Devon Wants to Buy Back Hamilton-Winters, Audra Gets a New Job, Jeremy Gives Diane a Deadline to Steal, and Jack Has a Plan

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Summer fights with Phyllis, Audra has a job interview at Newman Media, and Summer learns about her mom and Tucker. In the previous episode, Ashley had sex with Tucker and snooped, Devon fired Audra and confronted Tucker, pushing him out of his life.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 9, 2023 episode airs in the USA January 10. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Phyllis corners Tucker at Crimson Lights and asks if he’s really ready to burn everything down.

tucker and phyllis crimson lights young and restless recaps

She thinks he needs a reality check. People are onto him.

“People here are smart,” she says. That makes him snort.

She claims he’ll never be one of them.

tucker snorts as phyllis calls people of genoa city smart young and restless recaps

He points out she’s been there for decades and is still an outsider.

She claims she fixes her problems with her family. That’s not what he’s heard.

Phyllis tells him he can jet off or stay to burn it all down.

At the Abbott estate, Kyle brings Summer some coffee and she looks forward to taking Harrison to Paris for the textile show.

summer wild hair young and restless recaps

She hopes the Stark drama will be over by the time they get back.

He says that Jeremy needs to be dealt with. His wife promises to videochat with him every day.

Kyle assures her that she and Harrison are his world and he is not putting his mother above them.

She tells her husband they will get through this.

After they kiss, Phyllis shows up.

summer kissing kyle young and restless recaps

Phyllis wants a moment alone with her daughter.

Kyle reluctantly agrees and walks off.

Summer explains she’s going to Paris and her mom starts probing before offering to go with her.

phyllis and summer abbott mansion Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She wants to fix whatever is going on between them. Summer reminds her she said she broke her heart. What’s suddenly changed?

Phyllis claims she hates getting between her and her family.

Her daughter assumes Daniel told her about their private conversation.

Phyllis claims their riff is killing Daniel.

He got her to see she was putting Summer in a horrible position and she’s sorry.

Choking up, she tells her they can go to Paris or stay here and fix things.

Summer will have to talk it over with Kyle.

Diane meets Jeremy at Society as he’s finishing breakfast.

He’s wearing the tie she gave him years ago.

stark in blue suit young and restless recaps

She explains she’s looking forward to fulfilling her act of good faith.

He’s dying to know the details and needs her to act swiftly and decisively.

If this partnership is going to work, she says, they need to be equals.

Besides, what’s wrong with prolonging the fun?

diane works with stark young and restless recaps

He’s not budging and wants evidence of what she’s doing by tomorrow.


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Abby drops by Devon’s penthouse and finds him being glum.

devon reveals tucker is a sack of lies young and restless recaps

They sit on the couch and he fills her in on confronting and firing Audra.

Then he went to Tucker’s suite.

Ashley was there and he went off on his father anyway.

He tells her that she was right not to buy into Tucker’s story.

Now Dominic has no grandfather. Tucker is a “sack of lies,” unlike trustworthy Neil.

devon bemoans tucker his dad young and restless recaps

She assures him he has some family that will never disappear.

Devon feels bad because Audra pointed out how he misjudged almost everything. Abby tells him not to blame himself and points out he’s always suspicious.

He beats himself up for being swayed by other people’s agendas.

Whipping out his phone, he calls Jill and demands a meeting.

He’s soon on a videochat with Jill. She’s heard about Audra and blames herself for it. This means they need to put the IPO on hold again.

Jill on call with devon Y&R recaps

That’s not what he wants to discuss. He’s realized that merging their companies was a mistake and he wants to buy back Hamilton-Winters.

She thinks this is extreme but he thinks it’s perfectly logical. He’s realized Nate was right about him not wanting to share Neil’s legacy.

Jill thinks this is a huge mistake.

Devon won’t hesitate to make his rejection of the IPO public if they don’t let him exit the company.

She’s furious but he’s not backing down and doesn’t think anything has worked. He’d love to end things peacefully and quickly.

She’ll discuss this with Lily but hopes there’s a chance he’ll change his mind.

Devon insists his decision is final.

devon wants his company back Young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

At Newman Media, Nate pitches his choice for COO to Victoria.

She’s surprised to learn it’s Audra.

nate wants to hire audra Y&R recaps

She’d like to meet with her. He explains she’s on the way.

Audra soon arrives, impressed that the CEO is there as well.

Victoria is surprised she left Chancellor-Winters.

audra pony tail Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Audra can’t discuss her business with other clients but is excited to pick their brains about their ideas for Newman Media.

She has some questions and thoughts of her own. There is some business chit-chat.

Victoria is impressed. They thank her for coming in.

nate and victoria meeting Young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Audra tells them she likes their company and would be ready to give them a shot if they’ll have her.

She assures them she’s a team player.

Victoria likes her style and leaves the decision up to Nate while she goes to a meeting.

Once she’s gone, Audra asks Nate if they are doing this. He shakes her hand.

At Jabot, Jack notices that his sister is moody. She explains it’s not about Diane this time.

jack and ashley work young and restless recaps

She learned that Audra was plotting against Chancellor-Winters.

She also saw Devon cut his father out of his life right before her eyes. And she found evidence that McCall was after Jabot.

It turns out, they were right to be suspicious of him all along and he was playing her and Devon.

Jack wonders if part of her wishes they were wrong about Tucker.

She insists that she knows what she’s doing. It’s him that is being manipulated by an ex.

Tucker shows up at the office and bumps into Jack, who is not pleased to see him.

tucker talks to jack at jabot Y&R recaps

He’s amazed he had the nerve to show his face given what he was doing with Audra.

McCall admits he was planning to go after Jabot but that’s all old news. Besides, he was only interested in giving Ashley her rightful place in the company.

He thinks she deserves her own company.

Jack thinks he’s deluded if he thinks Ashley would work with him.

Ashley eavesdrops as Tucker goes on about all she deserves. Jack orders him out, saying he’s not welcome there.

Diane later drops by Jack’s office. She thinks she’s convinced Jeremy off her plot but now the clock is ticking.

diane rushes jack Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Jack says they need to make sure it’s all thought out so it won’t backfire.

He’s taken aback when she announces she only has until tomorrow.

She’s not an experienced thief and doesn’t know how to go about it. Jack has an idea.

jack talks to diane at jabot Y&R recaps

Victor and Nikki have a pied-de-Terre in Chicago and he knows how to get in.

Nikki keeps some jewelry there and he can get in and out easily.

Ashley stops by Society to see her daughter.

Abby explains that Devon already told her about what happened.

ashley and abby talk tucker Y&R recaps

Her mom feels stupid because Tucker got to her a little bit.

She was even tempted to take him up on his business offer.

Right now, she needs some distance from it all.

She’s going to leave Genoa City for a while.

abby upset mom might leave genoa city Young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

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