JT Refuses Elena’s Request to Visit Genoa City, and Victor Offers to Subsidize Sally’s Business if She Leaves Genoa City and Her Baby at the Ranch

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Kyle tries to patch things up with Summer, Adam warns Nick their father summoned Sally, and Nikki warns Nick about Sally and Adam’s feelings. In the previous episode, Audra told Elena Nate went to LA with Victoria, as Nate and Victoria had sex, and Ashley believed Jack to be a danger to the company.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 1, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 2. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Adam stops by Sally’s suite at the GCAC. She asks if he’s her escort. He’s not sure what she’s talking about.

adam drops by sally's

Spectra explains that Victor just requested to see her. Adam is not the errand boy.

She assures him she’s not afraid to see his father. He predicts this won’t be nice.

Adam explains that he’s there because he wanted to start a trust for the baby.

He just wants her to know the child will never want for anything.

She’s not worried and assures him she will never use their child to grab a piece of the Newman pie.

sally and adam talk meeting with victor

Sally reminds him Victor is waiting and shows him out.

Nikki finds her son searching for Abu Dhabi blueprints in the Newman office.

She heard the news about the baby girl. Nick gets glum.

nikki finds nick confused

He fills her in on his father wanting to poach him for McCall Unlimited.

If she’d known about that, she would have nipped it in the bud.

But… she does think the chemistry between Adam and Sally is undeniable.

He wonders why they aren’t together then. She says that’s a good question.

nikki tells nick about sally and adam chemistry

He’s not happy that she keeps alluding to “flowers blooming” between Adam and Sally.

He insists that it’s Adam who will have to figure out how he fits in their lives.

nick annoyed to hear about adam

She hopes he’s right about Sally, but if she breaks his heart, she will have a whole world of hurt to deal with.

Adam interrupts and asks to speak to his brother alone.

On her way out, Nikki congratulates him on expecting a girl.

adam thanks nikki for congratulating him

Adam fills his brother in on Victor summoning Sally to a meeting.

Nick wants to rush over to Society but Adam stops him.

His brother says she wanted to handle this alone.

Nick is going to need to look after her after their father is done.

nick reacting to adam talking setting up money for kid

Sally meets with Victor at Society and he congratulates her on the little girl.

victor laughs at sally talking about ambition

“We are ALL very excited,” she says. He tells her his sons have a penchant for falling for the same women. They have more in common than they’d like to admit.

She tells him she and Adam are over while she and Nick are strong.

He’s only interested in talking about his grandchild and tells her there are things she needs to know before the baby is born.

Victor asks her about her friends and family. He had a tough childhood too. That builds a lot of bitterness.

He would rather have a stable and loving childhood for his grandchild.

He adds that nothing should interfere with her career. He’s sorry that he did.

Sally says he only delayed things and she’s still making her dreams come true.

sally unhappy at victor's request

“I have a proposal for you,” he explains.

He will fully finance whatever business she wants to embark upon if she leaves and leaves her baby behind at the ranch.

Victor is sure she will make the right decision and exits.

victor talks to sally

At the Abbott estate, Summer flashes back to her mother telling her she needs to keep her being alive a secret.

summer remembers seeing phyllis

Kyle interrupts and she throws her arms around him.

He loves it when she hugs him this tightly and asks about the errand she had to run. His wife says it was nothing.

They sit down and he’s happy she’s speaking sentences to him again. He begs her not to move into the guest room.

Kyle asks if she blames him for what happened to her mom. Summer doesn’t feel that way.

Her husband knows only a miracle will stop her from blaming his mother.

She suggests he let Michael do his job. He promises not to involve her in his attempts to clear his mother.

She’s already deeply involved and talking about it isn’t helping. He says that as long as they have each other, nothing else matters.

As they sit on the couch, he tells her how much he like the not-arguing. She wishes they could stay like this forever but the real world will rush back in.

He yells for food but she tells him he needs to get it himself. After he heads for the kitchen, she sobs and flashes back to her mom telling her she can save her, or her mother-in-law.

Summer runs out the door.

summer hugs kyle tight

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Elena meets with Audra at Crimson Lights.

“I tracked down JT Hallstrom,” Audra announces.

audra has jt for elena

Moments later, Elena is on the patio and has a video call with TJ.

She introduces herself and explains what she did.


He’s not crazy about revisiting his life.

He knows she works for Newman and asks if Victoria is involved.

She’s evasive. JT says that he wasn’t himself when he had the brain tumor.

The doctor says he’s living proof of that and his story could inspire people.

jt on video call

When she offers to fly him to Genoa City, he says there’s no way he could ever come back.

She asks him to take some time and think about that. After she wishes him luck, she gets off the call and sighs.

When Audra approaches her, Elena says that JT has refused to visit the city.

He seems like a sweet guy and she doesn’t want to drag him into her relationship drama.

audra learns JT won't come to genoa city

Audra tells her she just needs to bust up Victoria’s monopoly over Nate.

Elena thinks that would take too long. She’s leaving for LA to find out what’s going on.

In bed in LA, Nate asks Victoria if she’s hungry. She wants avocado toast.

He thought that was an aphrodisiac. She explains that was a marketing scam.

nate and victoria in bed

Victoria has some other things on her mind. She turns off her phone and says they are the top priority right now.

He wants what he shouldn’t want, sure it will lead to trouble. She’s harder to stay away from than carbs.

Nate was not expecting their trip to go like this. She says unexpected things are great.

victoria and nate canoodle

He doesn’t want to be the guy who lies to his girlfriend. She points out they didn’t have to do this so asks him why they did it.

“I need to do the right thing,” he says.

Once breakfast arrives, she asks him where his conscious was when they were in bed.

He claims she’s irresistible. He likes everything about her and what he feels for her is far more than a physical attraction.

victoria and nate talk status

“What do we do now?” she asks.

He explains that he was supposed to become the man he used to be when he started this career, but now he’s with her.

She’s the right woman at the wrong time.

She wishes someone would put her in touch with whoever arranges these things.

Victoria points out that Elena is the last vestige of a life he left behind.

nate tells vicky he likes her a lot

It’s time for him to decide who he is. Does he want to be happy or someone other people think he should be?

She says they can figure things out. They’ll have to have a chaperone and always keep their clothes on.

He’s not sure he’ll be able to learn to forget. She drops her robe and heads for the shower. He sheepishly looks.

nate admits he has feelings for Victoria beyond sex.

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