Audra Tells Elena That Nate Went to LA With Victoria as Nate and Victoria Have Sex, and Ashley Believes Jack is a Danger to the Company

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack is miffed to bump into Tucker, Michael suggests some drastic measures, and Nate bowls Victoria over with his knowledge of podcasts. In the previous episode, Summer revealed Phyllis is alive to Daniel, who didn’t believe her, Tucker moved in with Ashley, and Lauren and Michael had a massive fight.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 28, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 1. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott estate, Tucker is confused when he finds Ashley is already dressed and coming down the stairs.

tucker has tray for ashley

He was bringing her a tray for breakfast in bed. It’s only coffee.

She tells him he’ll have to get up earlier to catch her.

He complains that’s hard when he’s all the way down the hall from her room.

She says they can discus that later.

tucker prepared breakfast

She kisses him as she exits.

Jack is startled when he bumps into Tucker, who offers him coffee.

He wonders why he’s there.

jack startled by tucker

“You mean like, what’s the meaning of life and all that?” Tucker asks.

Jack thinks it’s offensive that his sister dropped him into the middle of the family while they are in crisis.

Tucker tells him he’s trying to be good at family. He’s trying to improve his relationship with his son.

Jack is sure his sister invited him to live there just to make his life hell.

Tucker says not everything is about him.

He’s planning a future with Ashley. Jack thinks he has an evil agenda

Tucker points out Ashley thinks the same thing about him and Diane.

tucker talks about family

Jack says that Diane has genuinely changed but Tucker hasn’t.

“You’re not a morning person,” Tucker observes. He tells him he’s sorry for what Diane is going through and doesn’t think she’s entirely responsible.

Jack doesn’t care and warns there will be hell to pay if he uses or upsets his sister.

jack annoyed by tucker

Tucker claims that what he and Ashley have is one of the great love stories.

He can understand why Jack would be skeptical but he’s determined to prove himself.

McCall feels like they are bonding over their love for Ashley.

Jack squints in disbelief and storms out.

Ashley arrives at Jabot and chats with Billy about their brother defending a murderer.

ashley vents to billy about jack

He doesn’t think she should be saying things like that.

She says their brother’s priorities are a PR nightmare that could tank the company.

He thinks she’s blowing things out of proportion but she is sure their brother is throwing away money and sense.

Jack has been behaving irrationally and they need to make moves to protect the company.

billy is skeptical of doom

She is sure that Jack’s inability to see what a danger Diane is proves that he shouldn’t be running the company.

They need to convene the board.

Billy says it sounds like she is planning a coup and he can’t get behind that.

He thinks this is about a lot more than business for her.

billy listens to ash worry

She tells him their brother keeps trying to throw her out of her house.

She admits she invited Tucker to move in.

Billy thinks that’s a bad idea.

Tucker is as malicious as she thinks Diane is and is as much of a threat to the company.

billy tries to get his sister Ashley to chill

His sister thinks he should be afraid of the influence that Diane can have on their brother.

If she beats the charges, she will become queen of the family.

Is that what he wants?

ashley yells at billy that jack can't be trusted

Jack joins Michael at Society to discuss Diane’s case.

He thinks they need to be more proactive.

Michael talks to jack about diane and jeremy

They have to find something to give Diane hope now that Stark is dead. Michael says they need to investigate him.

The lawyer explains it will be hard to legally subpoena Stark’s records but he knows people who can do it under the table. He admits that trying to pin a crime on a dead man without indisputable evidence is weak.

They have to focus on demonstrating the evidence against Diane was fabricated. Jack is sure they will get what they need.

He’s annoyed when he spots Tucker arriving. Jack explains that his sister moved “that moron” into the house to get to him.

“Ashley always did go big,” Michael says. He reminds him of his priorities.

Ashley joins Tucker at a table. Jack tells the lawyer that he loves his sister but he can’t focus on that now.

tucker tells ashley he and jack had a nice breakfast, jokingly.

Tucker tells Ashley that he made some inroads with her brother.

She doubts that. Common sense and brains skipped the men in her family. She’s the only one to save the family and the company.

McCall says they should do something to wake him up.

She asks if he still has his suite. They kiss and make sure Jack sees it before going of to the GCAC.

ashley and tucker bait jack by kissing in front of him.

Jack refuses to react to this and tells Michael they haven’t begun to scratch the surface of what happened to Phyllis.

Michael will reach out to his people to start digging.

Michael laughs at ashley and tucker's spectacle.

Jack is determined to keep this from going to trial.


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In LA, Nate sends a text to Victoria to say he’s found them a table.

nate sends a text

She joins him after preening in a mirror and tells him she’s primed for work.

They go over their schedule. She wants to go over the research so she can nail the deal.

Looking at their phones, they talk about the economic models they can build for the podcasts they will buy up.

She’s really impressed by his brain and eats a strawberry.

He tells her he listens to podcasts to go to sleep.

victoria joins nate at table

She finds that hard to imagine. He admits he feels lonely sometimes. It seems the people who matter the most to him aren’t moving forward with him.

He thinks she really gets him. She says they are in synch. He tells her they need to make the most of the moment.

Nate keeps telling her about podcasts. She is glad she has him to listen to all this stuff and plays with her earring as she smiles at him.

nate shirtless kissing vicky

He keeps impressing her with his “fresh ideas”. They are “intoxicating” to her. She suggests a book he read.

He’d love to take a look. It’s in her room. They go up to get it.

When they get to her room, they rip off their clothes and leap in bed.

After she falls asleep on his chest, he looks at himself in the mirror.

victoria sleeps after sex with nate

Audra and Elena meet up at Crimson Lights.

Elena is in a good mood and tells her things with Nate are finally back on track.

She goes on about all the holiday options they have.

Nate sprang it on her last night and told her she could pick her dream vacation.

Maybe she shouldn’t have doubted him?

He’s really been putting in the work and she feels like she’s finally in a place to trust him.

audra listens to elena plan

She’s sure he’s really throwing himself into his work in LA and won’t have time to come up for air. Audra explains that he went with Victoria.

Shocked, Elena says he told her point blank that he was going alone.

Audra explains this was always the plan. Nate was hoping Victoria would teach him a few things. She can only imagine what.

“What an ass!” Audra complains, pointing out the whole holiday play was just to obscure things.

audra tells elena nate is with victoria

Elena makes her stop.

Audra knew Nate was ambitious but she didn’t think he was a cheating liar.

Elena feels dumb for trusting him.

When she asks Audra if Nate and Victoria are sleeping together, Audra suggests they may be reading too much into this.

The doctor says that no matter what, he lied to her and played her as the patient, stupid girlfriend.

elena is crushed

Audra tells her not to beat herself because Victoria is shameless about going after what she wants.

She tells Elena how smart she is. Nate is full of bull and has been sabotaging their relationship.

Elena explains what a great guy Nate was but after he could no longer be a doctor, he became a different person.

He no longer knew the difference between right and wrong. Power was the only thing that mattered to him and the consequences for those around him meant nothing.

He was ready to betray his family to get what he wanted so it was only a matter of time before he’d betray her too.

Elena is determined not to do nothing this time. She thinks it’s time they find JT.

elena realizes nate's cheating

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