Chance Reveals to Summer That Phyllis Was Poisoned and Discovers the Poison At GCAC, and Christine Confesses She and Paul Are Over

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick and Nikki try giving Summer some support, Devon tells Tucker he won’t buy his company, and Devon asks Victor his plans. In the previous episode, Summer and Daniel were determined to get to the truth about Stark’s involvement in Phyllis’ death, and Tucker tempted Ashley with marriage plans.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 10, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 11. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Tucker stops by the penthouse to see Devon. They chat about Phyllis’ unexpected demise and how it has reminded them not to take anything for granted.

devon and father

Tucker is easy for them to continue repairing their relationship.

Devon explains that he and Lily have buried the hatchet. That means he won’t be buying McCall.

He knows that’s not what he wants to hear but it is what it is.

“What is it?” Tucker asks. Devon repeats himself and adds the company isn’t going public either.

His father gives him congratulations but points out he could still have McCall on the side. Devon isn’t interested but adds Jill would buy his company.

Tucker explains that he wants to keep the company in the family. He thinks the company needs Devon.

tucker upset

His son repeats he won’t buy the company.

If he wants a relationship, he needs to just keep showing he’s changed.

“I have changed!” Tucker blurts.

At the motel, Phyllis reads about her memorial service on her phone.

phyllis at motel

Lauren joins Christine at Society. She’s numb from crying.

The lawyer knows a lot of people are in pain.

Lauren says this never should have happened.

lauren christine catch up

Christine walks off to take a call from Chance.

He says there were fatal levels of alkaloids in the blood they found.

It’s now a homicide investigation.

christine gets news

The DA returns to Lauren, who is looking at old photos of Phyllis.

She’ll never understand why the universe chose to take her now.

Christine listens as she goes on about how Phyllis was always reinventing herself.

She was imagining their kaftan-wearing future and then this happened…

Choking up, Christine talks about missing the future they intended to share with someone.

Lauren guesses she’s talking about Paul.

She pushes the lawyer to open up. Christine explains that she and Paul had something special for a long time, but that time has come to an end.

Things have been off for months, maybe longer.

He was frustrated with work after retiring.

They went away to fix things and realized they couldn’t.

Lauren is glad she’s finally opening up about this.

Christine says now she’s back in the DA’s office and he’s in Portugal.

christine admits she and paul are over

Lauren tells her she’s welcome to complain to her about Paul. She will always be there for her.

Nikki sits with Victor and tells him a lot of people are broken up about Phyllis.

They talk about the menu.

nikki teases victor

He’s more concerned about his daughter being disloyal.

She’s not doing good business, just trying to keep Adam out.

His wife admires that he’s letting his daughter do what she wants anyway.

They start joking around about marriage and how he needs to do the smart thing and stay out of Victoria’s business.

He’s determined to do that and make Adam his priority.

victor teases nikki young and restless recaps

When she steps away, Devon joins him and updates him on his grandson and his decision to drop the lawsuit and give his partnership with Lily another try.

Devon has already guessed that he was the one who invested to get Jill to drop the IPO.

devon says hello to victor

Victor explains that he’s trying to bring peace wherever he can and assures him he’s not concerned with Chancellor-Winters.

Devon thanks him but wonders if he invested to keep him from buying McCall Unlimited.

They toast to him returning to Chancellor-Winters and then Devon assures him he won’t be buying McCall.

This is the outcome Victor was hoping for. They toast to that.


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Summer finds Chance on the patio at Crimson Lights.

She declares that she needs his help exposing her mom’s murderer.

chance lets summer in on his detective work

The cop tells her she has plenty on her plate now. She starts speculating about Diane and Stark conspiring against her mom.

He can’t let her get involved in this investigation. She tells him to come to the memorial and study the people there. “Watch Diane,” she instructs.

She beats herself up for ignoring her mom’s warnings about Jenkins.

He tells her not to go Nancy Drew and get involved but the tox test on the blood they found line up with poisoning.

She immediately assumes Diane poisoned her mom.

The detective asks her to keep this between them. If the truth gets out before he builds a case, it could be doomed.

She insists that he has to come to the memorial to find her mom’s killer. She’ll give him the details when the time is right.

He’s not making any promises about attending but will see what he can do.

Chance stops by Phyllis’ suite at the Athletic Club. Stark is packing up and immediately assumes he’s there to collect evidence about the killer.

chance finds stark at GCAC

He wants an update on the investigation. He’s not getting one.

Sitting down, Chance has confirmed his marriage to Phyllis and the changes to her will.

Stark claims he hasn’t had time to think of the finances.

The cop lays out his suspicions that he bumped off his bride and framed Diane.

Jeremy claims he would never cause his wife harm. He explains that they were two lonely souls rejected by polite society who found each other.

Phyllis was afraid of Diane and thought he could protect her.

stark calls diane dangerous

She saw what everyone refused to acknowledge: Diane is dangerous and wanted to destroy Phyllis.

Stark tells him to stop blaming the innocent and find some evidence.

He leaves as the cop searches the room.

chance finds a clue in phyllis' room

He bags a vial he finds and then Stark returns and continues lecturing him about Diane going after Phyllis and what happened to her in her last moments.

Stark leaves again. Chance looks at the bottle of strychnine he found and makes a call.

strychnine from poisoning phyllis

In her office at Newman, Victoria chats to one of her employees, encouraging them to put together a new plan for acquisitions.

victoria on call

Nick shows up and tells his sister about his worries for his daughter. She encourages him not to hover.

He’s surprised when she announces that she is putting some of her big buying ideas on hold for a while.

There are more lucrative fish in the sea than McCall.

She explains that it was too much work. He reminds her he suggested that already and asks if their father is on board with it.

Smiling, she explains Victor is making his disapproval clear. She’s determined to keep Newman far away from the disaster of Adam.

nick tells sis stubborn gal

It bothers her that Victor is bending over backwards to help someone who despises them.

He says he’s just doing what any parent would do.

His sister knows how devoted he is to his family. She reminds him that his daughter needs him now.

Nikki stops by the Abbott estate to hug Summer and offer her help.

summer hugs grandma nikki

Summer rolls her eyes when Nick shows up. He explains his sister made him track her down.

He and his mom tell Summer they want to give her support. If she needs to cry, she can.

She’s not sad; she’s furious. Nick tells her it will be okay and hugs her.

nick and nikki up against summer

Nick tells her the love her mom had for her will never disappear. Summer thanks them and explains she still needs to nail down the location for the memorial.

Back at the motel, Phyllis discovers that her memorial will be held in the jazz lounge and wonders why Summer would choose there.

phyllis learns where memorial is

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