Phyllis Appears Alive in a Hotel Room as Grieving Summer Tears Into Diane, and Lily Comforts Daniel as He Beats Himself Up

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Danny tries to calm Daniel down, Chelsea and Billy remember Phyllis, and Jack assures Diane that he doesn’t blame her. In the previous episode, Daniel had to be held back when Stark told him to blame himself and Chance considered foul play.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 4, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 5. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chelsea walks into Crimson Lights and finds Billy staring into space. He wonders why she’s back.

She came for tea and wonders how long he has been zoning out.

He’s not sure. He’s lost track of time. She guesses something is wrong.

He gets her tea and she asks if their kiss has him upset. Billy assures her that’s not it.

chelsea finds billy saddened at the coffee shop

That was incredible. Actually, it has nothing to do with her.

Someone just called and told him Phyllis is dead. She doesn’t know how this is possible.

He doesn’t know how to feel. Things did not end well between he and Phyllis.

They eventually got to a decent place. She says that comes with forgiveness and a lot of forgetting.

They talk about what a handful she was and how they brought out the worst in each other.

“Her being gone feels wrong,” he says.

Genoa City will be a lot quieter without Phyllis. Chelsea thinks she left a lot to be proud of.

chelsea learns phyllis died Y&R recaps

Billy apologizes for being such a lousy date. This isn’t how he thought the night would end.

She asks him upstairs to sleep on her uncomfortable sofa.

He agrees to take her up on that.

Danny takes Daniel up to a suite at the Athletic Club and tells him to be quiet with his threats.

Daniel wants to beat some answers out of his new stepdad. Someone is responsible for what happened to Phyllis.

danny tries to comfort daniel

Danny points out that hurting someone won’t bring her back. They need to accept she’s gone.

Daniel is sure that Phyllis would be kicking butt and taking names if this happened to her kids.

His father tells them they all feel powerless.

His son blames himself for Phyllis’ death. Danny assures him that’s not so but Daniel keeps beating himself up for how he treated her.

He should have seen the signs.

There was supposed to be time for them to work through things, but now that’s impossible.

He’s going to remember that he broke her heart in front of the whole town.

That’s what will play over and over in his head.

She must have felt like she’d been stabbed in the back. How could they let things end like this?

Patting him on the back, Danny tells him he’s been through a lot and he’ll do whatever he needs for him tomorrow.

Punishing himself won’t help and there’s nothing they can do tonight.

daniel is comforted by danny when phyllis is dead

Relenting, Daniel agrees and apologizes for acting like he’s the only one suffering. His father gives him a hug.

“What the hell are we gonna do without her?” Daniel wonders as he walks off to shower.

Danny calls Lily, who immediately gives her condolences. He tells her that his son is in a really dark place right now.

When Daniel comes out of the shower, he finds Lily waiting for him alone. She admits his dad called her.

lily visits daniel at the athletic club

He’s glad. Maybe someone not going through the emotional minefield will do him some good. She’s familiar with this territory.

They discuss what it was like for her to lose Neil. It felt like the end of the world for her.

The suddenness of it was the hardest part and that left her angry. Now her life is divided into the time before and after Neil.

Since her mother’s body was never found, that’s a whole other trauma she doesn’t let herself think about. But you have to let go.

Wiping his eyes, Daniel says that will be a problem. People in his family don’t let go easily.

She tells him grief is love with nowhere to go. It feels like it’s going to hurt forever.

daniel asks lily what it was like to lose her dad

Lily tells him to take it day by day. That sounds hard to him.

She assures him he has people who love him and want to support him. In the beginning.

Losing your parents is unbearable but that softens and you hold on tighter to the people you love who are still in the world.

That sounds pretty far off to him. She tells him to grieve the way he needs to.

She’s sure he’ll have an adrenaline crash and urges him to get in bed. Lily insists on staying and helps him into bed before sitting at a table.

Once he falls asleep, she gets in next to him.

lily snuggles daniel

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Y&R comings and goings

At Society, Elena and Nate discuss what happened.

They feel like they failed and wonder if they knew the EMT driver who died.

elena and nate talk about respect

She thinks they owe it to Phyllis to get some answers about why she passed out.

He didn’t think the night would end like this. She doesn’t think anyone expected this.

All either of them was thinking about was going home to have sex.

They go back to discussing how much perspective tonight has given them.

It was fun for them to work together again. He says they will always be a team but being a doctor is in his past. He needs her to respect that.

She supports his choices but hopes they won’t change him. It’s not his career, it’s the people he works with that worry her.

He tells her they will be fine and it’s sweet of her to worry about Victoria. He’s tired. She tells him to go home. She’s feeling wound up and will walk home later.

Alone, she looks at her web browser and searches for JT.

elena looks for JT

Diane and Jack return to the Abbott estate. This will be a memorable night for all the wrong reasons.

He has loads of questions.

Ashley comes in and Diane immediately tells her she’s not in the mood for insults.

Ashley isn’t in the mood to fight either.

ashley is devastated that phyllis died

Kyle comes down. Summer is just sitting and watching Harrison sleep.

When Jack mentions Stark was waving the marriage license around, his sister comments that it’s almost like pouring salt in the wounds of people who care to marry someone everyone else despises.

Diane doesn’t like the implication. Ashley says they need to put their differences aside for the moment and heads upstairs.

Kyle thanks them all for trying to set aside their differences. Summer comes down. Jack promises they will get to the bottom of this.

When Diane tells her how sorry she is, Summer says, “You caused this! All of this!”

Diane claims she’s in shock. Summer reminds her that she was furious with Phyllis, thought she should be strangled, and now she’s dead.

summer screams at diane thinking she wanted phyllis dead

Jack says what happened was an accident. Kyle tries to lead his wife away but she tears into Diane and points out her mom was honest and true and Diane had to destroy her because she was right about her.

“You really are the monster she was warning us about,” she says. “Tell the truth: my mom is dead. That’s what you wanted all along, isn’t it?” she prompts.

Summer freaks out on diane and blames her moms death on her Y&R recaps

Diane claims she never wanted actual harm to come to Diane. “So it’s just dumb luck?” Summer asks.

Jack and Kyle try to end this.

Summer begins sobbing into her husband’s chest and he leads her upstairs.

She cries that she can’t miss her mom for the rest of her life.

diane feels sad being yelled at by summer

Sobbing, Diane feels bad. She asks Jack if he thinks she’s responsible for what happened to Phyllis.

Jack tells her this isn’t necessary but she needs to know what’s in his heart.

She knows how disappointed he was when he caught her fighting with Phyllis.

Diane swears she had nothing to do with what happened to her.


Jack admits that six months ago he could imagine her bringing harm to Phyllis, but now he doesn’t.

He’s just sorry she’s questioned his love for her.

He holds her as she sobs.


Jack suspects that tonight might have been a set-up of some kind.

He tells Diane that Stark won’t get away with it and repeats that he has unshakeable faith in her.

Someone walks into a motel room. Phyllis is there. “Took you long enough,” she says.

phyllis waits at the safe house


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