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Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Wednesday, October 6, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, October 7. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Ashland revealed his secret which included fraud, conspiracy and grand theft. In this episode, Nikki asks Victoria if she still wants to marry Ashland, Jesse reveals what was in Camila’s letter to Ashland, and Victoria makes a big decision based on what her company needs.

Ash goes to Victoria in the morning and confesses he didn’t get sleep because she wasn’t in bed with him. He needs a good Italian espresso. She asks if he’s blaming her for not being in his bed. He isn’t. He knows she needs time to process. She admits that’s all she did last night. He comments that her primary issue is concern about her company. He asks where her head is at. “More importantly, where’s your heart? Are we having a wedding?” Before she responds, Nikki and Victor appear. They’re surprised to see them there early. Victor tells them it’s gorgeous outside and the weather will make for a beautiful wedding. They ask how Summer and Kyle’s wedding was. Nikki says it was intimate and she has loads of photos. They’re so much in love. Harrison was so good at being the ring bearer. “Or as he calls it, ring barrel,” Nikki says with a laugh. Victor lets them know he was the star of the show and is looking forward to doing the same for them. The gals go off to check on the floral arrangements and Victor tells his new BFF that he has bad news. Victor tells him about Billy Boy digging into his past. “He may seem like an idiot at times and he is, but he’s wildly tenacious,” Vic says they’re on this and he won’t let someone ruin his daughter’s wedding day.

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Outside, Victoria shares with her mama that Ashland shared his secret with her about Camila Rhodes and how he bought her empire. Victoria reveals that he and her lawyer forged a letter that added him to her will. Nikki yeps. “Are you kidding me?” She calls it a crime and wonders if it’s the last one. Victoria thinks it is. “Because I told him I wouldn’t tolerate more lies.” Nikki asks if she’d like her to cancel the wedding. Victoria can’t do anything that will have anyone investigate her company. The wedding has to happen. “It’s gotta happen, Mom.” Nikki thinks she sounds like her father. Victoria knows they need to keep this contained. Nikki doesn’t like this. She knows how seriously Victoria takes her vows. “Are you forcing yourself into a marriage that shouldn’t happen?” Victoria denies it. She knows what she’s doing. Her concern now is Billy, who is determined to derail the ceremony. He says he has information she needs to know, but she already knows everything. Still, he can ruin everything by exposing the truth to the world. Nikki hopes she’ll allow Nicholas to the wedding. Victoria says he should have thought about that. Nikki thinks she’s lashing out at the wrong person. Ashland is the one who kept things from her. Victoria scoffs that her mother has been through his with her father. Nikki agrees and it’s why she wants to spare her kid. They argue about Nick and Victoria is overcome, near tears as she says he hurt her. Nikki asks what she feels in her heart about Ashland. “I don’t know,” she admits. The women got back to the men and Victoria talks about the wedding. Ashland is surprised they’re going through with it. The parents take a walk around the grounds with Victoria. Later, she shows them their room and Nikki goes to make arrangements for lunch while Victor tells his kid he knows Ashland told her everything. She says it was a lot to take in. She’s still angry at Nick but Victor says he was protecting her. He was looking forward to seeing his kids together at one event. Victoria thins he’ll have to earn her forgiveness.

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From his condo, Billy tells Hannah on a call that he’s headed to Italy as soon as possible to put out a fire. He asks her to tell Victoria since she’s not taking his calls. He disconnects and Gaines schleps wads of cash into a duffle bag as he says, “Putting out a fire, eh? Looks like you’re starting them.” He thanks Gaines for the story on Ashland’s background and they crack a few beers. Gaines hands over the real will and tells Billy it’s what he needs to destroy Ashland Locke. He explains it’s a copy, not the original and he only gets it if he can guarantee protection from Victor. Billy says there’s an exit plan and a bag of cash to ensure that. He knows Victor will go after him but he’ll protect him. If he refuses to give him the letter now, he asks if he’ll read it. “Dear Ashland, You know I care deeply for you you’re like a son I’ve never had. Your drive and ambition have no limits. You’ve already overcome so much and that struggle has been character building.” Gaines snorts that the man is a “money-hungry tyrant.” He continues reading. “Which is why I’m not leaving you any inheritance. I feel it is in your best interest to make it on your own. Farewell dear Ashland, go forth and prosper. I know you will, Camila.” Billy wishes he had the proof of the faked codicil to the will that Ashland and his father wrote. Gaines is so snide about Ashland and seems to really hate the man so Billy says he doesn’t get it. Why does he loathe Ashland so much? Gaines says that his father treated Ashland better than him. He took that letter from his father’s office and soon after, his dad destroyed the rest of his files. His father felt bad for what he did and Gaines always felt as though Ashland manipulated his father. Gaines got angrier over the years that Ash got everything. He built his life and business over lies and deceit. Billy thinks Gaines Senior was a willing participant. That’s not what Jesse sees. He thinks their crime pushed his father to an early grave. Jesse calls Locke a fraud. “He’ll ruin people to save himself.” It’s why Jesse risked crossing Victor Newman. So he could get revenge. Billy reveals he’s doing this because he’s caused the mother of his children enough pain and he doesn’t want to see her unhappy again. Gaines isn’t buying it. Billy says they’re both going to Tuscany together so they can prove to Victoria who Ashland really is.

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At Society, Sally tells Chloe that she reached out to some people in L.A. she knows to tell them she’s headed to the Newman/Locke wedding. She hopes they’ll spread rumors. Chloe snipes that she hates that they’re relying on gossip. Sally maintains her confidence. If a story comes out from another outlet about her creating Victoria’s dress, it’ll be a boost for them. Better than them posting about it themselves. Chloe drinks some wine and asks what could possibly go wrong. Chloe wants to go to the airport with her for one last look at the wedding dress that’ll change their lives.

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At the ranch, Adam calls someone to find out if they’ve seen Gaines yet. He has to find him before he heads to Italy.

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Sally walks in on Adam at Crimson Lights telling Connor he loves him. She watches until he waves her over. He disconnects and wonders why she’s not packing. His PI shows up at their table with an update on Jesse Gaines. The men leave the area and Adam’s told that Gaines is holed up in Billy’s condo. He returns and Sally comments on the cloak and dagger business. He reminds her they’re not going on this trip to Tuscany as a couple. She says she knows already. He gets a text and says, “You can’t help yourself, can you?” Chloe appears. Adam blames Sally for leaking the story that she’s off to Tuscany to the wedding. Chloe admits she did it. It was her and she let it leak that Sally created Victoria’s wedding gown. Adam doesn’t like this. He’s not giving Sally an audience with his sister. She has enough on her plate. He asks for no more leaks or gossip. He’ll talk to her later. He goes and the women cringe, hard. Sally thanks her for taking the blame for the leak, since Sally’s the one who really leaked the story. They’re glad that Adam didn’t pull the plug on having her as his plus one. Chloe asks Sally not to cross Adam.

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