Ashley Urges Tucker to Sell to Devon Rather Than Newman, and Audra Interrupts Nate and Victoria Making Out

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Ashley and Abby discuss Tucker’s motivations, Chelsea has an idea for Daniel, and Tucker asks Ashley what she’s planning. In the previous episode, Diane was shaken when Stark sent her a cryptic message, Chance blew up at Diane and Jack, and Nate made things worse for Devon and Lily.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 24, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 27. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Audra stops by Tucker’s suite with some news. Victoria just learned that someone else bought his debt.

audra has news for tucker Y&R early recaps

He says that’s old news. She’s going have to work harder if she wants a reward. Audra asks who was behind the buy.

McCall ruminates. Audra asks if this has thrown a wrench in his plans to sell.

He’s disappointed in her performance and tells her she’s slipping.

tucker wants to award audra Y&R early recaps

Tucker says she used to be more elegant in her subterfuge. Her beauty isn’t enough to bowl him over.

Now that he knows she’s not really on his side, he wonders how to handle the situation.

When he strokes her hair, she bats his hand away and claims she has no idea what he’s suggesting.

“Please! I helped you perfect this doe eyed innocent act,” he says.

She claims she’s still his perfect weapon. He knows she’s one that cuts both ways.

She doesn’t deny she’s in it for herself. Audra reminds him he used to find that refreshing. He says he’s getting his refreshment elsewhere these days.

She thinks it’s adorable that he’s in love. “You jealous?” he asks.

Audra thinks he’s less of a catch now that he’s in debt.

He suggests she go and reminds her that he’s taught her most of what she knows but not all he knows.

“You keep thinking that if it makes you feel better,” she says, exiting.

Ashley joins her daughter at Society. Abby fills her in on the battle over Hamilton-Winters. It’s going to be a big battle Devon could use.

abby tells mother about devon and lily Y&R early recaps

Ashley asks if there’s more going on between her and Devon than “that mistake” they made.

Abby wouldn’t call it a mistake. There were deep cracks in her relationship with Chance and they were heading towards the end.

She and Devon are not rushing anything. She worries about how the legal fight could destroy Devon and Lily’s relationship.

Her mother mentions things aren’t going great between her and Jack right now. Abby asks what’s going on with Tucker.

ashley scandalized Y&R early recaps

Ashley explains how complicated things are with Tucker. There is evidence he really wanted to unite with his family.

She still doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t seem to do the right thing the right way. Plus, he’s a habitual liar.

Abby senses she’s giving him another chance. Her mom admits she’s hoping to force him into doing the right thing.

In the Newman office, Nate asks Victoria discuss the risks with going after McCall. He asks how far she’s willing to go to get the object of her desire.


She explains her plans to dismantle McCall and move the pieces around. Once that happens, she has something special in mind for him.

He can take over their entertainment division. She thinks they’d be crazy not to take the chance to go after this.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more and taking it when it’s offered. The key is how to take advantage of this.

Nate says they need to wait on their mole to find out. They wonder who bought the debt. She wants as much information as possible so she can make the next move.

nate and vicky brainstorm about who bought tucker's debt Y&R early recaps

Victoria admits having control is more important to her than money. They make out.

nate and vicky making out like bandits in her office Y&R early recaps

As she starts undoing his tie, Audra wanders into the hall and bangs on the door. They open up and she wonders if she’s interrupting something.

They claim they were discussing Tucker and ask if she got any useful informaton.

victoria that just kissed look Y&R recaps

“I might have,” she says.

audra almost walks in on vicky kissing nate Y&R recaps


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In the park, Daniel asks Lily if they are talking or he’s just listening to her vent. She likes it when they just stand in silence. He agrees it’s nice.

daniel and lily almost kiss Y&R early recaps

It’s been awhile since she felt that connected and comfortable with anyone.

They lean in to kiss but stop.

That’s uncomfortable. She wonders what they are thinking and they both apologize profusely.

He suggests they put it all out there so they know to avoid each other. She pushes him to do it first.

Daniel explains that the woman he planned to spend his life with just told him she’s in love with someone else, he doesn’t know when he will see his daughter again, and his mom keeps inserting herself into her life.

Lily says her life is a shambles. She just broke up with her boyfriend/COO and is entering a lawsuit against her brother.

He’s sorry for her going through all this crap and she thinks Heather is crazy for not giving him the chance to show how much he’s changed.

They’ve realized how much love sucks.

At Crimson Lights, Devon is on the phone with Christine saying that if Jill and Lily are willing to go to war, then that’s what he’ll give them.

devon on a call crimson lights Y&R early recaps

He spots Lily and Daniel entering and ducks out.

They get a table and he wonders if there’s any point in continuing with Omegasphere now that he can’t get his family back.

She reminds him that this is about more than that. He’s close to making his dream a reality and he should do that for everyone who can share the special feeling of logging into his world.

Chelsea interrupts and asks Daniel about his project. She suggests that his platform could help people who are struggling emotionally.


She has an idea and wants to pick his brain. Chelsea tells them about her “treacherous journey” and how someone gave her faith in herself until they died.

She joined a podcast and that gave her purpose. That ended too. Then there was Johnny and she wanted him to part of her life.

He rejected her at first. Things got piled on her and she was in a lot of pain.

She felt like the world would be better without her but someone talked her off the ledge. She thanks god for him everyday.

Chelsea thinks that no one can help as much as someone has been through it. Lily asks if she’s ready to take this on.

Chelsea explains how the game can teach coping mechanisms.

Daniel thinks it over and says he can see the potential. This is something he’d like to pursue.

Lily looks concerned.

Devon joins Abby at Society and vents about his sister remaining determined to go to war. They rehash the situation again and he complains about Nate and Tucker.

devon complains about his court case Y&R early recaps

She suggests that Tucker and Victoria’s motivations to take over the company are different. She doesn’t think his father’s plans were totally motivated by greed.

Abby explains she had a surprising conversation with her mother about him. She rehashes what they discussed and admits she told her mom she’s worried about him and his situation with Lily.

He gets that she vents. That’s what you do when you are with someone.

That leads to an awkward moment. She tells him they don’t need a word for what they are.

Taking his hand, she assures him they can get through this and then they will figure out the rest.

Ashley stops by Tucker’s suite. He says she’s the perfect palate cleanser to his previous conversation.

tucker finds ashley a pallate cleanser Y&R recaps

He wants to know what her master plan is and pours them a drink. Tucker says he’s ready to divest himself and start anew… for the right price.

She asks if he would do it for the right reason. She suggests he sell to Devon instead of Newman.

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