Stark’s Body is Found, Ashley Asks Tucker to Move in, Enticing Him With a Kiss, and Sally and Adam Are Having a Girl

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack and Lauren discuss Phyllis, Christine and Chance are clueless about Stark, and Adam and Sally think about their daughter’s future. In the previous episode, Ashley tore into Jack while Billy gave Kyle marital advice and then bedded Chelsea.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 24, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 25. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In his suite, Tucker ponders packing his bag. He calls Victor and tells him the contract is signed and he now owns McCall Unlimited.

tucker calls victor to seal deal

Victor is happy and will wire him the money immediately. He says he’s free of all ties now and congratulates him.

Sally and Nick return to his suite. She can’t stop staring at the sonogram and saying how amazing it is.

sally happy about baby

This only makes her more in love with the baby. Adam walks in with his copy of the sonogram and says it’s incredible.

“I can’t believe we’re having our own baby girl,” he says. Nick stands between them looking awkward.

They sit around and stare at the pictures. Nick tries talking but they ignore him.

He pointedly says the baby will be loved. Sally is sure she will have a lot of love.

adam nick and sally talk sonogram

“Some might say more than herb fair share,” she adds. Nick smirks.

The parents go on about how spectacular she is. Victor sends Nick a text saying they need to meet. Sally tells him he can go.

He asks his brother if he’s coming. Adam tells him to go ahead.


Sally immediately sits beside Adam and they talk about what a miracle their baby is.

She thinks he’s doing an amazing time handling this.

He’s trying to stay in his lane and not upset anything.

Adam loves the idea of having a little girl but doesn’t know anything about it. How will he ever say “no” to her?

She’s sure he has nothing to worry about. His kids are great. He admits he’s glad he’s having a girl because there’s less of a chance he’ll screw her up.

adam reassures sally their baby will be happy.

Sally reminds him of how well Connor and Christian have turned out. He thinks that’s in spite of him.

She says he’s learned and grown and knows how to love. She’s insistent their daughter will be perfect.

Adam promises to put aside his insecurities for their baby. Sally worries the kid could inherit all her worse traits. She tells him she was a little girl and a terror.

He tells her to stop worrying. She can be a pain but he’s sure their daughter will be smart and fiery and funny.

Sally keeps worrying and he suggests they save the “crazy making” for later. She already loves her little girl. This is huge, scary responsibility.

sally worries baby will be like her

He reminds her she won’t be alone and promises to keep his family at a distance.

She thinks they should include Connor in this. Adam worries it might be confusing for him. He’s still getting used to Johnny.

Adam need to talk it over with Chelsea first. He’s certain their little girl will be loved no matter how complicated things get.

At Society, Ashley tells Abby that Diane may be in jail but her presence is everywhere. Jack’s desire to save her will wreak havoc with the family and company.

ashley complains about jack to abby

Jack’s only solution to the friction is to tell her to move out. Abby thinks her uncle might be right.

Ash refuses to budge. Her daughter say it’s not a turf war. Her mom says it is.

abby thinks her mom should move out

Abby takes off to check on the kitchen.

Tucker sends Ashley a text to say he’s leaving today and asks her to stop by.

ashley gets text from tucker

She takes off.

Victor arrives and Abby brings him coffee. She fills him in on the war zone at her mother’s house.

She walks off as Nick jogs in. His father informs him he’s finalized his deal for McCall. The company will need straightening out and he wants Adam to join him.

victor tells nick he bought mccall

Nick doesn’t think he can be serious and has zero interest.

His father understands but Victoria has her mother and Adam needs his help.

Nick says that will never happen. His father reminds him that he and Adam are getting along because of the kid. Why he can’t he do that for this?

Nick thinks his father is hitting an all-time low. Victor just wants his sons to get together, not compete for some woman.

nick rejects victor's idea

“I’ve been around, man. You don’t see it,” he says.

Nick says that he and Adam would be at each other’s throats and tells him to focus on his new grand-daughter.

Victor takes a jab at how cosy the threesome at the sonogram must have been.

victor explains his plan to nick

His son asks him to take a step back, fall in love with the new baby, and forget everything else.

He walks out and Victor sighs.

Ashley arrives at Tucker’s suite. He explains he sold his business and may be headed for Peru.

ashley wants tucker to move in with her.

She thinks he’s quitting but he says he’s embracing his future.

He shows her that the debts have all been repaid.

Ashley thinks that slinking off is cowardly and unattractive. “I look good on a private jet,” he says.

tucker wants to go

She wanted to redeem him. He doesn’t think that’s necessary.

He tries to make amends but only Dominic can stand him. He’s been defeated and there’s no place for him.

“Why don’t you move in with me?” she asks. He’s shocked and baffled, accusing her of playing games with him.

She says he’d have his own guest room. That doesn’t sweeten the deal for him.

Ashley thinks he should be making in-roads with his grandson. Plus, there is unfinished business between them and she’s not ready for him to go.

She admits she’s been hasty with him because he pushes her buttons.

He thinks she wants to use him to stick it to Jack. Ashley insists it’s not that. She suggests they see if they can make this work. If it doesn’t, he can chase after a monsoon.

ashley tells tucker he pushes buttons

“I don’t know why when you say it like that it’s such a turn-on,” he mumbles. He demands some assurance that she’s not just screwing with him.

She swore to herself that she would never let him close to her again to hurt her. When he said he was leaving, she thought she might be better off. But she really doesn’t want him to go.

He’s paid off his debt and the playing field is level so why not play?

He asks her to admit she wants him as much as he wants her. She kisses him.


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Y&R Opinions

Y&R comings and goings

Christine meets with Chance at Crimson Lights. They wonder if Michael has had more lucky finding Stark than they have.

christine and chance clueless

Lauren meets Jack on the patio. He assumes she hates him for convincing Michael to take Diane’s case.

jack meets with lauren

Lauren could never hate him but wishes he’d gotten a different lawyer. She thinks they should just not discuss this.

She needs a friend now and senses Jack does too. He admits things have been tough at home. Traci was smart and left.

He’s glad he just has some direction to keep him occupied. She tells him how much she misses Phyllis. She can’t see a resolution that will give anyone any peace.

lauren misses phyllis

They talk about how hard everything is. Lauren keeps wanting to call her friend but she’s gone and she never had the chance to say goodbye.

“How could she be gone?” she wonders. What are they going to do without her spirit and never-ending energy?

As they get up, Christine gets Lauren to step aside to talk.

lauren cries to christine missing phyllis.

Lauren admits she’s angry with Michael. She can’t believe he’s defending Diane. It’s in the way of them grieving together.

Lauren says that she and Michael are just doing their jobs.

Jack badgers Chance about Stark, blaming him for all this. The cop isn’t convinced.

sharon asks jack to back off chance

Jack won’t back down. Sharon and Christine ask him to step down.

He storms out.

Sharon tells Chance she’s sorry for the scene.

sharon and chance talk about his wanting to change jobs.

He tells her he was thinking of walking away from the GCPD, but this case has reminded him of how much the cops are manipulated by people who think they are above the law.

Jack returns to get his tablet. Chance gets a call and curses.

chance tells jack stark is dead.

Jack asks what that was about. The cop explains that Stark has been found dead.

jack learns stark dead.

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