Diane Is Shocked When Jeremy Stark Confronts Her at the Abbott Estate, and Sally and Adam Kiss After She Admits She Wants Him

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Tucker meets his grandson, Ashley and Nikki think Phyllis has gone too far, and Victor tells his son that his relationship with Sally is a mistake.

In the previous episode, Connor was bullied at school, Sharon thought Adam was jealous of Billy, and Phyllis reached out to Stark.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 1, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 2. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Tucker arrives at Crimson Lights and calls Devon to confirm their meeting.

He’s surprised when Diane pops up.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

She tells him she’s not going anywhere and isn’t scared of Jeremy Stark.

He reminds her of what he’s capable of. Diane insists she didn’t turn him in.

When she adds Jack and Kyle are standing by her, he says they have no idea what they are letting themselves in for.

She accuses him of hiding behind Ashley and the ladies and letting them do his dirty work.

They rehash her refusal to get him the dirt on Jabot. He accuses her of lying to him and never intending to fulfill her end of their deal.

Jenkins says he acts like a rich toddler.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

She finally has what she wants and she’s not going to run. He points out that will put the people she claims to love at risk.

Diane says this is her life, not a game. He thinks she should have realized this before.

McCall tells her it’s a little selfish of her not to leave at this point.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

She tells him that whatever happens is on him. He can admire her misplaced confidence.

She tells him that she has become a fixture in the Abbott world and he’s losing the chance at having an ally.

He’s not impressed. She accuses him of trying to separate Ashley from her family for his own sake.

Devon interrupts to take his father away to see his grandson.

After they are gone, she sends Jack a text to check that they are on for dinner. He texts back asking her to meet at his place.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Diane smiles to herself.

At the penthouse, Devon introduces Dom to Tucker. McCall says he looks just like him. It makes him wish he knew him as a child.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

They sit on the carpet and play, wishing they could see the world through the kid’s eyes.

Devon says he’s never cranky and loves to dance.

Tucker thinks Katherine would have been over the moon.

He’s blown away by how he, Chance, and Abby have teamed up.

Seeing them together makes him think the grand experiment has worked.

He senses there is something between his son and Abby, but Devon won’t explain.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Things get more awkward as McCall quizzes him about his love life. His son is evasive.

Tucker tells Dom he will be there for him whenever he needs, just like he wishes he’d been for his dad.

Phyllis strides into the Abbott estate and begins bickering with Nikki and Ashley about her calling Stark.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

She accuses them of being afraid of taking a risk.

Ashley thinks she’s made a stupid mistake.

Phyllis explains that she told him it was Diane who made a deal with the Feds to get him arrested. She says he was very kind… and asked about Diane.

Red told him where Diane is. She wonders why they don’t seem happier to hear this.

The ladies admit they have serious doubts this was the right route to take.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that?” Phyllis asks.

She’s gone to great lengths to make this happen.

Screaming, she rants about how no matter what they have done has driven Diane out.

Aren’t they sick of her entrenching herself in their family’s lives?

Nikki doubts this will work. Ashley doubts it too.

Livid, Phyllis complains that Diane is controlling the narrative and playing the victim.

“We need to blast that bitch off her perch!” she insists.

The ladies point out they don’t even know if Diane turned Stark in. They worry about how ugly this could get if it backfires.

Ashley doubts he will be happy if he finds out they’ve used him. This could end in violence for all their families.

Diane shows up and notices the “whole coven” is there and assumes they are plotting her destruction.

Phyllis says her loathing is deserved and Diane says that’s mutual.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Criticizing them for their hypocrisy, she points out that all their plans have failed.

Gloating that Jack invited her to dinner, she sits down to wait.

Ashley and Nikki immediately file out. Phyllis tells her to enjoy herself and follows them.

Jenkins shakes her head and sighs.

After she adjusts her hair in the mirror, the doorbell rings. It’s Stark.

Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

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Nick knocks on Sally’s door but there is no answer.

Adam finds Sally still working at a table in Society. She sighs as he comes over.

He asks how she is. She’s annoyed because she’s trying to work.

adam sees sally at society Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Sally admits she’s not okay. He is the cause of her upset. His ridiculous professions of love keep torturing her.

He thinks that’s a bit strong and won’t apologize.

She thinks he should have remorse for messing with her head.

He insists he’s not trying to manipulate her. She knows.

Everything he said keeps racing around in her head and she can’t shake the way he makes her feel.

Adam smiles and assumes that she knows they should be together.

sally can't concentrate Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She’s trying to resurrect her career and he’s upsetting that. He knows she has a lot to sort through and reminds her they do that well together.

When he suggests they talk this out somewhere else, she agrees they need to resolve this.

They go to her suite. He doesn’t want to plead his case or tell her how she should feel. Adam just hates how unsettled she feels running into him.

sally tells adam he hurt her young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

She never thought talking to him would be this hard. He was always the person she found easiest to talk to.

What he said to her the other day really got to her. She could see that she really mattered to him.

It breaks his heart to realize she didn’t know any of that until now.

He feels like they are close to getting back everything they had and more.

sally and adam about to reunite young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Sally admits she still feels love for him. How could she not? But the way he hurt her was awful and is hard to forgive.

Adam wishes he could undo that all but all he can do is apologize for being stupid. He’s sure they can finally get it right.

What he wants hasn’t changed. He still wants to marry her.

Sally wants him too. They kiss.

sally kissing adam Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Then they kiss some more.

sally and adam make up and kiss young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Nick meets his father at Society.

They talk about supply chain issues.

Nick makes faces when he sees a container he’s been tracking left four months late.

nick looks at his phone with victor at society young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Victor wonders if he’s off his game because of “that Spectra woman.”

Nick finds that phrasing insulting.

His father knows he’s in a triangular relationship with that woman and his brother.

That’s no good.

He points out that Nick has gone through all this before.

Sighing, he tells him this is very bad for him on every level.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

“C’mon man. You know better than that,” he says, suggesting Sally is using him.

Adam has made his choice and it’s sad but with Nick it’s worse.

Nick doesn’t understand his animosity toward Sally given all the qualities she has.

Victor explains he got his people to put together a dossier on her and what she was up to in LA.

He tells him she faked a serious illness and relied on blackmail.

Fidgeting, Nick admits she’s done some things that are questionable, but she’s worked to change her life.

young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

This isn’t convincing his father.

Nick gives up on trying to change his mind but adds that Adam doesn’t deserve her.

Victor says she’s just a symptom of the rivalry between the brothers. If he chooses her over his family, he will live to regret it.

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