting with experts to fine tune it.

Billy arrives and spots them. Chelsea tells Daniel that she knows he’s been through something agonizing but she thinks he has a lot to be proud of.

After he takes off, Billy brings her some cinnamon buns and they talk about the progress on her project.

billy and chelsea eat a gigantic cinnamon bun

She worries about how withdrawn Connor has become and if that’s her fault. Maybe her son feels like he can’t lean on her? Maybe he’s angry at her and has been stuffing down his feelings?

Billy says she’s being too hard on herself. She thinks they should just pat themselves on the back for making it through the day without screwing up royally.

They chat about how Summer and Daniel and struggling and she tells Billy what a good man he is. He strokes her hair and she gets the shivers.

billy laughs at chelsea's joke

Billy tells her how she lights up the room and brings that energy to everything she does. He appreciates the slow dance they are doing. She brings him happiness and gives him hope for the future. Her smile makes him think anything is possible.

She gets emotional and he encourages her to open up.

Chelsea explains she keeps constant vigilance about her feelings. Lately, she’s been okay but she worries if she deserves it or if she will screw it up. She almost wasn’t here for this.

She gets a rush of fear and then she’s back on that roof and remembers what that was like. Billy tells her that she’s here with him and suggests they take a walk.

Christine meets with Chance at the jazz lounge. She tells him that she has crazy news.

chance learns phyllis alive

Daniel wanders in, listening to the message from his sister. He spots Chance and Christine and immediately runs off.

daniel spies on chance

Chance and Christine wonder if the story Jack told her could be real or if it’s just a strategy. The cop says desperate people do desperate things.

chance and christine talk about the "leak"

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