Victoria Reveals to Ashland Her Plan to Takeover Newman Media, While Lily Tries to Make Billy Understand Victoria’s Using Him

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Tuesday, December 28, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, December 29. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Sally eavesdropped & Billy was made by Victoria. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victoria has a plan, Nikki and Victor get good news from Ashland, and Noah lets it slip that he adores Tessa, while Sharon learns Tessa and Mariah will adopt.

Adam’s busy at work when Sally knocks and lets herself in. She’s there on a mission. The latest video of Billy Abbott… she wondered what came of it. He admits nothing, yet. She tells him he showed up at the dive bar just like he said he would. Adam grins. She captured it all. “Well done. You’re the best.” He appreciates it. She asks what he plans to do with it. He hasn’t decided. She assumes he’ll do nothing with it.

Adam isn’t taking pleasure in seeing him relapse, but he pushed people he knew would push back. “He’s a trust fund baby,” Adam tells her. He doesn’t like to cut his losses and walk away. She nods. It fits with what she’s observed. Sally assumes this is protection in case Billy comes after them somehow.  He doesn’t want a war and tells her to keep coming up with great ideas. She asks if he has plans to ring in the new year. He doesn’t.

Neither does she. He jokes that they’re not exciting. She suggests they do nothing together as friends. “Very original,” he says. “Just like me,” she tells him and takes off. Outside, she grins widely as Adam shakes his head and smiles.

sally hot for adam spies young restless

At the condo, Billy is surprised Victoria wants something in return for her silence. She wants him to go through with the lawsuit and to demand a crushing amount of money. Billy says this isn’t about money. Victoria thinks the devastation would be enough. Billy only wants vindication. She can’t go along with letting her husband take a hit for his past. Billy wants his ex to let him run the company after she gets it back. She laughs. Why would she?

Lily presses a hand to her head and walks away. Victor reminds him he failed running it. He didn’t fail. He reminds her he was booted out carefully by Adam and Victor. This is about salvaging his reputation. He thinks she owes him this much not to take it away from him. She counters that he’s given her plenty of reason to doubt him. He asks if she wants their kids to find all this out. Him running Newman Media is good business.

Lily tells her man he’s losing sight of what this is about. Billy thinks he deserves this. Victoria will take it into consideration. She goes and Lily purses her lips. Lily believes in what her boyfriend is try8ing to do but now, his plan has taken on a new dimension. They haven’t even discussed it. She thinks Vic wants to take control of Newman Media. “You are at her mercy,” she says. She won’t give Billy control after all that has happened! Billy believes his ex respects his business acumen. Lily yells that she’s using him. They’re all pawns to her. Adam, Victor and Billy. He asks to table this until the new year.

billy not happy with ex wife young and restless

Rey greets Chelsea. She came to look for her gloves and asks how Christmas was. He tells her it was fun with Sharon’s kids there. She says the same thing about hers. She’s grateful he got her kid a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. “He’s a great kid,” Rey says with a grin. Chelsea thinks her son worships Rey. Rey saw him on the ice and thinks he has some skills. She’s glad he has a passion. Rey asks how she is. She admits he’s one of a few who she feels she can be truthful with.

He’s seen her climb out of that dark place and become the mom Connor deserves. She still feels unsettled in her life. She talks about living in the penthouse and signing a contract working with Adam. There are a lot of memories. She and Adam told Connor they weren’t reuniting. Rey thinks she’ll see how much better off she is without him. They wish each other a happy new year.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa want to know how soon they can move in. Sharon wants to clean the carpet, upholstery and paint. They’re excited to move in fast but Sharon wants it to be perfect for them. Mariah calls her Grandma, which has Sharon’s mouth dropping open. They share their news that they want to get the process going to have kids now. “Adoption,” Tessa clarifies. “I see,” Sharon replies.

terriah baby to sharon young restless

Mariah knows she has to wait at least a year before getting pregnant so adoption makes sense to them. Sharon’s glad they gave it careful thought. Mariah admits they had a lot of deep discussions about it. Tessa never thought it’d be possible for her until Mariah. “Because of how big our love is. It’s big enough to fit a child into  our family. It’s an expression of our love and our commitment to each other.” Sharon smiles. She knows it’s a long process.

Mariah knows it’ll be harder since they’re a same sex couple. Noah appears. He has final artwork for Tessa’s album cover. He calls it brilliant. They joke that he’s not biased. Tessa takes off with Noah to look as Mariah asks her mom how she really feels. She’s behind the decision. Adoption can be daunting. Mariah’s touched by her concern and need to protect. Sharon knows she and Tessa will need each other’s support.

Nearby, Tessa loves her new album cover. They sing each other’s praises and he tells her it’s one of the many reasons he adores her. Her smile falters slightly and he quickly corrects himself. “As a friend. A fanboy.” Mariah appears and wants to see the cover. She absolutely loves it. They break apart and Mariah asks Tessa what’s wrong. Tessa felt weird walking away from the discussion with Sharon.

city diaries tessa cover young restless

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria has told Ashland that Billy’s faking being a drunk. He says it makes sense. She talks about their meeting and they discuss the article written about him being factual. Victoria offered to keep quiet if Billy files suit against Newman Media that he goes after them, making them ripe for takeover like ChancComm. “By Newman-Locke,” Ash says. He asks if it’s wise to go up against her father. She’s done it before but once he gets over the shock, he’ll admire her for it.

ash victoria rouse billy young restless

She reveals Billy wants them to put him in charge after. Ash hopes she’s not considering it. She promises that he won’t be a problem. He understands. “Keep your enemies close and take everything.” That makes him more attracted to her. They’re hot for each other. He admits he has good news to share.

Ashland and Victoria head to the ranch to tell Victor and Nikki that the new treatment stopped the cancer in its tracks. It’s only one test, but they’re feeling good. Victor says it’s time then he should stop smelling the roses. “Put the power back in power couple?” Ash says. Adam appears. “Looks like the gang’s all here.”

ash vic good news young restless

He has plans for Newman Media. Vic says it can wait. They have great news to tell him. Vic and Nikki get drinks while Victoria tells Adam about the lab results and how he’s cancer free. Adam thinks it’s phenomenal and that he’s delighted for them. She brings up seeing Billy drinking again. He heard. He calls it predictable. She hopes he won’t exploit this. Adam says it’s tiresome. There isn’t much to exploit. Victoria steps aside to call Billy and tells him that his fake drunk act is something Adam’s seen before. “You’re going to have to up your game,” she tells him.

nikki vic happy news young restless

Chloe and Sally talk about launching their video platform at Crimson Lights. Sally seems distant and Chloe calls her on fake smiling and tuning out. Is she threatened by Chelsea being her boss? Sally says no, not in the slightest. Chloe then wonders if it’s because she has no New Year’s Eve date. She invites her over. She can make nice with Lauren. Sally can’t. She has plans, though she won’t say with whom.

Nearby, everyone leaves and Rey pops up. He snuggles with Sharon and they decide to go home together.

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