Jill Crashes the Arbitration and Announces the IPO is Dead, Abby Faces Amanda’s Wrath, and Jack Welcomes Mamie With Open Arms

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Amanda tells Devon she was grateful to learn he’s not a good man, Billy accepts Jack’s job offer, and Kyle worries that Stark is still around. In the previous episode, Audra suggested Elena bring JT back, Christine had a hard time controlling Devon at the hearing, and Victor offered Jill money .

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 21, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 22. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Devon and Christine return to Chancellor-Winters for the arbitration meeting. Lily and Amanda are already there.

lily and amanda back at the hearing

The arbitrator arrives and the hearing resumes. She reminds them of why they are there and hopes for no further interruptions.

They lawyers are eager to present more information. As Amanda starts going over contracts, Jill barges in.

The arbitrary tells her to take a seat. Jill declares that won’t be necessary because she’s about to solve this whole mess.

The arbitrator says that’s her job. Jill wants them to take a mini-break and tells Devon and Lily that this is urgent. She thanks the lawyers but tells them they are no longer required.

jill ready to stop the hearing for lily and devon

She asks Lily and Devon to come with her and give it one more try without the attorneys.

“Yeah, okay sure,” Devon agrees. Jill leads Lily out.

Left alone, Amanda and Devon glare at each other. He accuses her of being out for revenge.

devon talks to amanda about his cheating young and restless

Amanda thinks he’s never understood her. Today was a painful reminder of the pain he caused her. She failed to choose a good man.

“Abby of all people?” she asks. She remembers how broken he was when Elena cheated on him with Nate.

None of this is enjoyable to her. She hates remembering how deeply he hurt her but she’s grateful that she knows he’s not a good man.

amanda never saw devon cheating on her with abby

Jack returns to the Abbott estate with Diane’s outfit for the bicentennial gala. They are thrilled about all the people who will be returning for the event.

jack wants to tell everyone they're engaged

He suggests that they announce their engagement at the gala. They can be the toast of the town and face their critics together.

She agrees but he senses something is bothering her.

Diane explains Phyllis stopped by and was acting more off than usual. She’s not sure what it is but is sure she’s up to something with Stark.

He assures her they have nothing to fear as long as they have security. He wants to shout their happiness from the rooftops.

Diane reminds him they were supposed to wait until Kyle was on board with them getting married.

Jack is sure their son will know it’s the right thing when he sees how happy they are.

Mamie shows up at the door. Jack nearly tears up as he welcomes her home. She immediately notices nothing has changed.

veronica redd returns as mamie to see jack abbott on young and restless

She’s startled to spot Diane back from the dead but immediately starts looking at the decor. Jack refuses to let her stay in a hotel and insists she stay there.

Diane takes off. He gets tea for Mamie and thanks her for the note she sent when his mom died.

She hopes he found it in his heart to forgive Dina. He did, but he took losing her pretty hard. She can see he’s in love.

He wants her to meet the woman that Diane has become. She tells him that being in love and being happy are all that matters.

Mamie happy that jack is happy with diane

Walking around the room again, she remembers visiting years ago when Jack was seeing Diane and how much turmoil that caused with Ashley.

mamie didn't like diane years ago Y&R

Billy wanders in, shocked to see her. “Look at you all grown up!” she says.

mamie and billy reconnect Y&R recaps

He hugs her, thrilled to see her. Jack returns to say her room is ready.

It feels like home to her. She goes up to her room.

Jack admits he had no idea she was coming. His brother announces he is there to accept his offer to join the team at Jabot. It feels like he can do the old man proud this time around.

Jack senses his brother has become more mature since hanging out with Chelsea.

Billy says that seeing what she’s been through makes you realize that if it doesn’t destroy you, it makes you stronger.

Jack couldn’t be happier for him and welcomes him back with a hug.

Judging by the way his brother is smiling, Billy guesses he has something big going on.

billy agrees to work at jabot with jack

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Y&R comings and goings

Diane meets with Kyle at Society.

They chat about the gala and she informs him that Stark is still in town and working with Phyllis.

kyle and diane talk about stark's lies

He texts Summer to let her know that her mom is working with “a monster.”

He’s determined to find a way to get rid of Stark.

She asks if he’s thought about the engagement.

He suggests they discuss that with Jack present so there are no misunderstandings.

Kyle and Diane return to the Abbott estate.

He tells his parents he wanted to speak to them at the same time.

kyle tells parents how he feels about their engagement on Y&R

He’s been thinking about their history and how their decision will affect their future. He knows that the road to true love has not run smoothly.

They’ve proven they love each other.

“Who am I to stand in your way,” he says, giving them his blessing. His parents are thrilled and hug him.

Jill and Lily get a table at Society and wait for Devon. Jill explains she’s welcome to go back to arbitration but not until they hear her out.

Devon joins them and Jill announces she’s reached a mutually beneficial decision.

The IPO is dead and the company will remain private.

Lily is flabbergasted. Jill hopes this will change Devon’s mind and they can find a way to be a family again.

The siblings bicker about how they treated each other and he accuses her of stabbing him in the back.

She thinks he’s selfish.

lily calls devon selfish

Jill barks they can’t keep letting things fall apart. She wishes she had a time machine to go back and stop this.

Devon can’t even imagine forgiving them.

Phyllis barges into Stark’s suite and tells him she found an engagement ring in Diane’s purse.

She was right all along that Diane came back to con Jack into marrying her.

Phyllis hating on Diane with stark

Diane’s dreams are coming true and her dreams are Phyllis’ nightmares.

She thinks this will stop her from ever having a relationship with her daughter again.

“The evil has to be eradicated!” she declares.

Stark says their plan will stop Diane dead in her tracks.

Phyllis rants that Diane will make the gala all about her.

She doesn’t know how she’s the only one who sees her for who she is.

phyllis tells stark diane's engaged

Jeremy points out she has him.

They can balance the scales of justice at the gala.

It’s a masquerade ball so no one will even know he was there.

stark drinks as he watches phyllis get a text from summer

She tells him this is life or death for her.

He’s taking a huge risk too.

She gets a text from Summer, clutches it to her chest, and nearly cries.

phyllis upset by a text from summer young and restless

Jeremy senses she’s upset and asks if she’s in or out. She says if they go through with this, her life will change.

She will have to keep a secret for the rest of her life.

Stark says this is her final chance to call it off.

Phyllis walks out.

Phyllis goes to see her daughter in the Phoenix lobby.

Summer confronts her for working with Stark and lying straight to her face.

michelle masterclass stafford as Phyllis on Y&R

Phyllis insists she would do anything in the world to keep her safe. Summer accuses her of putting her in harm’s way.

“You are hurting me and everyone I love. I need you to stop or I need you gone,” Summer declares, walking off.

Phyllis gets on the elevator and heads straight back to Stark.

“I’m in. Let’s do it. We’re going to make this the party they never forget,” she says.

Chelsea and Daniel meet at Crimson Lights to talk about her game.

She’s sure they can come up with a magical world to help people navigate life’s pitfalls.

chelsea in a meeting with daniel Y&R

He tells her it’s an honor to be working with her. They talk about helping people.

Leaving, he encourages her to design a world no one has ever imagined before.

Billy arrives and sees how happy she is. She tells him she’s a world-maker.

He tells her he’s going back to Jabot.

billy tells chelsea he's going back to jabot

They both feel like they are back to where they belong and think things will be great for both of them.

Abby bumps into Amanda. That’s awkward.

amanda faces abby after she slept with devon

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