Victoria Returns to Genoa City with a Life-Changing Announcement & Imani Sets Up a Night with Nate

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Amanda opens up to Devon about how scared she is, Nate gives Elena a special send-off, and Adam prods Nikki for details about Victoria. In the previous episode, Phyllis accused Diane of threatening her, and Kyle comforted Tessa.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for July 4, 2022 episode airs in the USA July 5. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

adam talks sister homecoming young restless

In his office at Newman, Nikki tells Adam that all she knows is that her daughter is returning home. He was hoping she would have an idea of what his future might be with her return to the roost.

She has no idea what’s going on. For all she knows, Victoria could just be coming back to chew out her father for blocking her new venture.

This tidbit startles Adam. He assumes his father did all he could to pave the way for his sister’s return.

nikki doesn't know why daughter returning young restless

Nikki doesn’t want to get into any of this. He changes the topic to the Hong Kong deal.

Suddenly, she gets a text from her husband, asking if she’s heard from their daughter since she got back.

billy calls vicky about secret young restless

Billy arrives on the patio of Crimson Lights. He calls Victoria and leaves a message checking to see if she’s alright.

nick and vicky hug talk cleaning house young restless

Victoria checks into a suite at the Grand Phoenix. Nick arrives and wonders what the big mystery is. She smiles and hugs him before explaining she’s having her house deep cleaned to remove all traces of Ashland.

He assumes she’s upset with him for betraying her confidence. Actually, she thanks him for being the only member of the family who treated her without judgement.

Nick knows she’s her own woman, whatever their father may think.

He asks what happened in New York. She’ll explain everything soon but asks him to get their parents to the office.

They and Adam need to hear what she has to say. She promises him that she is back for good, but things are going to have to change.

victoria reminisces about dumping ash young restless

Once he leaves, she dresses and flashes back to her split with Locke. She calls Billy and tells him she’s better than she’s been in a long time.

She’s taken a huge step forward and there is no looking back now.

She has to fill in her family first, but assures him that Ashland is out of her life for good.


Back in New York, Ashland sits in his suite and thinks about Victoria tearing into him as she took away his fortune and threatened him.

He takes a few deep breaths and stares before calling the bank to check if he can get his money back. No dice.

He calls to charter a plane for Chicago.

nate and elena kiss flower young restless

Elena is surprised to find Nate is at home. He came back to give her a rose and say “aloha.” He lists all his feelings for her.

She’s feeling something too but has a flight to catch.

nate elena sex in a bed rose young restless

He’s calculated things so they have enough time for a “meaningful goodbye” and leads her up the stairs. They undress and have sex until he runs the rose over her body.

nate shirtless young restless

After they dress and head downstairs, she tries to tempt him away but he needs to stay for work. He’ll miss her every second she’s gone.

She offers to bring him back some sand. They kiss and she sends him off to work, smiling to herself.

chance and devon running young restless

Devon and Chance meet each other while jogging in the park. They race each other and Chance wins. Devon jokes that was just because his name was on the sign.

As they catch their breath, Chance explains he’s been channeling all his grief by closing Rey’s open cases.

He can feel the positive energy and couldn’t ask for more. His friend is happy he has his head in a better place. He’s sorry that he made things a bit messy for him.

Chance says everything has worked out and they all wanted what was best for Dominic.

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annie oakley wants to build another hotel young restless

Lily joins Imani and Amanda at Society and asks how their mom is doing. Imani just got back from visiting her and she’s still struggling.

It lifts her spirits when they come visit though. Their boss tells them they can take time off whenever they need it.

Abby steps in and tells them their big event reminded her of how much she missed organizing things like that. Lily asks her about her old plan to open a hotel and explains that she’s planning something similar.

Abby tells her that Phyllis was a nightmare and that destroyed the idea. Lily remains interested in bringing a new hotel to town. “Maybe I could build an even grander Phoenix,” she says.

They all smile at that.

The lawyers think it’s a great idea. Lily thinks they should talk Phyllis into selling her hotel but Amanda doubts that will happen.

“I have no problem going head to head with Phyllis,” Lily says.

amanda sobs devons arms young restless

When Amanda gets home, she hugs Devon. He tells her about his chat with Chance. She starts sobbing about how hard it is to see her mom unable to talk. Having her sister around helps but she worries about her too.

They’re both putting on a brave face.


It’s all so frustrating. There’s no way to prepare for this. It’s not like the law where you can control everything. He holds her while she cries.

Sitting down, he tells her he’s lost a lot of people too. Sometimes all you can is your best to get through it.

If her sister needs to act tough, that’s fine. But she doesn’t have to. She can lean on him forever because they are building a life together.

Amanda tells him he’s given her an emotional security she’s never had. It’s empowering but also scary because it’s fragile.

amanda devon kissing after talk mother stroke young restlesss

Taking her hand, he place it on his heart and tells her that as long as it is beating, she will never be alone again. They kiss.

chance arrives society wife young restless

Chance strolls into Society to see his wife. Lily is still there and heads off to work. Abby asks her husband what he’s up to.

He feels like he’s been neglecting her so suggests she ditch work for a surprise.

picnic abby chance young restless

Chance and Abby have a picnic in the park and he shows her pictures of their son. She assures him she doesn’t feel neglected and is impressed by how much dedication he’s shown to Rey’s memory.

They lounge around until he gets a text. She guesses he needs to go into work. He claims someone else can handle it but she tells him he should go.

They have the rest of their lives for picnics.


Imani gets coffee at Crimson Lights. Nate wanders in and asks after her mother. She’s trying not to dwell on it so she won’t become a mess. He’s found solace in working during stressful times too.

The topic turns to Elena’s contract and the lawyer admits that bringing her over to their side may be harder than she thought.

After she double-checks Elena is out of town, she tells him they will have to work together to get it done.

Nate thinks they should meet with Sally to get the ball rolling. When he turns his back, she immediately calls and makes a reservation for two.

She the turns to him and tells him they are having dinner with Sally tomorrow night.

billy tells lily victoria returned young restless

Billy arrives in the office and tells Lily that Victoria is back and seems to have dumped Locke. He had no idea this was weighing on him so much and feels inspired. Now he can lighten up his podcast. As he goes on about her being back where she belongs, Lily looks annoyed.

nikki worried about victoria young restless

Victoria arrives at the Newman offices. Her mother is thrilled and worried she was walking away forever. Her daughter says she had to do it to seem plausible. “What have you done, Victoria?” Adam asks.

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adam disgusted with sister young restless