Jack and Ashley Fight, Tucker Offers Diane the Means to Run, Sally’s Contemplation of Adam’s Offer Annoys Nick and Chloe

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chance notices the tension between Daniel and Summer, Ashley stands up to Adam for Tucker, and Nick is not happy that Adam offered Sally a job. In the previous episode, Adam and Sally agreed to work at McCall on their terms, Audra urged Elena to get revenge on Nate, and Nick admonished Victoria.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 10, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 11. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Summer wanders into Crimson Lights. She’s about to walk out again after spotting Daniel.

sharon hugs summer

Sharon stops her to offer her a hug. Summer twitches as Sharon goes on about all the support that is waiting for her.

Summer is grateful but it looking after other people worrying abot her is only making things worse.

Daniel walks over and asks to speak to his sister.

They get a table and he asks her how she could take Sharon’s offers for help. She’s sick on him being self-righteous.

summer annoyed by daniel

He reminds her she’s allowing her step-mother to go to prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

Summer complains that their mom clearly turned to her because he couldn’t be relied on.

He explains their mother called him too. There was a mysterious phone call last night that might have been Phyllis.

His sister is struggling with how to help their mom. He warns that the longer they wait, the worse it will be.

Summer says their mom can’t come back until the timing is right. If he blows this up, he will blow up her marriage too.

She storms out. Chance and Sharon stare.

The cop walks over to check on Daniel and says he’s seen families fall apart after a tragedy.

chance checks on daniel

Daniel asks about the case against Diane. Chance admits he doesn’t think she acted alone. He’s sure there will be justice for Phyllis.

Chance walks over to Sharon and tells her how he feels for Summer and all her stress. Daniel seems to be adding to the stress.

sharon and chance discuss the case

Sitting in the corner, Daniel sends a text, asking Jack to meet.

daniel contacts jack

Tucker and Ashley are eating at Society.

He notices she’s been distracted.

She starts venting about Diane living with them.

ashley and tucker banter

He jokes it must be karmic payback. He’s sorry she’s so upset.

She complains about the wedge Diane is causing in the family and wishes she’d disappear.

tucker mocks adam

He promises to distract her with pleasurable thoughts while he’s there and make sure Diane is as uncomfortable as possible.

Adam pops in and starts gloating about being in charge of salvaging Tucker’s failed company.

Tucker says, “Well Adam, as the Buddha said while sitting under the Bodhi tree, why don’t you kiss my ass?”

adam tries insulting tucker

Tucker heard that he was thrown that after failing at Newman and Jabot. 

Adam continues trolling him and Ashley tells him he should be grateful he’s allowed to run anything bigger than a lemonade stand.

Adam makes some more digs, and walks off as Ashley taunts him. She doesn’t know how Tucker controlled himself.

He was turned on watching her defend him. He’s starting to think she actually cares.

tucker turned on

Sally is in the park yelping at her belly when Adam calls to announce McCall is now his and he has complete autonomy.

He’s eager to get his team in place and thinks she’ll be excited by the challenge. She has to talk to Chloe first and will let him know.

She gets off the line as Nick arrives. She asks him to hear her out and not rush to judgment.

nick finds sally in park

Sally fills him in on Jill not being willing to commit to anything. However, there is a sure thing she can go in on.

He hopes that means she’s taking him up on his offer.

She explains she’s actually considering working at McCall for Adam.

This is hard for him to swallow. He’s sure his brother is trying to insinuate himself into her life.

nick doesn't like the news

Sally is offended and says that Adam might just be recognizing her talent. Nick says he recognizes it and always advocates for her.

He warns that she is walking into a minefield of his father and Adam trying to exert control over her and the baby.

Sally insists she’s thinking of providing for her baby. She wants to be a strong role model for her daughter.

Nick doesn’t think she needs a job from Adam to prove that.

Spectra needs the sense of purpose that comes from a profession.

Nick warns that going to work for his brother will be one of the biggest mistakes in her life.

She tells him not to insult her by thinking she can’t decipher the Newman mindset.

It’s not that complicated and she’s not naive about Adam’s motivations.

She stalks off.

sally tells nick about offer

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Chloe meets with Sally in her suite.

She hopes that Jill has changed her mind.

chloe tells sally to work for adam but she's out

Her friend explains that Adam has offered her a job. Chloe is furious and doesn’t think she should be dragged back down the “black hole.”
She’s siding with Nick. This is a terrible idea.

Sally says it’s only an option. Chloe suggests she reconsider Nick’s offer to invest.

“Stop! I am tired of people thinking they know better than me what’s right for my life,” Sally complains.

Chloe reminds her of how hard things were at Newman fashion.

Sally says that was a lifetime ago.

Her friend points out she’ll be complicating her already co-parenting relationship with him.

chloe wont' work for adam

Sally repeats that this is only a prospect. Chloe does not want to work with Adam again. She doesn’t want her income dependent on his moods.

Frustrated, Sally agrees. Chloe says she can do whatever she wants, but is she accepts the offer, she’ll be doing it solo.

It’s either freedom or being tied to Adam in every way possible.

Alone, Sally writes a pros and cons list, rubbing her belly and wondering what to do.

sally's pros and cons list

Nick bumps into Adam in the park and they immediately start bickering about McCall.

adam and nick talk about the new job

Nick accuses him of trying to lure Sally back into his life.

Adam asks if what he has with Sally is really that fragile. He insists that he only offered her a job because she’s “damn good.”

He points out that Nick’s track record as a partner is lousy while he is sure that he will always be there for Sally.

adam tells nick to mind his business, he doesn't see sally with a ring yet

Jack bumps into Ashley at Jabot. They’re confrontational and step into his office to discuss the situation.

ashley and jack argue at jabt

He thinks that her targeting of Diane is defensive because she doesn’t want to face the feelings for Tucker she knows she shouldn’t have.

His sister doesn’t want to listen to him analyzing her.

Jack claims he can see what’s happening to her because it happened to him.

The difference is that Tucker hasn’t changed. He’s the same manipulative man he always was.

jack analyzes ashley

His sister tells him to take his “Psych 101 crap and shove it.”

Jack insists that he has the ability to trust.

She should save her pity for herself.

ashley wants to stop fighting

Ashley storms out.

At the Abbott estate, Tucker runs into Diane in the garden and makes a joke, asking if she misses the prison yard.

Does she want to work out or have a knife fight?  

tucker corners diane

He tries some compliments and she tells him to just say what he has to say.

They sit down and he says that he doesn’t think she has it in her to kill Phyllis.

But with the trial, her past will come back, it will force Jack and Kyle to relive all she did.

tucker offers to make diane disappear

It will destroy Kyle and Summer’s marriage and Jack will be crushed when she faces life in prison.

“This is the worst pep talk ever,” she complains. He offers her a way out.

Tucker offers anything she wants to leave and start a new life.

She accuses him of trying to get rid of her to weasel his way into Ashley’s bed.

He can admire what she’s doing, but does she really want to put Jack and Kyle through all this?

Diane ends the conversation.

When she gets inside, Jack arrives. She’s stressed out.

Everything is reminding her of what she will lose when she’s in prison.

jack and diane talk about her going to prison

Diane explains that Tucker offered to help her run so he and Kyle wouldn’t have to suffer.

For a minute, he was making sense. She doesn’t know how she can do this to the people she loves.

She’s angry at herself for wanting to run and angrier at herself for not being strong enough to do it.

She never should have come back if all she’s going to do is cause him pain.

diane wants to run

Holding her hands, Jack tells her she is not the cause of his pain, her situation is. They will find their way out of this.

Diane hasn’t given up hope. She was just having a momentary lapse. She’s determined to fight.

As they hug, she says she needs to find a way to make this less agonizing for Summer.

jack talks diane down

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