Ashley Pushes Tucker to Call Devon and Suggests They Might Have a Future, and Victor Fills Adam in on His Plans to Give Him McCall Unlimited

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Abby urges Devon to listen to Tucker, Adam reassures Sally, and Victor is reluctant to believe Ashley bought Tucker’s debt. In the previous episode, Ashley urged Tucker to sell to Devon, and Audra interrupted Nate and Victoria making out.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 27, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 28. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Devon tells Abby that he’s feeling better after dinner and talking to her.

She’s taken the stress away and he feels better. Abby says he makes her feel calmer too.

Y&R early recaps

They decide to have tart for dessert and bring it home to watch the baby sleep. That slows their hearts down even more.

In his suite, Tucker paces and ponders Ashley’s suggestion that he sell his company to Devon. She thinks he should reconnect with his son given he’s battling with his family.

Y&R early recaps

He may lose the company Neil helped build, but he could have the company his other father created. This could be a peace offering.

Tucker thinks this is pretty crazy. He’s not sure if she’s toying with him. She purses her lips. He gives her a drink.

McCall likes her idea but he’s still feeling blind-sided now that she owns most of him.

She points out he has to listen to her and tells him to get serious.

Y&R early recaps

If he doesn’t listen to her, he will spend the rest of his life alone with regret.

He thinks her heart is in the right place and is moved by her gesture. Buying his debt may be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him. He’s grateful that she’s trying to help him become a good father.

Ashley says he has to take it from here or it’s meaningless. Tucker worries about the wall that Devon has put up.

“Failure is not an option,” she says.

When Abby and Devon get to the penthouse, they discuss getting Dom a bigger bed.
Tucker calls and Devon answers before seeing it’s him.

tucker wants to see devon Y&R early recaps

McCall asks if they can meet. His son refuses and hangs up.

He tells Abby he doesn’t want Tucker back in his life. She suggests he may sincerely want to patch things up.

Now that he’s estranged from the rest of his family, maybe this is the time. They can start small. Listening can’t hurt.

abby talks to devon about tucker Y&R early recaps

He wishes he had her optimism. He feels like Tucker just lies and lies. Part of him wishes he was someone he could trust.

Devon thinks that Tucker uses his need to have a father. He looks at a photo of Neil and says that’s his real father. He’d know what to do.

Taking her hand, he says talking to her makes him feel better. Being close to her has always made him feel better.

They kiss and have sex.

devon abby kissing Y&R recaps

Back in his suite, Tucker tells Ashley what a challenge this. She tells him to get busy or she’ll be angry for wasting her time.

He appreciates the effort and asks what happens beyond this. Is this about them too?

Ashley says that if he makes this happen, that would go a long way in convincing her he really wants to be a better man.

Back at the penthouse, Devon gets some mineral water from the fridge and then sends Tucker a text, agreeing to meet tomorrow.

In his suite, Tucker tells Ashley about the text and thanks her. She’s thrilled for him and tells him not to screw it up. This could be his last chance with Devon.



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Sally and Nick lounge in her bed. He’s smiling. She says it’s easy when it’s just the two of them and the fabulous sex.

Y&R early recaps

Sally wishes she could save this moment and relive it whenever she wanted.

Adam starts knocking on the door. She eventually puts on a robe and answers.

She keeps him in the doorway so he guesses his brother is there.

Y&R early recaps

Sally thinks he’s been drinking and he insists he’s fine. He needed the courage to say what needs to be said and offers to meet her in the lobby.

Nick puts his pants on and says she can do what she wants but he thinks she should shut the door in his face.

Y&R early recaps

Sally agrees to meet Adam downstairs. She tells Nick that she owes his brother this conversation. She wishes he wasn’t part of the equation but he is.

“I’m trying to be decent for the baby’s sake,” she says. He gets it.

Y&R early recaps

When she gets to the lobby, he’s drinking soda and lime. She’s sure his head has been spinning since he got the news.

Adam is still in shock. He hopes she doesn’t mind that he told Chelsea what’s happening.

She’s sure Chelsea was thrilled the family is getting bigger. He says she will have to adapt.

Sally wonders if Adam can adapt. He assures her he is on board with bringing the baby into the world and is sure she will be an incredible mother.

He knows this baby changes nothing between them, no matter how much he wishes it did. He’s determined to be the best possible father to their baby.

She wonders why he came to bang on her door. What’s the rush?

He just wanted to address things head-on so she could relax. He wanted to say these things out loud so they could set the ground rules.

She’s amazed by how mature he’s acting. As they giggle, Nick steps off the elevator and pouts.

Sally goes over to him. He got a call from Christian’s nanny and has to take off. He kisses her goodnight and exits.

nick says christian had a nightmare Y&R early recaps

She tells Adam it has been a big day and she needs some rest. She’s glad they talked and she hopes nothing will change.

He admits it will be hard not to think about what might have been but that’s his problem. He just wants her to have the happiness she deserves.

When Sally gets back to her suite, Nick video calls her and she tells him they parted on good terms. Nick asks her over to his place but she’s exhausted.

nick videos sally Y&R recaps

He claims he video called just to see her smile.

Nikki arrives at the ranch and tells Victor about her busy day. He’s distracted by his phone. She starts talking about ESCROW but he’s preoccupied with Adam.

Y&R early recaps

He was hoping his son would come back to Newman and they could mend fences. She chuckles when he mentions that his son wanted Victoria’s job.

Victor was going to make a counter-offer by handing McCall to Adam. His wife thinks that’s a very expensive consolation prize.

He explains his plan has hit a snag. Someone else bought Tucker’s debt. Michael has been digging into who it could be. They ponder that.

She’s baffled when he suggests someone might have bought the debt to protect McCall. Nikki gets an idea.

Y&R early recaps

He’s startled when she suggests it was Ashley. They’ve become close again.

Victor is reluctant to buy this but his wife says that love pushes a person to overlook the loved one’s misdeeds.

Adam shows up so Nikki promptly leaves.

He tells his father that he would like to hear his plans for the future if he’s not just stringing him along.

adam talks father about job Y&R early recaps

Victor needs more time before telling him the details because the details haven’t been worked out. He tells him to be possible.

That’s not really Adam’s thing. He wants details so they build the trust they are supposed to have.

Victor explains his plans to acquire McCall and have Adam run it. Adam smirks.

“Running McCall…that’s a big job,” he says. His father isn’t giving a lot of details. He’s hit a roadblock. Once he knows who set it up, he will make his next move.

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