Chelsea Apologizes to Billy for Drugging and Raping Him, and Devon Flips Out at Nate for Asking Questions About His Break Up With Amanda

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sharon urges Chance to take his cues from children, Daniel gets Lily to open up about Billy, and Abby tells Dom all will be well. In the previous episode, Chelsea made amends, Lily was concerned about Billy’s addiction, and Stark cornered Phyllis.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 12, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 13. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Lily tells Daniel she’s fine but he realizes that’s not the case.

lily talks billy Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

She claims there is a law against talking about current relationship issues with an ex.

He promises to forget the whole conversation as though it never happened. They may be exes, but they are also friends.

She admits that she feels like she is losing Billy. It feels like something has changed.

He wonders if this has something to do with the Abbotts destructive habits.

Lily isn’t sure. She knows he’s helping someone having a hard time and that help has excluded all else. There’s a weird dependency.

Daniel says it sounds like she’s being left on the back burner.

She feels like she’s oversharing but admits that Billy is everything you could want in a partner.

“Until he isn’t,” Daniel adds, listing a few of his flaws. Is he falling into old patterns?

daniel lily advice Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

That’s what she suspects.

He assures her none of this is her fault. She and Lily aren’t losing each other, she’s just too nice.

Billy’s choices just aren’t compatible with a long-term relationship.

She waves her hands around, saying that’s awful.

lily doubts Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

Daniel then suggests that maybe Billy is just more noble than anyone has ever given him credit for.

She worries that Billy has “white knight syndrome” and enjoys being the good guy too much.

Her ex tells her how smart and thoughtful she is. Billy is Billy and can’t be changed.

Lily is happy they have been able to maintain their friendship so she can share things like this with him.

In spite of how frustrated she’s been, she wants to believe this is a rough patch and she will work through this with Billy.

Daniel wishes her every happiness.

In Chelsea’s apartment, Billy assures her there is nothing to make amends for.

billy chelsea Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

She insists they both know that’s not true. He’s not sure what she’s talking about.

Chelsea makes its clear she’s talking about when she gave him no choice on the night Johnny was conceived.

He sighs and doesn’t understand the point of raking up ancient history.

She feels she needs to be accountable. What she did was wrong.

After sighing again, he sits down with her but remains reluctant to discuss the sex.

She says that at the time she thought it was a crazy night that went too far, but now she realizes it was wrong and non-consensual since he was high out of his mind.

chelsea apologizes Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

She reminds him she drugged him and he couldn’t consent.

When he claims he used to just like walking on the wild side, she insists he’s making excuses so she won’t have to face this.

He admits he doesn’t remember anything but his son was created than night and he loves him. Because of him, he wouldn’t change a thing.

“But if anything like that ever happened to him…” he says. She knows and tells him how sorry she is.

Chelsea tells him what a release this has been. He says it’s important they all just move on.

He’s sure she wouldn’t do the same thing again and commends her bravery for taking responsibility for her actions.

She’s not going to ask for forgiveness but she is raising her son to be a better person than her.

She’s grateful for how kind Billy has been. It’s more than she deserves.


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Y&R comings and goings


In Nate’s office at Newman Media, he and Victoria go over plans for their business trip.

She tells him everyone in the company is looking forward to meeting him.

nate k-pop Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

He explains that he’s set up a meeting with a K-pop star to see if they vibe.

When he adds that Elena is trying to adjust things to make the trip, his boss wonders if that is wise.

victoria nate trip Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

She texts to say she can’t come.

Devon interrupts and demands to speak to his cousin alone.

Nate points out they are in a meeting but Victoria says it’s fine and takes off.

Devon tells Nate that whatever happened with Amanda is none of his business and he has no right getting involved.

He knows he’s asked Imani about them.

devon lecturing nate Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

Nate claims he was just curious and Devon tells him to let it go.

“What it the world could you have done to mess things up with Amanda?” Nate wonders.

As he squints are repeats this question, Devon wonders why he’s so interested. He repeats he has no right to ask him anything about his life.

Nate recalls how much Amanda wanted to make peace between them before things abruptly ended for the couple.

Devon remains defensive and annoyed that he’s so interested.

Nate assumes that he has some mistakes of his own to answer for given how evasive he’s being.

nate devon bicker Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

His cousin tells him apologies don’t erase anything.

Nate accuses him of not having the guts to own up to whatever he did to Amanda.

They rehash how they don’t owe each other anything. Nate tells him not to show up there again and Devon tells him to stay out of his life.

Connor shows up at Crimson Lights and complains to Sharon about how “school-like” school was.

She makes him recite a fact before she will serve him.

Johnny shows up to talk about algae and they order hot chocolate.

johny happy to see brother Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

After the kids wander off to talk video games, Chance arrives and orders some coffee.

She starts asking after Abby and he explains he’s been busy settling into his new place.

Sharon offers to be his sounding board again.

As she serves him coffee, they admire how well Johnny and Connor are getting along.

sharn chance coffee Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

She says they can learn a lot from children. They chat about how he can deal with things.

She suggests boxing but he’d rather talk to her. He’s worried about Dom undergoing so many changes.

Sharon says things will get easier in time and everyone will move on.

Chance wanted things to be less complicated for his son than it was for him. He feels like he’s failed.

She suggests that Dom could benefit from having such a nontraditional family. She’s sure adults can be as resilient as kids.

He knows that wallowing is not the answer to his problems.

When she suggests they ask the boys why they are smiling so much, he tells her he can’t handle watching any of “those dance videos.”

Meanwhile, Connor and Johnny talk about games and how their moms make sure they are always age-appropriate.

They complain they won’t let them play until they are done with their homework.

Connor can handle it when she’s bossy because she’s been gone so much.

Chance and Sharon join the kids, who explain their game to him.

chance kids video games &R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

Abby brings Dom to the penthouse since it was too cold in the park.

They get cozy with his stuffed lion.

abby looks cute with dominic in a hat Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

She promises that everything will be okay with Chance gone.

As they look at family photos and she explains who everyone is, she says that grandpa Neil and Victor would great friends, just like her and Devon.

abby dom photo Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

She flashes back to having sex with Devon and then sits on the steps with her son.

Abby apologizes for how weird things have been but they were weird before he was born too.

She had a second dad too, named Brad and he was wonderful.

There were always lots of people invested in making things good and that’s how they will be for him too.

abby dome talk devon &R recaps SoapsSpoilers December 12

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