Chance Accuses Summer of Knowing More About Phyllis and Betraying Kyle, Mariah and Tessa Have Hotel Sex & Sally and Adam Discuss Boundaries

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally and Adam discuss their boundaries, Nate and Victoria leap into bed again, and Abby is not thrilled to hear Tucker has proposed to her mom. In the previous episode, Jack and Kyle found DNA evidence, Sharon was stalked while babysitting as Tessa and Mariah were tense on their date.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 17, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 18. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Someone looks in at Sharon from outside of Crimson Lights.

Adam walks in and Sharon fawns over Aria.

sharon has a stalker

Sally arrives but stands back as Adam tells Sharon he doesn’t know how to be a girl dad.

Sharon says it doesn’t make any difference. Babies want the same things.

sally eavesdrops on adam

He hopes that true. He’s been thinking a lot about his mom and hopes his daughter inherits her qualities as well as Sally’s.

She eavesdrops and smiles.

sally listens to adam say nice things about her

He also hopes that the baby doesn’t turn out anything like him or his father.

Sally walks in to say he will be a great dad to a baby girl.

He leaves the ladies alone and Sally explains she’s made things awkward for him.

She tells Sharon how adorable the baby is and she keeps glancing across the room at Adam.

Sally asks if the baby senses the conflict around her. She’s had lots of stress in her situation.

Sharon encourages her to enjoy her connection with the baby while she’s pregnant. She asks her to look after the baby while she takes care of something.

sally and adam talk boundaries

Once Sharon walks off, Adam returns to tell his ex he hates that she feels uncomfortable around him.

Sally claims she’s not but he doubts that. He just wants her to enjoy her pregnancy and tells her how much she deserves Nick’s support.

However, this baby is also bonding them together further. It’s hard for him to be around her because he can’t let go of loving her.

Adam knows that’s not fair on her. They need to find a way to get through this for the baby’s sake.

She wonders if he can do that and respect her boundaries. He wants to do the hard work and repeats that he still wants a romantic relationship with her.

adam and sally talk about little girl

Sharon returns and Sally takes off. He notices the bottle of champagne.

She doesn’t know who sent it. The card just said memories are what life is made of.

He wonders if it’s from an old flame. Someone continues to watch from the window.

Nick wanders into Society. His father is there and asks him to join him.

victor talks to Nick at society

Nick starts venting about Nate and Victoria. It’s not right for her or the company. He suspects Nate will turn on them.

Victor reminds him that Nate is not like the other men in Victoria’s life and she has her eyes open.

He thinks it’s ironic that Nick is criticizing his sister given his relationship with Sally.

He’s sure both “dalliances” will end soon.

Nick rejects that for himself, but wishes his sister well but doesn’t see this working out.

nick questions his father

In her office at Newman, Victoria and Nate talk about their pitch in LA.

They talk about examining all the details and how she always gets what she wants.

victoria asks if nate has second thoughts

He gets a text and his mood changes. It was just Elena let him know which storage facility to send her things to.

Nate says this was inevitable and he won’t claim he doesn’t feel responsible.

He rehashes how his bond with Elena fell apart after he ceased being a doctor.

Victoria asks if he will change how he feels about her when people find out that he cheated on Elena with her.

Nate says his mind is made up and kisses her.

vicky and nate kissing

He assures her he doesn’t hold her responsible for what happened with his ex.

She’s only responsible for being irresistible.

Victoria and Nate get a room at the GCAC and leap into bed.

vate kissing in gcac

After sex, they lay back and she says they shouldn’t analyze this.

He ignores a text and they make out.

vate in bed after sex

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Y&R comings and goings

At the jazz lounge, Devon commends Abby on her work decorating the place. She asks Ashley about how things are going at the Abbott house.

devon and abby at the club

Her mom doesn’t want to talk about that “minefield” and Tucker asks Abby up to dance.

As Abby and Tucker dance, she admits she’s surprised he’s out so late after his exhausting time at Dom’s music class.

abby and tucker dance

He knows she’s not keen on him spending time with her son or mom and he can’t blame her.

It’s nice she can tolerate her but wishes he could convince her he’s changed.

He tells her proposed to her mom.

Devon tells Ashley he’s surprised Tucker moved in with her. She says he’s been surprising her in good ways.

Abby comes over and demands to know if Tucker proposed to her.

Tucker didn’t know this was supposed to be a secret. Ashley smiles at him.

She explains it was just a plan to fake an engagement to stick it to Jack and Diane. Tucker admits he wishes it was real.

tucker brings up fake engagement

Their kids are relieved this isn’t real.

Tucker wishes he could blow Ashley’s mind with a proposal.

They walk off.

Devon doesn’t know how to feel. Abby finds all of this weird.

abby isn't a tashley fan

As Devon and Abby dance, Ashley admits to Tucker she doesn’t like him telling her daughter about his proposal.

tucker wants to marry ash

He asks her what kind of proposal she’d like. She says it’s dangerous to have this confidence.

With a little prodding, she tells him it would have to be intimate and meaningful, not flashy.

In the restaurant of the GCAC, Mariah and Tessa finish their meal.

Tessa wonders if they should go home but her wife reminds her they need to have their night out.

mariah and tessa get amorous

Mariah tells her they have their little girl because they fell in love and they need to remember that.

Tessa walks off to take care of some things while her wife pays the check.

tessa gazes at wife

They get a room. Mariah lights the candles.

They undress each other, kissing, and then climb into bed.

mariah and tessa have sex at gcac

After sex, they cuddle into bed and talk about how great it was to do this on the spur of the moment to remind them of how hot they are.

Tessa wants them to book a room on their date night again.

They talk about all the love their baby will have.

She will grow into an amazing woman like her mother.

mariah and tessa kissing after sex

Chance stops by the Abbott estate looking for Jack.

Summer answers the door and the cop tells her about the cryptic call he got from Jack.

chance visits summer

She has no idea. He says it’s something about DNA. Christine thinks it’s a bluff.

The cop says that if this is a ploy, it’s very unfair to her. She tells him not to worry about her feelings.

“My mom is definitely alive,” she says. She’s sure her brother wouldn’t lie about something like this.

That makes sense to the cop. She assumes he suspects her mom is alive.

Summer asks him what they can do to help her mom.

She knows Jack and Kyle want to use Phyllis to save Diane, but she’s more concerned about her mom and needs someone on her side.

summer confesses to chance

“I can’t lose her to prison,” she says. The cop can’t commit to anything.

He asks about all the tension with Daniel. She says they are in a tense situation.

He wonders if she and her brother have known about Phyllis for longer than they’re letting on.

chance thinks summer lying

The cop suggests they are trying to figure out how to handle their mom framing Diane and murdering Stark. If she wants him to help her, she needs to tell him everything.

She accuses him of interrogating her. None of this is adding up to him.

He needs confirmation of this from someone other than Daniel. It’s hard for him to imagine her mother would only reach out to her brother.

He assumes she saw Phyllis too but kept it from her husband.

chance gets in summer's face for lying

Next week on Y&R:

“Would you look at this! The two of you together and you have your clothes on!” Elena exclaims when she walks in on Victoria and Nate at the office.

elena surprised vate dressed

“Ashley might be planning a coup,” Billy warns Jack.

billy says ashley planning a coup

“Is this a smudge of paint?” Nick asks. “It came like that,” says Sharon.

“I hate to say it, but it kind of looks like blood,” he points out.

nick holds the champagne

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