Diane’s Outraged Catching Stark & Phyllis Together, Stark Vows the Gala Will be Memorable and Amanda Stops Lily From Talking to Devon

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack tells Traci his engagement news, Phyllis sneaks into the Abbott house, and Abby tries to support Devon. In the previous episode, Nate refused to sleep with Victoria, causing her to fantasize, Tucker refused to let Adam get his company, and Victor caught Abby and Devon together.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 17, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 20. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott estate, Traci welcomes Jack home and asks if he had a nice romantic getaway with.

She notes it didn’t last long.


Excited, Jack announces that proposed to Diane.

Luckily for him, she accepted.

His sister knew that he was going to find this type of love again.

She’s so happy that he’s happy, and he deserves it more than anyone.


Jack appreciates that but isn’t sure everyone else will have the same reaction.

At the penthouse, Devon gets dressed and Abby asks how he’s feeling.

He has a great attorney, and he feels confident.

devon and abby talk strategy

Abby points out that this will be the first time he’s seen Amanda since they split up.

Devon still can’t believe that Lily’s twisting the knife deeper by bringing his ex back.

Abby wants to go with Devon to support him, but Devon doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Abby says she just wants to support him. She urges him not to let his anger guide him. He needs to not let Lily or Amanda provoke him.

He promises not to let his personal feelings affect what will happen in the hearing.

She’s seen him passionate and angry and worries that he could get rattled.

He’s glad that they’ve known each other long enough that she knows that. She worries that Lily and Amanda know it too. What if Amanda gets in his face?

She pretends to be Amanda grilling him about being a liar and philanderer. Devon repeats that no matter what happens today, he can still come home to his life with her and Dom.

In the grand scheme of things, what counts is real love and a real relationship. He’s sure that she and Dom will always catch him.

As she shows him out, they kiss. She thinks of when she and Devon had a conversation about the nature of love.

He told her how dangerous love is and how it whips you around like a ragdoll. But you always feel like you will be caught when you fall.

Abby said she never had a love like that. She smiles to herself and sighs.

devon and abby flash back

Daniel bumps into Lily at Crimson Lights and asks if she’s ready for the arbitration hearing.

After making some jokes, he suggests they take a moment to chat.


He wants to help her work through her anxiety and make sure she’s not second-guessing herself. He wants her to stop beating herself up.

They sit down and Daniel says he knows that family is important to her. That’s why she got into the business.

Daniel explains that whenever something goes wrong for him, he has a post-mortem about it.

She was up all night doing that.

He says this isn’t on her. It’s all Devon. They point out that she wants to preserve Neil’s legacy too.


Daniel tells her that she built something, a legacy, and Devon has no right to tear that down.

She thanks him. This is what she needed to hear. They hug.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis is startled when Stark calls out to her.

She reminds him that she just made a big show out of washing her hands of him. They can’t be seen in public.


Stark was working out and is ready to sit down and discuss the next steps.

Before they can get on the elevator, Diane pops up and declares, “I should have known! Every word out of your mouth was a big fat lie!”

Phyllis claims she had no idea he was back and he says he only came back because he forgot his lucky socks.

Diane declares his tactics don’t work on her, and he has no power over her.

Phyllis asks Jeremy if he believes Diane because she doesn’t find it believable at all.

Diane says they are a match made in hell. Phyllis asks how hell was when she “died.” Diane tries to shame her for using her own daughter as a pawn in her scheme.

Phyllis wonders if it’s hard for her to manufacture this level of outrage. She was more believable before this “saintly reform.”

diane upset jeremy is meeting phyllis

Diane insists she’s changed but Phyllis says there are people who will never forgive her and they will be happy to see her pay.

Diane can’t think of two people who deserve each other more than them. It must really bother Phyllis that all her attacks only strengthen her relationship with Jack.

She accuses her of being obsessed with Jack’s love of her. She declares they will soon hear news that will let them know their hatred can’t win.

Diane doesn’t have the time or energy for their nonsense and walks out.


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Diane arrives at the Abbott estate and fills Jack in about her run-in with Phyllis and Jack. He doesn’t find it hard to believe that his ex is still with Stark.

They wonder what those two could be planning. She’s sure that seeing them getting closer is only making Phyllis angrier. Losing out on his love has filled her with rage.

Jack thinks that Phyllis has painted herself into a corner. This is frustrating. He thought that she might reconsider her priorities given what this has done to her relationship with her kids.

She worries that Phyllis drama mixed with Stark’s twisted psyche could cause who knows what.

jack reassures diane

Jack assures her they won’t let anyone take their happiness away. They hug.

Stark and Phyllis go up to his suite and she worries about what “news” Diane has.

Jeremy tells her not to get distracted. That’s exactly what Diane wants.

Jeremy and Phyllis at grand phoenix

They need to focus on their plan. She assures him she’s got it.

He asks if she’s still on board with the plan 100 percent. She doesn’t want to be micro-managed.

He admires her confidence and says they make a good team.

They could light the world on fire. As he gets close, she pushes him back and tells him to stay focused.

phyllis thinks stark's hot but isn't going to do anything about it

She’s waited a really long time to get back at Diane and she can’t be distracted by some handsome man.

Tracy joins Nikki at Society, eager to talk about the gala.

It still feels like there is so much to do. Nikki tells her to double-check the VIP list.


This is going to be an unforgettable celebration. Nikki wishes they’d had more one on one time together planning it.

There’s something about a masked ball that really speaks to Traci. Nikki is sure it will prove to be a magical evening. Given the timing, Traci thinks that everyone really needs an event like this.

Nikki wonders if she’s talking about something specific.

Traci vaguely glosses over that and says it’s important to bring people together to celebrate something uplifting. The Newman doesn’t buy it and asks for something more specific.

She brings up the Stark situation and insists it was all Phyllis’ idea.

When she’s left alone, Stark wanders in. He’s happy to see her. She doesn’t feel the same and makes it clear she doesn’t want him around.

He says that of the trio who drew him back to town, he’s the one he finds the most intriguing. They are both from the wrong side of the tracks.

She advises him not to make any assumptions about her, especially after breaking into her apartment. He says he was framed. She suggests he leave town.

Jeremy claims he’s not a threat. He’s fascinated that she turned on him so quickly. Does she think Diane is just the kind of person who will get what’s coming to her?

He tells her that prison made him realize there is more to life than wallowing in resentment. He brings up the gala and offers a donation.

jeremy stark with nikki

She tells him his name won’t be on the guest list no matter how big his check is.

He’s determined to make the event a night to be remembered. He smirks to himself as she exits.

jeremy did research on nikki newman

Phyllis arrives at the Abbott estate as Traci is leaving. She allows Phyllis in and, after sneaking around the living, room, she pulls out a ring in a box.

Phyllis caught in the act Y&R recaps

Diane demands to know what she’s doing. Phyllis claims she’s there to meet her daughter. Her enemy doesn’t buy it.

Turning, Phyllis places a box in her bag and then waltzes out.

Lily arrives at Chancellor-Winters. Devon is waiting. She tells him that once they start this there is no going back. Will he consider talking about this?

lily wants devon to rethink the hearing

Amanda arrives and tells her not to say another word.

amanda is back at Y&R genoa city

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