Chance and Amanda Walk in On Abby and Devon Having Sex, and Jill Asks Lily if She Should Dump Billy

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Amanda confronts Nate about his betrayal, Chelsea starts therapy, and Billy pays Chelsea a visit in the mental institute.

In the previous episode, Amanda returned in time to catch Devon and Abby making out, and Summer was cold to Diane while Kyle forgave her.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for November 7, 2022 episode airs in the USA November 8. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chance tries calling his wife after he stops by Society and finds she’s not there.

He’s sorry he didn’t come home last night but he has a lot on his mind and doesn’t know what the next step should be.

chance calls abby sorry didn't come home Y&R

He does want to fix whatever is broken between them.

As he sits, he spots Louise and asks where his wife is.

She explains Abby took Dom to see Devon.

louise with chance where's abby Y&R

In Devon’s penthouse, he and Abby make out on the couch.

devon and abby almost sex Y&R

They start peeling off their clothes.

abby and devon making out during sex YR

They have sex on the stairs, the couch, the stereo, and the floor.

devon sexy abby Y&R

After sex, they relax on the couch.

sex devon abby floor Y&R

She wants to hold onto feeling seen and cared for.

after sex snuggle dabby Y&R

Amanda arrives outside Devon’s penthouse.

Before she can enter, she bumps into Nate and he welcomes her home.

nate welcomes amanda home Y&R

They discuss her mom’s progress since the stroke.

She needs to talk to him, so he asks her in.

She confronts him about betraying the family.

He’s already heard this from multiple people and isn’t up for another lecture.

She has other business to discuss and quizzes him about the legal ramifications of what he did with Victoria.

He dismisses this and says her warnings are late and pointless.

amanda talks business with nate

The lawyer asks if he’s tried to make things right with Devon. They bicker about what happened.

She needs more of an explanation about his issues with his cousin.

It breaks her heart that the feud escalated like this.

She wonders if she can help bridge the gap.

He knows he made a mistake and that’s why he confessed.

He recaps all his frustrations with Devon.

He’s tried to make amends, but they kept hitting an impasse.

amanda rocks white dress YR

Nate adds that part of the reason Devon is so antagonistic is that he’s clinging to Neil.

In retrospect, Nate wishes he’d gone about things differently or that he could fix them but that doesn’t seem possible.

She offers to help them reconcile.

She’s sure the feud is hurting Devon more than he realizes.

Nate doesn’t think they should push until Devon is ready.

He thinks his cousin is lucky to have her by his side.

As he gets on the elevator, Chance steps off it.

She suggests they surprise Devon and Abby together.

When they walk in, Devon and Abby are still making out on the couch.

abby shocked caught in the act Y&R

Chance and Amanda stare in shock at the display.

amanda chance catch abby and devon doing it Y&R

Billy meets with Victoria.

She tells him the kids had a discussion about Chelsea at the Halloween sleepover and that seems to have changed things.

victoria talks connor and johnny candy Y&R

Neither of them expected the kids to face this so fast.

They haven’t been talking to them.

She explains that Johnny says they are cool with the whole situation.

Billy offers to talk to him and she assumes it must be easier as a father-to-son conversation.

Billy asks her if she’s cool with the Chelsea thing.

She insists she’s made the right decisions for this situation.

Chelsea agreed to their strategy and then backed out.

billy with ex wife talk johnny candy Y&R

Billy agrees with all she says.

She wonders if he is expecting her to feel guilty about how Chelsea has been affected.

Billy wonders if there is a different way he could have handled this.


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At the mental health institute, Chelsea settles into her room until Dr. Malone arrives for their first session.

Dr. Malone chelsea therapist Y&R

They sit down and set out some guidelines so they can be honest.

Chelsea complains this is a one-sided relationship and the doctor insists it has to stay that way.

This isn’t Chelsea’s first therapy rodeo.

Malone prompts her to open up.

Chelsea feels embarrassed and worried people will judge her.

The doctor admits she used to feel on edge when dealing with people who had attempted suicide.

She’s learned a lot more since then and thinks they need to talk directly.

She’s always grateful to be speaking to people who have survived.

Chelsea isn’t ready to talk about what happened on the rooftop.

She admits that she feels like she’s been running on empty for years. She’s run from her emotions since she was young.

As a teenager, she felt like her feelings could have undertaken her, so she had to fend them off.

chelsea unpredictable and dangerous Y&R

She kept busy with drama so she wouldn’t have time to stop and feel.

That went on for years.

It wasn’t until she had a stroke that she couldn’t escape herself. Since then, no matter how fast she runs, the pain and darkness move faster.

The other night, she couldn’t run anymore.

She was so tired she couldn’t take the pain any longer.

Billy drops by the mental health institute.

He meets Dr. Malone first and asks if there are things he shouldn’t say.

billy talks therapist Y&R

She tells him Chelsea needs assurance she’s not being judged.

He can do that. He’s really glad she’s not dead.

When he enters Chelsea’s room, she apologizes for dragging him into her life.

He admits he went looking for her on the roof and wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he hadn’t found her.

Billy is really glad she didn’t die and is still around.

Chelsea sighs and says the therapist said the same thing.

Billy points out he’s not a therapist and is still happy he gets the chance to watch her grow.

He reminds her of how much Connor cares about her.

He seems fine. She hates worrying her little boy.

He encourages her to let Adam know where she is.

He’s probably worried. She needs to focus on healing.

Chelsea promises to take care of herself.

She needs to be the one to tell Adam what happened.

Nate drops by Victoria’s office at Newman and gives her one last chance to rescind her offer before he fills out the paperwork. She assures him she has no doubts.

Sensing something is up, she encourages him to open up so he can thrive.

At the office, Lily tries calling Devon but he’s not picking up.

Esther brings her tea and returns to her desk, where Jill is startled to see her there.

esther and lily Y&R

Esther informs her she is the new receptionist.

Jill isn’t happy that almost no one has turned up for work and stomps into Lily’s office for some answers.

jill and esther at work Y&R

Jill thought an impromptu drop-in would give her an idea of how the company works when her back in turned.

Lily tries to be reassuring. Jill isn’t.

Esther starts making excuses for Devon until Jill sends her out.

jill pissy as returns Y&R

Jill has been calling Billy, but he hasn’t answered. She thought he would be there day and night as the remaining COO.

Lily suggests she speak to him directly.

Jill reminds her she’s CEO. Taking a breath, Lily admits that Billy has resigned.

Jill’s eyes bug. She’s furious.

“I promise you I have things under control,” Lily says.

She explains that Billy has been wanting to walk away for a while.

Jill points out that losing two senior executives at this time is bad.

She’s annoyed that Billy has been such a flake.

“I’m so ashamed of my son,” she says. Jill wanted him to work with her so he could get some focus and purpose.

jill yells about losing billy CEO Y&R

Lily admits she’s not the only one concerned about what he will do next. Maybe bringing him to work there was a mistake, but he agreed to it for them.

Jill complains that her son is living the same pattern over and over. She was praying his restless phase would be done, but there is no excuse for this anymore.

“Honey, you deserve better,” she tells Lily.

Lily appreciates the concern. She knows Billy has flaws and doesn’t have time to fix them.

Jill asks if she wants to wait around until he finds what he’s searching for.

Lily loves him and hopes he finds what makes him happy. She’s confident everything at the company will work out as it should.

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