Jack and Kyle Find DNA Evidence, Sharon is Stalked While Babysitting as Tessa and Mariah are Tense on Their Date

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Mariah and Tessa have date night, Devon officially changes his name, and Christine and Chance revisit the evidence. In the previous episode, Audra revealed what she wants from Nate, Summer sniped at Daniel for stabbing her in the back, and Ashley invited Tucker to move into her room.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 17, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 18. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Mariah and Tessa brings the baby into Crimson Lights to see Sharon. They remind her this will be her first time alone with her and she can be a handful.

sharon mariah tessa baby

Sharon is ready for whatever the evening brings. She thinks the mothers seem nervous to leave their baby.

They fuss and Sharon tells them to relax. Watching after a baby is like riding a bike. “I’ve never seen you ride a bike,” Mariah says.

sharon tells moms go out

Tessa explains that it’s a lot of work for them. She seems to be learning too much too fast and they can hardly keep up.

Sharon says you have to hold on for dear life until they leave for university. Tessa and Mariah wonder if they should stay home and nap.

“Date night is happening,” Sharon declares. It’s too early for them to become helicopter moms. Aria needs a break and so do they to stay sane.

Sharon has the whole night planned for Aria, a night of bonding and playing. The wives agree to leave, but make her promise to take pictures.

mariah and tessa talk baby

They reluctantly leave.

Sharon gets a surprise delivery. It’s champagne. The card doesn’t say who it’s from.

sharon champers

Someone watches her from the window.

sharon is stalked

Chance and Christine meet at Society. He’s been doing a deep dive into the evidence.

She needs a rock solid prosecution if they are going to win this case.

christine refuses to accept phyllis alive

Michael’s latest strategy is a doozy. She never thought he’d suggest the deceased is alive.

They go over their evidence. It’s mostly circumstantial and there’s no direct proof of murder.

Chance wonders if there could be a set up or if Diane was working with Stark.

Christine assumes she couldn’t have done this alone. Plus, they clearly have a leak at the department.

He gets a call and then explains to Christine that the call that sent him away from the gala the night of the murder came from the GCAC. It was a male caller.

chance talks evidence

He’s sure Diane could not have committed this crime alone.

The cop thinks that Phyllis and Stark could have cooked this whole thing up.

Christine remains adamant that Diane is guilty.

Phyllis may have been ruthless and vindictive, but she doesn’t believe she would do this to her children.

christine needs evidence

At the Abbott estate, Tucker shows a video of Dom playing the drums.

He tells her about visiting the toddler music class.

tucker shows ashley video

She’s amazed he enjoyed that so much and wonders what’s come over him. “Wonderful you,” he says, reminding her of her invitation to move into her bedroom.

She rests her feet on him and he tries peaking up her pant leg before saying he can move in slowly, some skivvies at a time.

Diane interrupts and the women begin sniping at each other. Diane gloats about choosing a wedding dress and suggests Ashley help her.

McCall has to hold her back and lead her out. “I could kill her!” she blurts. So could he but he suggests they celebrate instead.

After they leave, she finds the card from Phyllis’ memorial and tears it up. Sticking her head out the door, she yelps, “Hey Phyllis! I know you are somewhere out there and you will be found!”

diane yells out door

At the penthouse, Abby and Devon talk about how talented Dom is.

He was surprised that Tucker stayed through the hold music class. He’s like a proud grandpa.

devon and abby flirt

Abby admits she thought it was a scam, but it seems like he really wants to be part of Dom’s life.

Devon thinks that Ashley could be having a positive effect on him.

She hopes so but part of her worries it’s all a con to screw her mom over.

abby and devon at penthouse

They agree that being cautious is important but Devon thinks Tucker’s priorities have changed since he came to town.

He asks how she feels about their parents having a serious relationship.

devon jokes with abby

They start teasing each other about being “fancy” since he has a courier rather than a delivery guy. She tries to guess what he’s having delivered.

As she fondles his fabric, she talks about how they need more room for their growing boy.

He agrees. The courier arrives.

He gets a court document that officially changes his name to Devon Hamilton Winters.

She loves the love he has for Neil.

They tell each other how much they admire each other.

He thinks she’s cute. She tells him to take her to the lounge to celebrate his new name.

devon and abby get new name

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Mariah and Tessa go to the Athletic Club for dinner and worry that they have become suffocating mothers.

mariah and tessa at dinner

Devon and Abby wander in and the mothers worry to them that they have abandoned their child.

They assure them it is not too soon and suggest they enjoy their night out.

devon and abby bump into mariah and tessa

As they head for the lounge, they say they can join them if they want.

Mariah and Tessa just look at baby photos on their phones and coo.

Eventually, they stop and admit something feels strange.

Mariah wonders if they are feeling more grown up.

They can’t even drink.

Tessa says everything is about Aria because she deserves that.

tessa and mariah talk motherhood

Devon and Abby arrive in the club. He stares at the photo of Neil on the wall and tells him he feels closer to him than ever and toasts to him.

neil memorial

As they head for the bar, Tucker and Ashley wander in.

They sit down together and talk about Dom.

Ashley notices they are drinking champagne.

Devon announces he’s officially changed his name.

devon and abby at the club

Ash says that was a wonderful way to honor a wonderful, wonderful man.

Tucker thinks it’s a fitting tribute and Neil would be proud.

They toast to his new name and new beginnings.

tucker and ashley bump into kids

Jack and Kyle go to the motel where Stark and Phyllis stayed. They put on some gloves and take out ziplock bags before they start looking.

Kyle says the place has been cleaned and had other guests. Jack thinks they just need something they can pull Phyllis’ DNA from.

Jack finds some red hair. Kyle says lots of redheads spend time in motels.

His father thinks they should test them, comparing them to Summer’s DNA.

Kyle and Jack head back to the Abbott house after dropping off what they found at the lab. They talk about how hard Summer is handling everything.

Kyle doesn’t know how she’s processing things. He suspects she’s still in denial. The longer his wife suffers like this, the angrier he’s getting at Phyllis.

Diane comes in and asks for good news. Jack says they should hear something soon. There was a strand of red hair.

Diane thinks that’s a long shot. The lab calls.

Jack calls Chance, who starts lecturing him about filling Summer with false hope. Jack explains he has DNA evidence to back up his claims.
If he can do that, just think of what a detective can do.

diane not won over

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