Elena Moves Out, Kyle and Summer Decide to Move to the Pool House, and Daniel Takes a Call, Believing it to be Phyllis

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nate tells Sharon his problems, Elena vents about Nate to Mariah, and Ashley is outraged to find Diane in her house. In the previous episode, Malcolm’s return brought tears of joy, Devon decided to change his surname to Winters, and Daniel’s conscience weighed on him.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 8, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 9. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nate sits at Crimson Lights thinking about sex with Victoria and being confronted by Elena. Sharon interrupts to tell him how beautiful the tribute to Neil was.

nate misses his family

The therapist notices something is wrong. He tells her he felt that he might be able to reconcile with his family tonight, but there is still tension there.

He’s realized success comes with a cost and won’t apologize for being ambition. But he hasn’t managed his priorities as well as he should have.

His personal life is suffering as a consequence. Nate admires what a great therapist she is.

She says it doesn’t take a professional to see he’s going through a rough patch. He blames himself for that and rehashes all that’s happened since he could no longer be a surgeon.

He and Elena have lost their common ground and are headed in different directions. He’s feeling an excitement he hasn’t in a long time and likes who he has become.

sharon councils nate

He’s never resented Elena but he’s hurt her and feels bad about it.

She says that hurting your partner is inevitable in a long-term relationship. He admits that he’s intoxicated by power and making money.

It’s made him reckless.

Sharon says everyone screws up sometimes and suggests he can still repair the damage. He doesn’t think that will happen this time.

It sound to her like he knew the risks he was taking. Nate says he’s crossed the point of no return.

Elena sobs in her room and thinks about how things went wrong with Nate.

elena sad after breaking up with nate

Tears run down her cheeks as she recalls all the times he told her he was making things right for their future.

At Society, Kyle calls Summer and leaves a worried message. Mariah arrives to pick up take-out and starts babbling about the Neil memorial and the importance of family.

mariah picks up noodles for tessa

She notices something is wrong and suggests he let it out.

They sit and he tells her his mom got out on bail. This resulted in a confrontation with Summer.

She’s siding with Summer. He tells her how hard it is to deal with this situation.

Mariah says Summer needs to have a place to put all the blame. He can’t stand the idea of his wife thinking he’s defending a murderer.

She says they love each other and will find a way with patience and faith. He’s not sure that’s enough.

He thanks her for listening. Mariah hopes he finds his wife and the proof he needs to clear his mom.

As Mariah gets her food, Elena shows up. Mariah is surprised she’s not with Nate and wasn’t at the Neil bash.

elena tells mariah that nate only cares about power and success

Elena says Nate played her. He’s not the man she loves any more. He’s been manipulating her and she’s done.

The only thing Nate cares about is winning. Mariah finds that hard to believe.

mariah and elena talk about nate changing

Elena beats herself up for being idiotic enough to think Nate would change. This isn’t a phase, it’s who he is.

Elena returns to her room and keeps recalling her fight with Nate. She smashes a photo of them.

elena smashes the photo of her and nate

Wiping away her tears, she leaves her key and takes her luggage.


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In the park, Summer tells Daniel that they can’t risk telling anyone their mom is alive until they have a plan to keep her safe.

daniel yelling at summer over diane

He thinks they need to do the right thing. She wouldn’t have even told him about this except the secret was too much for her.

Daniel doesn’t think this is the way to protect their mother. She doubts the cops will see what happened as self-defense. That means she could go to jail for life.

He can’t live with this secret considering how many people it is hurting.

She can’t believe he’s putting his conscience above their mom. They need to help her.

She reminds him that he blew up his own family and is in no position to make smart decisions.

He thinks she sounds like their mom and asks how it feels when Kyle holds her believing that she’s grieving as he worries his mom will be taken away from him.

She tells him that Michael “did some kind of lawyer move” so Diane is out of prison right now. She begs him to help her find a way to bring their mom home that won’t put her behind bars.

summer argues with daniel

He points out this could ruin her marriage. His sister says they just need time.

Daniel refuses. Kyle deserves the truth.

Pouting Summer shakes her head.

Later, Kyle finds her alone. She asks if he’s spoken to Daniel.

summer and kyle discuss diane

He hasn’t. He looked all over town before realizing she would be in her favorite spout.

She didn’t mean to worry him but had to get out of the house.

The way she keeps running away scares him. She gives him a hug and says she loves him.

summer snuggles kyle

He repeats there’s nothing she can’t tell him. He’s trying to give her space to grieve, but he wants to help her.

Shivering, she tells him how hard it was to see Diane at home. She’s happy for him but she can’t…

Her husband can understand why she’s upset but is sure they can find a way through this. She’s not so sure.

He suggests they take a trip if she doesn’t want to go back to the house. That sounds good to her but they can’t. It wouldn’t be fair on him.

Kyle says she’s his priority and he’ll do whatever she needs.

kyle wants summer to stop running

They have to tell Harrison that DiDi is back and Phyllis is gone. She tells him it’s too soon for the latter.
He points out he could handle the news about Ashland. She’s insistent.

Daniel goes to his suite at the GCAC and pours a drink.

He answers a call from an unknown number. He assumes it’s Phyllis. They don’t say anything so he talks like it’s his mom.

daniel tells phyllis on a call that he thinks she's on that she's being cruel

He tells her she can’t just disappear. They need her and she’s put them in an impossible position.

Daniel begs her to come home so they can figure this all out. The person hangs up.

He has a drink and walks out.

Jack and Diane cuddle at the Abbott estate. She feels bad about driving Summer out. She’d move out but her options are limited.

diane's gigantic ankle monitor

Hopefully Kyle can convince her to come back so they can live together civilly.

Ashley is shocked to walk in and see Jenkins on the couch. Tucker follows her in and smiles as she rails at Diane.

kyle and diane surprised to see ashley

Jack is finding all this claustrophobic.

Diane welcomes Tucker into the house and says it’s great Ashley has a warm, forgiving heart like her brother.

Ashley demands to know how the “homicidal flight risk” got out of jail. Diane declares she would never leave a home where she has all she wants.

ashley yells at diane

She knows Ashley hates her but they need to figure something out if they will be under the same roof. Showing off her ankle monitor, she explains she can’t leave the grounds.

diane vs ashley at abbotts

Ashley says they are disgusting and shameless for doing this to Summer. Jack insists this is her home.

jack and ashley go at it while summer and kyle walk in

As the siblings argue about Ashley trying to destroy Diane, Kyle and Summer arrive.

kyle breaks the fight up

Jack thought his sister hit rock bottom by bringing Tucker in. Eventually, Kyle yells that if any of them care about Summer, they will leave her out of their feud.

He lectures them. Jack and Ashley get apologetic.

Kyle declares this has to stop. Diane apologizes too and knows how hard this must be on her.

Summer can’t take this so Kyle declares they are taking Harrison and moving into the pool house.

kyle and summer are moving into the pool house

Sitting in the big velvet chairs, Kyle tells Summer that they can make the most of living in the pool house. He just wants to help her through this.

She says they need to tell Harrison about DiDi. He hugs her. Daniel arrives outside and watches them through the door before walking off.

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