Chance Tells Abby It’s Over, Amanda Tells Devon It’s Too Late, and Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley Plan to Scare Diane Out of Town

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis, Ashley, and Nikki look for a way to take down Diane, Jack and Summer worry Kyle is too trusting, and Sharon tells Chance people can’t be changed. In the previous episode, Chelsea opened up to Adam about wanting to end her life, and Allie caught Noah comforting Audra after she told him she miscarried their child.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for November 11, 2022 episode airs in the USA November 14. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the ranch, Ashley tells Phyllis and Nikki that befriending Tucker was a good idea.

She fills them in about Jeremy Stark and how Diane was helping him illegally move money.

ashley done diane Y&R

Stark is being released from prison very soon. They congratulate themselves on how right they’ve been.

Nikki and Phyllis are appalled when Ashley explains that jack is still supporting Diane.

nikki needs evidence Y&R

“We’ve got to nail her this time,” Ashley says, Nikki is surprised there is no evidence. Neither they nor Victor’s people have turned anything up.

Phyllis says it’s on them. “We need to confront Diane and put the fear of god in that bitch,” she says, sipping tea.


Ashley assumes that Stark must suspect that Diane turned him in to the authorities.

Nikki suggests they scare her into believing he’s coming from her.

They could use that to drive her out of town. Ashley suggests they get Victor’s people to dig for some more leverage.

“Ladies, I believe it is time we have another heart to heart with Miss Jenkins,” Nikki says.

trifecta Y&R

Summer bumps into Jack at Society and she tells him that Harrison is doing well. He invites her to join him for lunch.

summer says harrison well Y&R

Jack tells her how much she’s been shining at Marchetti. It pleases him to see her so synchronized with his son.

She asks how he really feels about Diane and her latest revelation. He admits he’s feeling exhausted.

jack tired Y&R

He keeps trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but it’s getting really hard.

Summer has hit a wall with her.

Even if they could trust that she’s put her criminal misdeeds behind her, they could catch up with her. What danger could that pose to Kyle?

He admires how protective she has been of his son, but reminds her that Kyle is a big boy and needs to make his own choices.

They both think he seems more whole since he got his mother back. She worries that could blind him to an oncoming threat.

summer exhausted Y&R

At Jabot, Diane worries when she sees an article about Stark being released. Kyle pops up and notices she’s preoccupied.

They step into his office and she feels like she’s back to square one with everyone.

diane can't stand scrutiny Y&R

He points out that he’s given her the benefit of the doubt again. She is being unreasonable if she doesn’t expect everyone to be skeptical of her.

She’s not sure she has the strength to live under constant scrutiny. Maybe it’s time for her to go? Maybe she never should have returned?

She claims she did what she did to survive. Making things worse, she has a bunch of adversaries trying to take her down.

Her nerves are shot, and she can’t sleep at night. She can’t take it anymore.

diane fed up Y&R

Kyle wonders what has brought on this urge to give up. Did the ladies or Tucker do something?

She shows him an article about Stark’s release. Diane assumes “the evil trifecta” will expose her.

Her son doesn’t see the big deal. She points out that Stark could be looking for revenge.

Kyle asks if she helped put him in jail.

kyle skeptical Y&R

She admits that she sold him out. He could be out for revenge.

Her son doesn’t want her to run away and promises he won’t let anyone do anything to her.

Hearing that makes her feel better so she gives him a hug. She asks him not to tell anyone about this, especially Summer since she might let is slip to Phyllis.

Jack and Summer show up so Diane immediately walks out.

She gets a text from Ashley requesting they meet.


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When Devon steps into his penthouse, he sees that Amanda has packed her suitcases. She thought she’d be gone before he came back.

amanda packs Y&R

If she forgot anything, she’ll send for it. There’s no reason for her to stick around and she’s resigning from the company.

He wants a chance to talk to her to see if they can work this out.

She explains that she’s processed her shock and believes that what happened between he and Abby was spontaneous.

But they still betrayed her when they could have stopped at any time. She knows he’s a good man, so he must have true feelings for Abby.

amanda devon good Y&R

Amanda assumes there is more of a connection between them than he is willing to admit.

He claims that he and Abby are just friends but she doesn’t buy it.

devon wants talk Y&R

She wonders if her absence gave him the space to awaken his feelings for the other woman.

She’s taking no blame for this but him falling for Abby makes sense.

“I cannot believe I didn’t see it,” she adds, unable to see how she can compete with the mother of his child.

He claims there is no competition between them but she can see the space in his heart that appeared when that baby was born.

She can see that he will never be enough for her because his feelings for her were not enough to stop him from having sex with another woman.

amanda devon not enough Y&R

Amanda asks him to go so she can finish packing. It’s over and there is no coming back.

“I never meant to hurt you,” he says. He hopes she knows that his love for her hasn’t changed.

“But everything has,” she says.

He slowly walks out. She sits down and cries.

amanda weeps Y&R

Sharon brings Chance coffee in a path at Crimson Lights. She says he looks exhausted the way Rey used to be. She admits she used to get jealous of how devoted he was to his job.

chance drowsy Y&R

She mentions that she saw him arguing with Abby the other night and wonders if his job is causing tension.

He admits that is the case and she keeps accusing him of putting work over family. Chance could never be happy giving up work.

He’s tried to be the man she wants him to be but keeps failing.

Sharon suggests they could find a compromise but he doubts that.

sharon talks rey Y&R

“I don’t know if I want to be the man that Abby says she wants,” he admits.

She doesn’t offer any solutions. However, she says that you can’t make someone change.

Trying to change something that can’t be changed only leads to misery. Some people always want what someone can’t give them.

Abby holds Dom and promises he will see his fathers later. Mariah shows up and announces that she and Tessa may be parents soon.

dom and mom Y&R

Abby will keep her fingers crossed for them. The waiting is killing Mariah. She notices that something is wrong with her friend.

Reluctantly, Abby explains that Chance didn’t come home last night. She claims he was just on a stakeout.

Mariah says he must just love his job. Rey was the same way. She’s sure having him away so much must be annoying.

Mariah admits she has really enjoyed having Tessa around more since she had to cancel her tour.

Abby gets it. Mariah like not playing second fiddle to her wife’s music.

mariah talks tessa Y&R

Cradling her child, Abby admits it’s been hard and Chance’s work has been causing problems for the marriage.

When he came back, she thought they could have a perfect marriage. But he puts so much of his attention on work. Is she expecting too much?

abby problems Y&R

Abby wants him to have a meaningful career but wonders about his priorities.

Mariah doubts he could give up his dedication to his code. She asks how she really feels about the man she actually married rather than the ideal one she fantasized about.

Chance interrupts so Mariah takes off.

abby asks chance future Y&R

Abby admits she’s only been looking at their marriage from her point of view and not his. She’s hoping they can put aside what happened with Devon and work things out.

He tells her it’s too late. She belongs with Devon. He’s the guy who fits her ideals.

“It’s over Abby,” he says.

chance over abby Y&R

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