Cameron Sends Sharon Another Creepy Gift and Diane and Her family Are Overjoyed When the Charges Against Her Are Dropped

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nate tells Audra about his breakfast with Victor, Nick worries to Nikki that his sister is headed for disaster, and Daniel and Summer argue about their mom. In the previous episode, Chance’s evidence has Christine wanting to kill Phyllis herself, Billy tried not to judge Victoria, and Summer was caught sneaking around.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 29, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 30. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Michael joins Christine at Society and hopes she’s not about to offer him an insulting plea bargain.

michael reminds christine diane innocent

She tells him there’s been a development.

christine has news for michael

Summer gets coffee at Crimson Lights. Daniel is there to get a cinnamon bun for his daughter. Things are tense.

daniel listening to summer

She vents about her mom being in exile. She feels like she’s living a nightmare.

Her brother suggests their mom come home regardless of the consequences. She’s not happy when he tells her that he told Lily about the situation.

Summer is annoyed that he doesn’t seem bothered about the idea of their mother in a prison cell. He’s not used to all this chaos and deception.

summer annoyed daniel is a yapper

She kicks herself for ever telling him about this. If more people who own media companies find out about this, their mom will be in danger.

They talk about what to do next, like finding the EMT. He reminds her of what this is doing to Diane but she’s not impressed.

They clam up when Chance pops up with news. He explains they found evidence that Phyllis is alive and the charges against Diane are being dropped.

chance has news for summer and daniel

Summer is sure her brother is thrilled. The cop tells them that Christine will be sure to make Phyllis pay. She’s going to be the postergirl for what happens when the rich and powerful break the law.

She asks Chance to help but there’s not much he can do. He says Phyllis needs to come home and make a statement.

chance can't help much

Once the cop leaves, Summer blames her brother for having a conscience. He won’t apologize for that and suggests they work together to help their mom.

She claims she hasn’t been in touch with their mom and tells him not to try contacting her. It sounds to him like she has been in touch with her and even knows where she is.

daniel guesses summer in touch with mom

Summer refuses to tell him anything. After some prodding, she admits she knows where their mom is but she’s not turning herself in. She refuses to tell him anymore and rejects any of his “special brand of help.”

She tells him if he wants to help, he needs to back off.

Jack arrives at the Abbott estate with some flowers. He and his son talk about the Summer situation. She’s taken off without a word.

jack confused

Diane pops up and Jack hands her a book and flower. She’s sick of being cooped up and wants out. They stop her from running out the door and she rants about Phyllis.

diane tells kyle she wants out

They assure her everything will go back to normal soon. She worries Phyllis will disappear and she’ll be stuck in a prison cell.

diane fed up

Michael and Christine arrive. He’s eager to see the look on his client’s face.

The DA announces they are dropping the charges.

chrisine and michael announce charges dropped

Jack says sometimes prays are answered and Diane gets Christine to confirm that this is really over. There’s no body, no murder, and no crime.

The lawyers explain the evidence Chance found and Christine even apologizes. Diane asks what this will mean for Phyllis. The DA explains the list of charges she’ll be facing keeps getting longer.

Kyle is thrilled and can’t wait to tell Summer.

kyle is overjoyed

As Christine exits, Chance arrives to remove Diane’s ankle monitor. As he does, they all apologize to him.

chance removes diane's ankle monitor

Diane thanks them all for giving her her life back.

diane jack thrilled

Kyle starts to worry that Summer is not responding to his texts. Diane explains she saw her with a big bag earlier. She thanks his son for all his love and faith.

Tearing up, Diane tells them she will spend the rest of forever showing them how much they mean to her. They have a group hug.

Once Kyle takes off, Diane tells Jack she wants to go out on the town and show off her monitor-free ankles. Then they can talk about their wedding. They kiss.

diane jack out on the town

Kyle arrives at the Crimson Lights patio and catches Summer and Daniel talking intensely. He wonders what that’s about.

summer rejects daniel help

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Y&R comings and goings

At home, Sharon talks to Nick on the phone about the gifts from Cameron Kirsten.

She hopes she’s still in prison and she’s trying to set this aside for today.

nick on phone with sharon about cameron

He warns her that she’ll need to protect herself if he’s out of prison.

When Sharon gets off the phone, she hears someone fiddling with the door and grabs a fire iron.

sharon with fire poker

It’s just Faith and she brought a friend. It’s a cat in bag called Borgnine.

sharon meets faith's cat

Faith can’t wait to meet her niece.

Mariah and Tessa arrive with Aria. Faith tells the baby how thrilled she is to meet her. They gather around the baby.

faith mariah tessa baby

They chat about everything that has happened since she went away. Sharon claims nothing unusual has happenwed.

At the Newman office, Nikki asks her son where “that monster” Cameron Kirsten is. He says they don’t even know if he’s been released.

nikki questions nick about cameron

She tells him that can’t have a repeat of that situation.

He’s more concerned about Victoria and Nate and says it’s a disaster waiting to happen. She thinks her daughter seems happy.

nikki concerned about cameron

He reminds her she was happy with Ashland too. His mom says her daughter doesn’t need a chaperone.

Nick disagrees with this and is sure this will not end well for any of them.

nick worried about victoria and nate disaster

Nick joins the ladies at Sharon’s and they catch up about how Noah and Allie are doing in Europe.

nick joins the ladies

The topic turns to Tessa’s career. Sharon and Nick are jumpy when there is a knock at the door.

Sharon goes outside to check and finds a box. She brings it in as everyone else laughs. Sharon sets it on the desk and stares.

sharon gets a box

In the box is a cigar box containing only a matchbook.

Picking it up and reading it, she glances over at Nick in a panic.

sharon panic

Nate stops by Audra’s suite with lattes.

He fills her in on his breakfast with Victor, who was eager to talk about his daughter and Nate’s future.

nate tells audra about his breakfast

She’s impressed he survived a conversation with Victor and he details how he did it. He explains that he nearly lost his license when he was Victor’s doctor.

Audra is impressed he seems to have the blessings of a “legend.” He complains that Nick is a problem.

nate audra talk victor

He’s been watching Nick and thinks he’s tenacious and protective of his sister. He needs to be handled.

Audra thinks that could be a delicate operation. “That’s where you come in,” he says.

audra and nate talk victor

In his suite at the GCAC, Cameron has a drink and then splashes water in his face. “Hello there you handsome devil,” he says to the mirror, welcoming himself back to Genoa City.

cameron in mirror

He looks at a picture of Sharon online and flashes back to his history with Sharon and his blackmailing her.

Sighing, he leans back in bed. Moving over to a chair, he lights a cigar.

At Society, Chance gets a call at Cameron. “You don’t say?” asks the cop.

cameron flashback

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